The ideal lighting solution for commercial areas depends on the use case. Illumination for walkways and shopping isles will have different demands than illumination for fresh fruits and vegetables or meats on display at a supermarket. Luckily, the perfect solution exists with the flexible applications of both linear and panel LED track lights.

What makes LED track lights special?

Whether you desire broad illumination for a large room in a hotel, or more focused illumination for the isles of a supermarket, LED track lights offer unmatched customization. LED track lights offer a flexible and extremely energy-efficient upgrade to replace outdated halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs in commercial and industrial spaces. The lumination is not only proven to be better, each individual light features adjustable wattage, lumens and lighting angle.

The engineering is simple yet effective. The track or rail is electrified at one end and can be extended or curved to reach out from the source. This makes track lighting the ultimate customizable choice for industrial and commercial lighting. The track or rail can be installed in a manner that keeps it largely out of sight, or if desired it can be installed to become a visible piece of decor in the room. In most commercial use cases, the track is mounted where it provides effective, adjustable illumination while staying safely out of the work space.

       Lighting angle adjustments

  • Recolux’s LED track line is more flexible. There are DS25°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° lighting angles available. The lighting angle can be custom designed to meet the needs of the project, such as DS25° in the middle, and 60° on both sides. This is helpful when upgrading large facilities. Recolux’s adjustable track lights are a one-size-fits-all solution for upgrading the illumination of industrial, commercial or public-use spaces.

       Universal adapter

  • Track lights are mounted into a rail or ‘track’ where they can then be adjusted and aimed towards the desired area of illumination. The track is what makes this style of lighting stand out. Upgrading your lighting from outdated luminaires to LED track lights is even easier with the universal track adapter included with the Recolux LED track line. This eliminates the need to retrofit the mounts already installed into the ceiling of your building.

Wattage adjustments

  • Not all LED track lights offer wattage adjustment features. Why does this matter Adjusting the wattage available to the light can be the difference between a mediocre illumination and the perfect atmosphere. Recolux’s LED track lights function in four modes, 50W, 57W, 64W, and 70W. Recolux LED track lights have light emissions of up to 160 lumens per watt.

Reliable, consistent illumination

  • Fluorescent bulbs are prone to flickering and dying out quickly during intense use. LED track lights were specifically engineered to last far beyond the normal performance life of older technologies. It’s common for LED lights to last beyond 50,000 hours in commercial settings. That’s more than twice the output of outgoing fluorescent bulbs.

       Energy savings

  • The lumens per watt of LED track line and panel lights is much higher than fluorescent, incandescent and halogen technologies. Recolux’s LED track lights provide thousands of lumens of illumination for 50-70 watts. Older technologies provide merely hundreds of lumens of light for the same energy use. All of this adds up to lower wattage per square meter of illuminated area, meaning tremendous savings for facility maintenance costs.

Examples of LED track light success

The flexibility, durability and energy savings of LED track lights has made them the industry standard for commercial uses. The energy savings alone help to recoup the costs of making this renovation. If you’re unsure if LED track line or panel lights would be right for your industrial or commercial space, here are some examples of how facilities managers are using them today.

       At the supermarket

              LED track lights replaced fluorescent tube luminaires at Aldi’s supermarkets as a part of the company’s push to reduce energy use. The benefits of the switch to LEDs were threefold: better product illumination, more welcoming atmosphere, and thousands in energy savings. Grocery competitors that continue to feature fluorescent luminaires now seem outdated to customers, giving Aldi an upper hand when it comes to public perception.

       At the office

              Following the pandemic, workers are reluctantly returning to office space. This has employers pondering what they can do to enhance the workplace environment to make it more welcoming yet conducive to productivity. An excellent solution was upgrading the lights. LED track lights are customizable, and office spaces often need unique solutions to illuminate broad spaces. The wide illumination angles and attractive aesthetic of LED track lights provided an appreciated upgrade for dozens of workplaces in 2021.

       Shopping mall

              Shopping malls are bouncing back to life with refreshed atmospheres as the global economy comes roaring back. While some shopping malls were distressed, others have remodeled in ways that are inviting to customers and prospective retailers alike. One of the simplest ways to perk up a shopping mall is to upgrade lighting for lackluster, inefficient fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to LEDs.

       Exhibition hall

              Art installations have especially demanding lighting needs. Appreciation for an art piece can depend on the light cast upon it. The often calls for a combination of broad-angle light sources and directed, concentrated lights too. In common areas, LED track line lights provide aesthetically appealing modern illumination. For focusing on individual works of art, other track light models provide the flexibility needed to direct attention to where it should be: on the art.

LED track line and panel lights are the industry standard for wide-angle illumination that saves money, improves reliability and enhances the atmosphere. By making the switch, commercial and industrial spaces are stepping into 21st century facilities, one luminaire at a time.

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