Ranking of Top Ten Lighting Brands in China

Second place: Leishi Lighting is also a competitive enterprise in the industry, with strong capital strength and full competitiveness of its products, which has maintained a momentum of rapid development.

Philips PHILIPS Philips is a Dutch brand founded in 1891. The main products are lighting, medical systems, household appliances and so on. Philips accounts for a large proportion of the global market, producing an average of 2.4 billion energy-efficient light sources per year.

China’s top ten lighting brands: Oprah Lighting, Rex NVC, Philips Lighting, Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Odot AOZZO, Sanxiong Aurora, Osram, Sunshine Lighting.

OPPLE Opal Lighting Opu Lighting, which began in 1996, is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Opl Lighting successfully landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 19, 2016 and was officially listed.

Matsushita Panasonic lamps and lanterns brand was founded in 1984 in Japan, is the brand of Panasonic Co., Ltd. Panasonic, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, as a large multinational company, has entered the top 500th enterprises in the world lamp industry.

China’s top ten lighting brands-Philips, founded in 1891, is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. It is also one of the top ten brands of lighting, the world leader in household lighting, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LED, and a global leader in health care, quality life and lighting.

Top Ten Brands of Lighting and Lamps

1. Nipp NPU lamps and lanterns is the first lighting solution provider in China, which belongs to the international group enterprise of diversified industry. Changzhou Nipu Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Sanxiong aurora brand is a lighting brand of Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is one of the most competitive industry brands in China.

2. Froce Lighting, the main brand of Zhongshan Baijia Lighting Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of Chinese lighting, the well-known brand of Chinese intelligent ecological lighting, the top ten enterprises of lighting appliances and the best enterprise of home lighting.

3. In today’s society, people’s standard of living is getting higher and higher. Whether it is house decoration or the purchase of lamps and lanterns, people attach great importance to their brand and quality, not only the unilateral factors of the brand, but also the comprehensive quality and so on.

4. Philips mainly produced carbon filament bulbs in the early days, and became one of the largest manufacturers of carbon filament bulbs in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, and has always maintained a leading position in the global lighting industry. with the development of LED technology and Smart Internet technology, Philips’ business has not been limited to light bulbs, but covered the entire lighting industry chain.

5. Sanxiong Aurora brand is a lighting brand of Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is one of the most competitive industry brands in China. National well-known trademark, Guangdong Province famous trademark. Ten brands of lamps and lanterns Nine: sunshine Lighting Lighting Brand is one of the main manufacturers of energy-saving lamps in China.

What is the price of campus lights?

1. Online Price: 500 supermarket Price: 500 Philips Xinghe Table Lamp (40W) desk lamp specially designed for middle school students: lively and lovely shape, convenient and simple adjustment; lamp body sprayed by polymer matte; colorful, bright jump. Specification: there are four colors: pink purple, pink blue, rice white and pink.

2. Different lamps and lanterns will have different prices due to different designs and materials. the general market price fluctuates from 200 to 300. If you want to know more, you can log on to Nilong to consult experts.

3, since you want to buy high-power led lights, you need to have a certain understanding of its price and brand knowledge. The following editor introduces the relevant knowledge for you.

4, like the price of an ordinary led bulb is between 5-20 yuan; the price of LED lamps with small decoration is more expensive, perhaps between 50-500 yuan; if the decoration is very beautiful, can shine a variety of different lights, the price will be relatively high, more than 500 yuan, thousands of yuan is possible.

The top ten lamps and lanterns rank 1 high performance-price ratio lamps and lanterns brand recommendation

1. Huayi Lighting is a brand of Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd., founded in 1986, the company is located in the ancient town of Zhongshan, the lighting capital of China, with high-quality brand, excellent service and moderate price to establish a good reputation in the lighting industry, ranking first among the top ten brands of home decoration lamps and lanterns.

2. Lighting Top Ten Opp OPPLE is a well-known trademark in China and a famous trademark in Guangdong Province. Compared with Philips, Opp may be slightly inferior to Philips in the sales network, but this does not affect the quality of Opp products. Zhongshan Opu Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting product manufacturer, professional production, professional quality, very popular.

3, No. 4: Darius Lighting Darius Lighting products are mainly characterized by the production of LED brightening lighting fixtures, focusing on improving technology and quality for many years, and is one of the most valuable brands in the world.

4. One of the top ten brands of lighting in China: Huayi HY Huayi Lamps was founded in 1986. With affordable prices, thoughtful service and high-quality brand reputation, it is deeply loved and supported by consumers, and has a very good reputation in the domestic lighting industry.

5, Lamp Brand Top Ten ranking Opp OPPLE Opp Lighting, originated from Guangdong, China’s famous lighting brand, China’s well-known trademark, one of the top ten domestic lighting brands. It is rated as the top 500 brand value in China because of its sales, word-of-mouth and quality.

Lighting brands rank among the top ten

The top ten lighting brands are as follows: 0 Op / OPPLE;0 Philips / Philips;0Panasonic/ Panasonic; 0 Rex / NVC;0 Foshan Lighting / FSL;0 three male auroras; 0 Osram / Osram;0 Green Energy / LUNO; Xiaduo.

Lamps and lanterns lighting brand ranking top 10: Opp, Rex Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Darius Lighting, Foshan Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Sunshine Lighting, TCL Lighting, Nipu Lighting, Saido Lighting. No. 1: Opp, founded in Guangdong, is a well-known lamp brand with high advertising and brand promotion value.

Sanxiong Aurora brand is a lighting brand of Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is one of the most competitive industry brands in China. National well-known trademark, famous trademark in Guangdong Province.

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