What kinds of modern Chinese lamps and lanterns

Some use the previous style of walking horse lanterns, but whether they fully adopt which style, the shape of the lamp is cylindrical, and the upper part is designed with a hollowed-out external lampshade, so there is a hazy sense of beauty. It is also the one that people like, but this style is mostly used in corridors or restaurants.

In my opinion, it can be divided into pure Chinese style and modern Chinese style. Pure Chinese lamps and lanterns are full of classical flavor, the general materials are relatively simple; modern Chinese lamps and lanterns only use Chinese elements in part of the decoration, and the use of modern new materials production, this is also very common.

Concave-convex Chinese-style living room ceiling lamp concave-convex ceiling refers to the surface with concave or protruding structure treatment of a kind of ceiling form, this kind of ceiling shape is complex and varied, strong sense of layer capital, suitable for hall, foyer, restaurant, and other top decoration. It is often used with lamps (chandeliers, ceiling lights, downlights, spotlights, etc.).

Chinese woodworking ceiling lamp, this Chinese woodworking ceiling lamp fits the structural engineering of lamps and lanterns, the ingenious combination of Chinese elements and modern raw materials, strong three-dimensional sense, elegant and generous, and then polished by hand to make the color round and beautiful.

What are the models of modern iron art lamps

1. Jinda crystal lamp brand enjoys a high reputation abroad, very well-known, in the commodity consistent pursuit of classical dignity and modern style, its craft to the extreme, is a well-known brand in China, one of the top ten brands of crystal lamp.

2, the case of iron chandelier is not uncommon, the lamp with temperature encounters cold iron art, with a strong literary flavor. American iron chandelier and post-modern iron chandelier have their own characteristics.

3. Huayi Lighting Lighting is located in Zhongshan Ancient Town, the furniture capital of China. With more than 20 years of development, Huayi has adhered to the professional and high-quality line, making Huayi a well-known comprehensive lighting brand with a rich variety of products. it is a model of green energy-saving lamps in China.

What are the modern lamps and lanterns

Leishi Lighting Brand is one of the most competitive brands in China’s lamp industry. Located in Huizhou Reishi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., is currently a listed company. Matsushita Panasonic lamps and lanterns brand was founded in 1984 in Japan, is the brand of Panasonic Co., Ltd.

Modern simple style lighting brands are: Philips, Huayi, Leishi Lighting, Panasonic, Foshan Lighting, Osram, Napu, Zhengtai, Odot, Tiffany, Sanxiong Aurora, Saido Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, Shengqiu, TCL Lighting.

Types of living room lamps and lanterns: chandeliers are the most common lamps and lanterns in the family, and the chandeliers suspended on the indoor ceiling have the effect of decoration and lighting.

Modern lamps and lanterns are full of fashion and elegance. Such as large high-grade chandelier, crystal table lamp, white lotus lamp, magic mirror lamp and so on. Return to nature and advocate nature.

Chandelier is mainly used in the living room, there are common modern simple split lamp, European retro style crystal lamp and so on, these chandeliers are rich in materials, full of personality, at the same time strong decoration, can convey artistic beauty. Spotlights are generally embedded installation, the design of the frame is narrow, small size.

The chandelier is suitable for living room lighting. There are many forms of chandelier, including conical cover lantern, pointed flat cover lantern, waist cover lantern, five-flower ball chandelier, magnolia cover lantern, olive chandelier and so on. The ceiling lamp is suitable for lighting in living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on.

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