Types of lamps, pictures and names

Non-standard lamp picture Category three Fluorescent lamp: fluorescent lamp, that is, low pressure mercury lamp, also known as fluorescent lamp, is composed of lamp tube and inductive ballast. The phosphor plays a key role in the quality of the fluorescent lamp. the mercury vapor in the lamp releases ultraviolet light after being electrified, and the phosphor emits visible light after absorbing ultraviolet light.

Lamp types: chandelier, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp. The chandelier refers to the advanced decorative lighting which is suspended on the indoor ceiling. Whether the chandelier is hung by wire or iron support, it cannot be hung too low, hindering people’s normal line of sight or making people feel dazzling.

Outdoor according to the use is divided into landscape lights, courtyard lights, street lights, outline lights, lawn lights, buried lights, floodlights, spotlights, ladder lights, tree lights, underwater lights and so on. Indoor generally have: chandelier, wall lamp, bracket lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp and other categories.

Incandescent lamp, tungsten halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp. Incandescent lamp is a kind of light source that is widely used by people. it can emit warm and halo light.What most of us think of as light bulbs. It has the advantages of low price, good color rendering (Ra=100), turning on the light immediately, continuous dimming and simple structure.

Ceiling lamp, also known as ceiling lamp, belongs to low-grade lamps and lanterns, which is generally installed directly on the ceiling. Used in aisles, corridors, balconies, toilets and other places. There are generally two kinds of lampshades: opalescent glass and PS board.

What is the difference between led explosion-proof lamp and ordinary led lamp

Ordinary LED lights can only be used in ordinary lights.The place of Should not be used in flammable and explosive places with high temperature and humidity.

The second is the different quality, the different quality is also the reason for the different use of the place. The production technology of explosion-proof lamp is the use of the latest technology, the latest materials, all of which are the latest. So it’s also made The function of ordinary lamp tube is incomparable.

Ordinary LED lamps refer to lamps and lanterns used in hazardous places where non-combustible gases and dust exist. They have no explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof type requirements. Like the LED lamps and lanterns we use in offices and office corridors are ordinary LED lights.

The function is different Most of the explosion tubes are led lamps, and the led light source is a solid-state cold light source, which has the advantages of high electro-optic conversion rate, low heat dissipation, low power consumption and long service life. The explosion-proof lamp has a good explosion-proof function and can be used in some dangerous places for lighting.

In the picture, what kind of light is this light on the road? What’s the use?

1. The red and blue lights on the highway serve as a warning, marking the accident-prone place ahead or the current poor driving conditions, reminding drivers to drive safely and carefully.

2. First, monitor the traffic flow. Surveillance cameras do road conditions and vehicle traffic records, can accurately measure the speed of vehicles, and have the function of capturing speed limits by location and vehicle type.

3. Mark the accident-prone place ahead or the current poor driving conditions, remind drivers to drive safely and carefully. Expressway, referred to as expressway for short, refers to the highway specially designed for cars to drive at high speed. Expressways have different regulations in different countries and regions, different times and different scientific research fields.

What is the non-standard engineering lamp?

Engineering lamps and lanterns refers to customizing specific lighting products according to the actual needs of the project to play a decorative effect. It usually includes hotel engineering lighting, non-standard lighting, clubhouse lighting, KTV lighting, villa lighting, model room lighting, lobby lighting, outdoor lighting and other custom lighting.

The non-standard lamp of the engineering hotel creates a romantic, warm and elegant living environment for the family. Beauty and fashion coexist, quality and environmental protection embrace each other, leading the trend of modern lighting. At the same time, it has a wealth of design and production experience in engineering customization. Is a second-tier brand, first-tier brands are Philips, Osram, Panasonic.

High scientific and technological content, green environmental protection and energy saving, low failure rate. Jiangnan Feiou Lighting Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of traditional crystal lights, hotel non-standard engineering lights, living room crystal lights, restaurant chandeliers, bedroom ceiling lights, European crystal lights, modern simple crystal lights, personality lamps, restaurant ceiling lights, aisle lights and other products.

Hotel non-standard engineering lights, living room crystal lights, restaurant chandeliers, bedroom ceiling lights, European crystal lights, modern simple crystal lights, personality lamps, restaurant ceiling lights, aisle lights and other products professional production and processing companies, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

“non-standard” means “not made according to the standard”. General products, in order to be common with other products, (this is for the convenience of use and maintenance), have their own production standards. For example, we often use the “screw” must be standard parts, you go to any store to buy the same specification of screws, can be universal.

Zhonglou District Zou District Xie Le Lamps Factory’s integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.

What is the code?

Code: the code refers to the page number that is not printed on the layout. Although the page number is not clearly marked, the page number should be assigned, that is, when numbering each page, the page number printed on the clear page before and after the code page should be discontinuous, and the sequence number assigned to the code page should be skipped in the middle.

Secret code is a high-tech anti-counterfeiting tracking technology used by Amway to prevent counterfeit goods. The details of each product can be found in Amway’s electronic system through the password. Including the date of release, the purchaser, the purchaser’s Amrica number, other products of the same batch, etc.

The network interpretation of the code is: code (numeric code) code, pronunciation anma, Chinese words, interpreted as numeric code. The network interpretation of the code is: code (numeric code) code, pronunciation anma, Chinese words, interpreted as numeric code. Pinyin is: à nm dialect. The phonetic alphabet is: “_ sound”.

Code, pronunciation an ma, Chinese words, interpreted as numeric codes.

The so-called password is the instructions used to debug the phone when it leaves the factory. The simplest “# 06” can call up the serial number. Ordinary users are advised not to debug casually, even professional maintenance personnel dare not try casually.

Generally speaking, the secret code of perfume is determined by professional perfumers or engineers within the perfume company, and each perfume manufacturer will have its own code, which allows consumers to distinguish whether the perfume is authorized to produce and avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

A collection of creative glass lamp decoration pictures

Creative glass lamp decoration picture-suspension transparent lamp this creative glass lamp is a chandelier designed with glass It looks more like a processed work of art.

The lighting was created by Lindsay Adelman, a designer in Brooklyn, New York, whose chandelier made out of glass looks more like a processed work of art. There is a sense of mystery and antiquity, full of personality. Eye-popping creative lighting, I have to say that the designer’s idea is very childish.

Reason for recommendation Non-standard lamp picture Black glass lampshade, compared with many common ferrous metal lampshades, has the same modern decorative effect, but the good light transmittance of glass makes the glass lampshade better in lighting effect.

It is very suitable for modern Nordic living room. Indoor wall lamp picture Daquan glass wall lamp glass material is also one of the more frequently used materials in lamps and lanterns. The above American wall lamp uses a glass lampshade with a H65 brass lamp rack, which is very fashionable.

Living room crystal lamp effect figure 3 this crystal lamp chandelier style, with an European style, the shape is relatively unique, hanging crystal glass beads, so that the living room appears full of modern feeling, is a very personalized lighting, lighting crystal lamp, the whole living room is dreamy, extremely beautiful.

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