The stability and reliability of lighting systems are crucial to the safety and efficiency of industrial production. With the continuous increase in electricity prices in recent years, lighting systems have become a major source of energy conservation, emission reduction, and cost reduction for enterprises.

When purchasing lighting fixtures, enterprises generally first consider the purchase cost, which leads to significantly higher energy consumption and maintenance costs in the later stages.

Therefore, enterprises must consider the purchase cost, energy consumption cost, maintenance cost and so on when purchasing lamps. By calculating long-term lighting solutions, not only can the cost be paid for in a short time, but also the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced.

In wind power lighting, more attention is paid to energy saving and consumption reduction. In wind power system lighting, it mainly includes wind turbine tower lighting, wind turbine nacelle lighting and hub lighting. Tower lighting and cabin lighting are mainly based on three-proof lamps. Therefore, we will compare the choice of lighting fixtures with the energy consumption of three-proof lamps.

Comparison of energy consumption of LED three-proof lamp and metal halide lamp:

ParametersMetal halide lamp(75W)LED thr-proof light QC-SD001
Color temperatureAround 3000K5500-6500k
Color rendering20-4085
Light efficiency80 lm/W120lm/w
Power factor0.950.98
Start time
15-20min(At low temperature and low pressure)
Finished product consumption75W10H/1000365D(1Year)*1=273Yuan131.4Yuan
One year consumption cost593Yuan131.4Yuan

In addition to saving its own energy consumption costs and maintenance costs, low-carbon environmental protection is the trend of today’s lighting. Therefore, low-carbon lighting methods must also be considered.Parameters  Metal halide lamp(75W) LED thr-proof light QC-SD001
(2*18w) Color temperature  Around 3000K 5500-6500k Color rendering  20-40 85 Light efficiency  80 lm/W 120lm/w Life  5000-10000h 50000h Power factor  0.95 0.98 Start time  At low temperature and low pressure
15-20min <2s Finished product consumption  75W*10H/1000*365D(1Year)*1=273yuan 131.4Yuan Maintenance  (200Yuan/PCS+120Yuan)=320Yuan Maintenance-free One year consumption cost 593Yuan 131.4Yuan

About the calculation of carbon emissions:

Therefore, every 1,000 kWh of electricity saved will also greatly reduce the potential carbon emissions.

Energy conservation and carbon reduction are major events that respond to the call of the country and benefit future generations. The energy conservation and carbon reduction action of the lighting industry cannot be delayed. Therefore, the choice of more energy-saving LED wind power lighting fixtures is an inevitable trend of wind power lighting.

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