How about the price of explosion-proof lamp?

1. For this explosion-proof lam There are also a lot of styles. Therefore, the price of this explosion-proof lamp is between 25 and 135 yuan.

2. This explosion-proof lamp has a variety of styles and functions. So the price ranges from 150 yuan to 880 yuan.

3. This explosion-proof lamp passes through Explosion-proof certification, in the explosion-proof performance still has a good performance, the current market price of this explosion-proof lamp is 416 yuan. Explosion-proof lamp is an important industrial lamp, in some occasions with more flammable and explosive gas, explosion-proof lamp must be used.

4. According to It is understood that the price of the whole set of explosion-proof lights is about 100 yuan to 280 yuan. Explosion-proof lamp price-according to the type of explosion-proof lamp more than one, according to the use environment and the form of different, according to the type, not less than ten. The price is actually related to the type. According to the production and production technology of different manufacturers, the wholesale prices are also different.

Its market price is generally between 12 yuan and 135 yuan. The third section is Zhanya waterproof city moistureproof and explosion-proof lamps and lanterns: this explosion-proof lamps belong to Zhanya lighting brand, which uses spray painting and frosting technology, and the lamps themselves have a certain light source.

There are great differences in the prices of explosion-proof lamps of different brands. How to choose explosion-proof lamps correctly?

Explosion-proof lamp price-according to the level of riot protection should be in line with national standards, for some places, the riot requirements are not so high, you can choose the riot protection level is weak, the price is also affordable. If you choose a high level of riot prevention, the price will be much higher. All in all, according to the level of riot prevention, it is about 200 yuan per set.

Explosion-proof lamp from the appearance point of view, it is simple, generous and beautiful, integrated molding, not easy to damage. It has many styles and shapes, and we can choose according to our own needs. Its price is about 150, of course, the prices of products of different brands are different, we need to know that this price is for reference only.

How to choose the color temperature of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns optional color temperature refers to the color of light. Generally speaking, when choosing explosion-proof lamps, color temperature should be selected according to time and environment. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and other activities are used to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. White bright and clear, suitable for summer and study, kitchen and so on.

Where to repair the explosion-proof lamp of the King of the Sea?

1. Find and buy The manufacturers or manufacturers can be contacted by the local after-sales service center. Now a search of Sea King on the Internet can’t tell which one it is.

2, a relatively simple way to return to the factory for maintenance, if you have a better understanding of this product, you can find out the reason. Check whether it is the charger damage detection method. Plug in the green light and turn on the red light after charging. if the charger indicator is not lit, we can determine that the charger is damaged. You can also call the charger of the same type to detect and determine.

3. You, the lamp of 2001, haven’t passed the expiration date. You can call 0755-26496666 to inform you of the fault.

4. The switch is broken. And this lamp needs to be recharged once every two months. Otherwise, the battery will break down.

5. The switch of the Ocean King explosion-proof lamp is broken when it flashes. The flashing of explosion-proof lights is actually due to the power protection function caused by the low voltage on the spot, commonly known as hiccup mode. Hiccup mode is a form of overcurrent protection for power supplies and LED drives.

Attention to the explosion-proof lamp of Ocean King:

1. The power must be turned off when charging, and a slight temperature rise in the shell is a normal phenomenon; if the lamp is not in use for a long time, electricity should be replenished half a year later; when in use, each structure should be closely combined to enhance the performance of waterproof, explosion-proof and impact resistance; cracks appear in the glass lens of the shell, and the explosion-proof searchlight can no longer be used in explosion-proof places.

2, warning: 1) it is strictly forbidden to turn on the lamp with electricity; 2) when disassembling the lamp cover, be careful when the lamp cover is about to break away from the lamp housing.

3. The warning should be marked on the manual or packaging, therefore, special attention should be paid to the restrictions on the conditions of use in the manual before use; in addition, because the energy-saving lamp contains a ballast circuit, it is best not to use energy-saving lamps in places where light sources need to be turned on and off frequently.

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