LED Linear Trunking System

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  • The LED linear trunking systems is a continuous row of lighting components that integrate a single lighting unit/sub-component with the backbone rail, which may include LED lighting modules, power supplies, lighting control, emergency battery packs and/or other functions. Flexible torso systems can be configured in a variety of variants to meet the challenging demands of commercial and industrial buildings for indoor lighting.


    LED Linear Trunking Systems is a self-contained pre-wire backbone and LED lighting system, commonly known as continuous line lighting system. Engineering projects offer unparalleled flexibility in lighting layout and solution design. It is the perfect alternative to traditional linear and fluorescent tubes on the market and is a versatile and efficient continuous-row lighting system with a wide range of applications, providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task, from LED lighting lines to emergency lighting.

    1. No wiring, 100pcs T8 tube wiring equals 10pcs linear module system.

    2. The composition of the lighting system is uniform and continuous, without any visual interruption or different reflection effects.

    3. Sensors, DALI, Emergencies, Dimmable, Track, E27, Socket, etc. 7 functions are interchangeable.

    4. Tools are free, pre-wired Trunk system. Save effort, money and time.

    5. Seamless combination up to 180 meters. No space restrictions.

    6. Shard lens technology

    7. Quick installation saves up to 55% of installation time.

    8. 8 different power, adjustable, flexible to meet different requirements and different applications.

    9. Six different beam angles can be changed: 30, 60, 90, 120, double x 25 degrees, and 25 degrees L or R.

    10. CE/CB/GS/ENEC/D-Mark/Global Trademark Certification.

  • TypeCarton(mm)G.W(kg)Piece/carton
    1.5m LED Module150*28*12.59.14pcs/ctn
    1.5m LED Trunk164x39x10.58.24pcs/ctn
    1.2m LED Module121.5*28*12.57.94pcs/ctn
    1.2m LED Trunk135.5x39x10.57.14pcs/ctn
  • The complexity of commercial and industrial indoor lighting

    Many commercial buildings and industrial facilities are often large and equipped with complex infrastructure that requires attention to system integration and planning. The lighting design of these spaces is not designed solely to meet quality, quantity and operating standards.

    The interior of large commercial buildings, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, warehouses, distribution centers, trade centers, exhibition halls, office buildings, etc., is more suited to the networking and control of lighting equipment and the overall life cycle cost of lighting. Increasingly advanced building automation systems, such as Energy Management Systems (EMS), facilitate communication capabilities related to smarter lighting control algorithms that respond to user interaction, improve performance, comfort, convenience, simplicity and safety, and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. This means that commercial and industrial interiors are often equipped with sophisticated lighting systems to meet lighting standards and energy codes, while also wanting flexibility, adaptability and compatibility with digital connections and controls.

    LED linear trunk system: Redefining commercial lighting

    LED linear trunk system is an energy-saving, high-performance and low-maintenance lighting system designed for open space, low cabin applications that can be used as an alternative to traditional linear fluorescence. LED lighting technology innovates the shortcomings of fluorescent lighting systems, significantly improving energy conversion efficiency, high controllability, durability and reliability. Extended lighting system life, instant/fast cycle and compact form factors. When it comes to the benefits of LED linear backbone systems, their incredible design flexibility, unmatched performance, ease of installation, and complex digital control open up new horizons for innovative commercial lighting solutions that traditional lighting technologies and other LED lighting systems cannot offer.

    Lighting systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Networked LED backbone systems are expected to play an important role in the Internet of Things (IoT). LED backbone systems are more than just energy-efficient lighting products benefiting from solid-state lighting technology, they are strategically important in the lighting technology revolution the industry is experiencing. While commercial lighting systems are primarily designed to function, networked lighting systems are an important part of the IoT infrastructure. LED linear backbone system is a distributed lighting network, consisting of several separate lighting modules, each module as a unique addressable node, through wired connections to communicate with each other. Led linear backbone systems can be used as an interactive sensor network, providing network connectivity and monitoring capabilities, providing a large amount of data for intelligent lighting management. The natural IoT adaptability of networked LED backbone systems significantly increases power consumption, reduces maintenance costs, simplifies asset management, and provides interesting possibilities for complex user interactivity.

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