Home improvement linear lamp double row lamp or single row lamp

1. The lamp slot is generally used in a single row. A lamp slot is a groove that hides the lamp and changes the direction of the light. In some places, light grooves are called light slots and light belts. The difference between the embedded ceiling lamp slot and the embedded ceiling lamp belt with additional keel is that the lamp slot is part of the lamp belt is most of it, or the lamp slot is a lamp and the lamp belt is long.

2. Lamp belt. Do you want to play the duo que or the duo que? You should buy a single row for the light belt at home.

3, in terms of brightness, double-row lights are obviously brighter than single-row lights. After all, the area occupied by lamps is different, and there must be some differences in the range of lighting.

4. with and without edges has its own advantages and disadvantages. The linear lamp slot is divided into two sides and one side, and the band edge should be installed with one more batch of putty paint than the borderless linear lamp.

5, double-row bright but the lamp belt generally do not pursue brightness, if the chip quality is poor, high brightness is easy to burn. The difference between single-row lamp belt and double-row lamp belt lies in the number of lamp beads, which determines the brightness of led lamp belt. Generally qualified lights with 60 lights or 72 lights are all single-row, double-row 120 lights.

6. You don’t understand the use of this kind of light in the slot. If you wanted a very bright light, you should not have installed this kind of dark groove lamp in the first place. If you want to increase the brightness under the existing circumstances, there is a way. If you don’t increase the lamp belt, you can double the brightness.

Do you want to end the top-mounted linear lamp?

Installation requires splicing and extension, so it doesn’t end.

The installation of linear lights requires connecting wires, so we need to turn off the switch before construction. According to the size specification of the linear lamp slot, we use the cutting machine to slot on the plasterboard of the ceiling. Before slotting, use a ruler to measure and mark the position of the slotting at the installation of the linear lamp.

The installation steps of linear lamps and lanterns are as follows: turn off the power supply: be sure to turn off the power supply before installation to avoid electric shock accidents. Mounting bracket: fix the bracket of the linear lamp to the ceiling and use expansion screws or wood screws to fix the bracket to the ceiling.

When the single line on the ceiling is reserved, you should leave a hot wire and zero wire at the same time because it is more convenient to install and need to be in place in advance, otherwise there will be some failures in the later stage of random pulling.

Installation: linear lamps and lanterns are commonly used in several categories: lamp belt, lamp tube, hard lamp strip and linear lamp.

Is it better to install linear lights on the ceiling in gray or in advance?

The following is the difference between embedded wire lamps and batch gray line lights: the first difference is that their brightness intensity is different, the light of the line light is softer, and the light of the line light is a little dazzling. The first difference is that the color temperature of the two lamps is different. The color of the running light is very rich and can be changed at will, while the color of the running light is slightly less.

Linear lamp pre-embedded model is good. Pre-embedded linear lamp, first the wall is slotted, and then the lamp belt is affixed to the lamp slot. Then clip the lamp slot into the wall groove, and finally approve the ash scraping putty.

Plaster needs to be coated with a thin layer of plaster on the surface of masonry and plasterboard. The process looks simple, but factors such as the formula of mortar, the influence of regional temperature and humidity, and the experience in the construction process need to be taken into account. The process is tedious and needs to be flattened manually, and additional construction steps will be added.

It’s better to be buried. Pre-buried installation: need to pre-bury the power supply and magnetic track bar before the carpenter enters the field; then cover the outer plate under the track, the height is level with the lower end of the track, and finally cover the gap with ash.

One is the prepaid payment, the other is the batch ash payment and the other is the prepayment money. when the ceiling is suspended, the track is buried directly into the ceiling.

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