LED Linear Trunking System IP40

LED Linear Trunking System IP40

Linear trunking system is an efficient, flexible and versatile system providing lighting solutions for various applications of industry, commerce, office, etc. Thanks to its seamless linkable function, linear trunking system from Recolux is perfect in being installed in broad warehouses. It provides many lighting options with various luminaire elements, optics, functional modules to meet different lighting requirements.

E-Line is the newest design on LED lighting for trunking, which provides the optimized lighting solution for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Reliable lighting systems from Recolux help improve safety and energy conservation, as well as productivity and efficiency. In this case, customer demands seamless connection. To provide better services for our customers, we are committed to constantly upgrading our prodcuts. This light is easy to intall within 43s. This advantage brings convenience to our customers.

As a true all-rounder, the Recolux E-Line system is ideal for perfectly illuminating Supermarket. A presence and daylight-dependent control is also possible. This exploits the potential for sustainable energy savings in building management. The continuous lighting modular system consists of only a few basic elements that offer a tailor-made solution f -or almost every task due to their combination possibilities. The configuration of the lighting system is simple an -d adapted to the respective project requirements. 


-Own tooling

-Up to 180LM/W

-Black or white housing

-Power switchable 

-Seamless connection

-Tool-free installation

-Beam Angle: 30° /60°/90°/120°/Double  25°

-Innovative optics

-Driver brand: Tridonic or Osram

- Electrical feed possible in central or end area of the trunking rail arrangement via special trunking rail element

-simple mounting of trunking rail elements with pre-assembled connectors with integral plug-in system

-5 years warranty

-Certification: ENEC by DEKRA, CE, ROHS







-Exhibition Hall


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