LED Industrial Lights – Why Your Business Needs Them

Productivity, functionality, and performance are the 3 major reasons why LED industrial lights are essential for your business and industry. LED industrial lights provide better visibility and also lower operation costs, especially if you replace those old fluorescent lights around the whole business. While LED industrial lights were expensive when launched, the initial installation cost has steadily gone down. A low cost, lesser maintenance, and better lighting are just one of the few advantages of using LED industrial lights.

Many industrial customers are looking forward to modernizing their businesses. This includes the installation of LED lighting throughout their facilities. LED industrial lights are not your common house bulbs, they are manufactured using high-standard processes that enable them to withstand extreme temperatures. That’s not all, the LED industrial lights are also capable of withstanding moisture, particles, vapors, and dust that can easily damage normal consumer lights.

If you are looking for LED industrial lights, while they can save you a fortune in running costs, they also need to be tough enough to withstand industrial-level wear-and-tear and conditions.


Benefits of LED Industrial Lights

There are a lot of benefits of using LED industrial lights throughout your facility and business. Will discuss a few important ones that are drastically going to improve your day-to-day work and potentially increase production while minimizing the risk of injury.


Changing a simple lighting fixture in your house is easy enough, changing multiple failed lights in an industry is a bit tricky. Products that don’t need extensive maintenance to run optimally are generally regarded as great for industries, simply because they require little to no manpower for maintenance. That’s not all, changing a lighting fixture in a warehouse or factory will require dedicated manpower as well as equipment such as letters and lifts. This process cannot only take time but also disrupt ongoing operations.

A good quality LED industrial lights can last twice or up to 10 times as long as older lighting solutions. This means your operations can run smoothly throughout the year without requiring any kind of extensive maintenance. For example, a simple traditional incandescent bulb is going to run for 2000 hours, a fluorescent bulb can last for 36,000 hours, but a LED one can easily hit 50,000 hours.

A good quality LED industrial light can last up to 100,000 hours. It is a significant amount of time. This also replaces the need to constantly check up on lighting fixtures and can let the in-house electrician/technician work on important projects.


Having good quality LED light that sufficiently lights up an area can reduce workplace injuries. Areas such as large machinery, stairwells, or dark platforms are harder to navigate, especially when they are dimly lit. Having LED industrial lights in a hard-to-navigate region can mitigate the chances of injuries. This in turn reduces employee downtime and keeps them active and healthy. LED industrial lights don’t have any glare, this significantly lessens fatigue and eyestrain.

Many LED industrial lights also offer sensors that can activate lights if there is someone present. This allows employees to freely walk across the facility without having to turn on lights manually, a great feature to have for forklift operators. Having lights turned on only when needed also reduces the overall power consumption and also extends the life of the lights.



The older incandescent or fluorescent lights require a lot of energy to run, twice as much as an LED light would need. Fitting LED industrial lights in your facility can easily cut your energy costs in half, provide a better work environment, and increase your business profit margin. A lower load on the electrical system means you can run essential machinery without having to worry about upgrades.

Another overlooked point is the temperature. LED fixtures don’t produce a lot of heat, especially when you compare them with older traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. This means your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to maintain a cooler temperature inside the facility.


Lower Carbon Footprint

Companies are actively striving to reduce their carbon footprint, and having LED industrial lights in their facility can help in this regard. Going green is the way forward and a lot of big industries are not only understanding this but also implementing measures to reduce their carbon footprint. Reduced energy usage also results in lower operating costs, which in turn increases the business’ profit margin.

It also pleases consumers who prefer to purchase products made by green companies and improves brand perception. Investors that strive to be environmentally conscious will also flock to a company that follows responsible and sustainable systems.



LED industrial emergency lights are great in case there is a need to evacuate the building. Not only, the LED industrial lights are capable of understanding extreme temperatures, but also provide excellent visibility during emergencies.

Adding backup batteries to the emergency lights will ensure they all run even if there is a major power failure. Employee safety should be the utmost priority for any company, and having clear signage and emergency lights can reduce any potential damages.


Why You Should Upgrade to Industrial LED Lighting


Bad Visibility

There are a lot of safety hazards in any given industry, and they can be reduced by having better visibility. Bad lighting can make day-to-day work harder for the workers and can result in injuries that can lead to production stoppage as well as employee downtime. Metal halide lamps that are common in warehouses and factories can easily burn out and needs replacement, that’s not all when they burn out the tube often explodes.

This is a serious safety hazard and needs to be addressed by installing LED industrial lights. They are not only great at providing sufficient and targeted lighting but also don’t explode when they malfunction.

The Occupational Safety and Agency has clear guidelines that set minimum requirements for foot candles of illumination/Lux levels. Warehouse files should have 100 – 200 Lux, factories and workshops should have 750 Lux, warehouse loading bays should have 300 – 400 Lux, in warehouses, walkways, and exits should have at least 100 Lux. If your factory, industry, or warehouse isn’t following these minimum requirements, it might be time to upgrade to an LED industrial light.


Energy Costs

if the energy costs of your business are constantly climbing and are leading to high utility bills, it might be time to upgrade to a better solution. Older lighting fixtures guzzle more energy as they get older and lack some great modern lighting technology. Features such as light controls, light direction, light sensors, and even adjustable wattage are missing from older lighting solutions.


LED Industrial Light Usage

LED industrial lights can be used in several locations which include outdoor, indoor, and covered areas. Here are a few places that can greatly benefit from having LED industrial lights:

Warehouses – Typically, warehouses use HID lights, which stand for High-Intensity Discharge lighting. Once those turn off, getting them back on can take some time. Having good quality LED lights that can consistently turn on or off, don’t take any time to provide clear visibility, and are cost-effective is the way of the future. You don’t want the workers to navigate puzzles like aisles in dimly light environments.

Parking Lots – Dark parking spaces are a safety hazard, having Industrial quality LED lights can help illuminate them. The LED lights can easily withstand weather elements and moisture, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining them a lot.

Factories – Factories of all kinds need lighting. LED industrial lights have robust environmental safety measures. They can withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as humidity. These lights are perfect for factories that see a rise in temperatures or need to operate at lower temperatures.


A Well Rounded Lighting Solution

LED industrial lights are a great investment and one you won’t regret at all.

LED lights provide clean, safe, bright, and healthy light that can help reduce accidents at the workplace. It also reduces the amount of energy used, making it one of the best budget-conscious and environment-friendly decisions your business can make.

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