LED Linear Trunking or Linear LED Lighting system is commonly referred to when talking about commercial interior lighting. While the basic concept is easy to grasp, the light fixtures are technologically advanced and complex. Before we start deep driving into what makes an Linear LED Trunking system, let’s cover the basics first.

LEDs are light emitting diodes which are a long-lasting source of light. It is made up of semiconductors that convert electrical energy into light. This happens when voltage is applied and electrons combine with electron holes in the device, this process releases light energy in the form of photos. The light color is directly related to the energy produced by the semiconductors.

Now that we are clear on what LED lights are, let’s talk about the LED Linear Trunking system and how it can benefit your office, workplace, home, or even school.

What is  LED Linear Trunking System?

Linear LED Trunking system also called continuous row lighting that uses trunking rails to house various lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures can include LED modules, light controls, battery packs for emergencies, on/off sensors, power supplies, and various controls. This means the linear lighting fixture comes with everything you might need in a neat and straight forward package. The LED Linear Trunking is also flexible and can be shaped into various arrangements.

In short, a LED Linear Trunking System is a pre-wired and self-contained lighting system that offers unprecedented flexibility in both commercial and personal usage.

In even simpler terms, a LED Linear Trunking System is a LED light that is installed in a straight line.

Lighting long spaces like warehouses, retail places, and offices was a tricky business. Sure, they used incandescent bulbs, but they were not only power hungry but also produced heat. This means they raised the temperature of the overall enclosure. Then fluorescent tubes were introduced, and they offered better energy efficiency and better lighting. They worked fine for a long while until the emergency of LEDs, the LEDs were not only cost-efficient but also used a fraction of the energy while producing better light.

The LED Linear Trunking System started as line lights and then evolved into the sleek and stylish luminary we now have. Linear architectural lighting and LED technology has broadened the applications of line light and introduced the LED Linear Trunking System as a complete solution.

Standards of LED Linear Trunking System

There are two standards and regulations regarding LED Linear Trunking System in public places as well as workplaces.

Glare – The glare of lighting is measured by the Unified Glare Scale and is determined by dividing glare from visible light by the background illumination of the room. In workplaces such as offices, a Unified Glare Scale of less than 19 is considered appropriate.

Lumens – Lumens determine the level of illumination. In layman terms, it is the level of brightness in a certain space. The higher the lumens, the more the light. This can vary according to the needs as well as the space,

Types of LED Linear Trunking System

There are several types of LED Linear Trunking System thanks to its otherworldly flexibility in usage. Here are a few common ones:

Hanging – The LED Linear Trunking System can be hung from the ceiling with the help of wires. This allows for unprecedented levels of creative freedom when designing the room. This chandelier type of LED linear lights can be arranged any way you’d like, interior designers love to play with these types of lights as well.

Surface Mounted – The surface mounted LED Linear Trunking System is the traditional type. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings without any trouble. These look great, all the while providing quality lighting to the space. This type is easier to install, remove, and maintain as well. All you need is ample access to the fixture, and you are ready to make changes.

Embedded – This is the most beautiful and stylish type of LED Linear Trunking System. These lights are embedded right into the surface. The surface could be the ceiling, the wall, or even the floor. This fixture blends into its surroundings and provides clean and consistent lighting.

IP Rated LED Linear Trunking System

Several industries require protected lights that can withstand a number of different external elements. For example a car wash needs lights that are waterproof and can endure pressured water. There are currently two models available for purchase and both of them provide flexibility of usage, clean bright lighting, and ease of installation.

IP40 Certified LED Linear Trunking System

The LED Linear Trunking System IP40 provides seamless linking of multiple modules. This makes it an ideal candidate for big warehouses and large indoor spaces. Usually these lights are easy to install and can also have tool-less installation. Overall, these are great for personal as well as commercial usage. These lights are great for supermarkets, offices, warehouses, corridors, halls, industrial plants, and parking lots.

IP65 Certified LED Linear Trunking System

For areas that are regularly exposed by moisture or dust, the LED Linear Trunking System IP65 models are the best. Thanks to its IP65 rating, the light is able to withstand external elements and still provide bright light at optimal efficiency. The IP65 series is waterproof and follows a convenient design that facilitates easy installation. Multiple beam angles are available as well, so you can easily choose whichever suits your needs. Starting from 30 degrees to all the way to 120 degrees. These lights are great for machine factories, parking lots, and car washes.

LED Linear Trunking System Usage

There are several reasons why you’d opt for LED Linear Trunking System lighting solution. Here are a few major ones.

Directional Light – The LED Linear Trunking System provides highly directional light that doesn’t need reflectors or diffusers.

Design – The LED Linear Trunking System are as aesthetically pleasing as they are powerful. There is a great level of flexibility and versatility when it comes to trunking systems. You can easily customize the angles, the direction, the shape, and colors of the system, making it truly shine for your particular needs.

Temperature – LED lights offer a huge selection of color temperatures. This can help set up the ambiance and mood of a space. You can select cool lights and go towards as warm as you require. Neutral white light of 4000 Kelvin is the best for offices and retail areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Efficient – The LED Linear Trunking System are not only great at producing high quality and uniform light, but also doesn’t require a lot of power to work. The low power consumption also means the lights don’t produce heat as much as other traditional lighting solutions. This in turn increases the lifetime of the LED Linear Trunking System, saving you money in the long run.


LED Linear Trunking Systems are the best way to illuminate a large space with uniform and consistent light. Most companies offer two versatile lighting solutions that can be installed in a number of different environments. Both of them are made with quality materials and are easy to install, saving you time and money in the long run. If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy lighting partner, look for a company that stands by their products and offer around5 years of warranty.

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