LED Linear Track Light-Track Panel

The LED track panel light, using European standard 3 circuit commercial track rail, is a new linear lighting system that, when combined with LED spotlights, provides general lighting for shops as an alternative to traditional trunking system lights.

Main Advantages

  • Universal track adapter: This LED linear track light panel easily fits onto any standard track with its universal adapter, making installation a breeze.
  • High luminous efficacy up to 160LM/W: Featuring high-quality LED chips, this linear panel boasts up to 160 lumens per watt, providing brilliant, energy-efficient lighting.
  • Flicker-Free: With its advanced flicker-free technology, this track light panel delivers steady, consistent illumination that won’t cause eye strain or headaches.
  • 5-year warranty: You can buy with confidence knowing this LED track light panel comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring you always have access to top-notch support and service.
  • Certification:CE ROHS: Rest easy knowing this LED track light panel meets strict safety and quality standards set by CE and ROHS certification.

LED Track Panel Light

The LED track panel light is a brand new linear lighting system, which is totally different from the traditional trunking system light. It adopts European standard 3 circuit commercial track rail instead of trunking rail.

Use together with the LED Spot light, to provide general lighting for the shop.


-Universal track adapter

-Power switchable

-Tridonic driver

-Innovative optics

-Up to 160LM/W

-High luminous efficacy up to 160LM/W

-Flicker Free

-5 years warranty

-Optional beam angle, Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°/ 25°, Left 25°, Right 25° and 120° ( 60°, 90° most for industry )

-Certification: CE ROHS


-Supermarket, Retails, Offices, Shop, Gallery, Corridor, Exhibition Hall

LED Replacement Module Solution for Retrofit Projects


Specification –LED Linear Track Light-Track Panel

The following are the technical parameters of the LED Linear Track Light-Track Panel.

ItemModel NO.WattLUMENLuminous EfficacyAngleEECL* W* H (mm)
1P012S1-70SP70W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/W30°A++578 x 189 x 76
2P012S1-70NR70W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/W60°A++578 x 189 x 76
3P012S1-70WD70W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/W90°A++578 x 189 x 76
4P012S1-700170W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/WDS25° x 60° x 25°A++578 x 189 x 76
5P012S1-700370W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/WDS25° x 90° x 25°A++578 x 189 x 76
6P012S1-700470W/64W/57W/50WMAX 11000150 LM/W90° x 60° x 90°A++578 x 189 x 76


Through 7 years of R&D and mining, RECOLUX has obtained more than 20 patents such as invention/design patents, and obtained CE, ISO, ROHS, LVD and ENEC certificates, opening a new chapter in opening up the global market.

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Other LED Light Models

Our products are CE, RoHS, and UL/ETL certified, and our team consists of highly professional engineers to give you the ultimate experience

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LED Linear Track Light-Track Line

The LED Track Line Light is a versatile lighting solution for shops and retail areas, designed to be used with European standard 3 circuit commercial track rail and offering a range of lighting angles for flexibility and energy efficiency.

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