Led downlight brand ranking

Downlight brand list of the top ten recommended frequently, belonging to Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province LED Industry Alliance unit, committed to led application technology innovation, business model innovation, service innovation, etc., is the LED indoor and outdoor lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED medical lighting and other products comprehensive application solution supplier.

What brand of downlights of good quality Osram speaking of Osram, I believe everyone is very familiar with it.

Led downlight what brand good Wagar Lighting, founded in 1984 in New York, mainly engaged in indoor lighting design, manufacturing and sales services for nearly 30 years, sales network all over the world, in the field of professional interior lighting abroad enjoy a high reputation, is the preferred lighting brand for many international well-known interior designers.

Global led enterprise strength ranking and domestic led enterprise strength ranking?

1. The top 10 of led brand list: Liad, strong Lottery, Sansi, Chau Ming, Abyson, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Lehman Optoelectronics, Otto Electronics, Daco, Lope. Yadliad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., LED display screen well-known brand, Beijing famous trademark, listed company.

2. Philips Philips is the global leader in led manufacturing industry. Since the first lamp holder was developed in 1914, Philips has become a global leader in home lighting. Osram. Osram was founded in Germany in 1906 and ranks among the world’s two leading manufacturers of lighting products. Rex.

3. With its leading LED technology, Philips has become a leader in LED industry.

4. Liad Optoelectronics Group was founded in 1995 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012 (stock code 300296). In 2019, the company’s sales income exceeded 9 billion yuan and its total assets reached 15.3 billion yuan. At present, the group has nearly 5000 employees, 9 production bases and 7 international marketing centers all over the world.

5. YANKON Sunshine Lighting Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, formerly known as Shangyu Light bulb Factory, and was changed into a joint stock company in 1996. Mulinsen MLS is an integrated optoelectronic enterprise integrating LED packaging and LED application products in China, and has become a large-scale LED manufacturer in the world.

6. Led Lamp Top 10 Brands list Philips Lighting Philips Lighting is one of the lighting brands of Royal Philips of the Netherlands and one of China. Philips Lighting focuses on efficient and energy-saving lighting means, is a world-renowned lighting brand.

Where is the cheapness of led lamp beads

Shenzhen, there are many led lamp beads manufacturing, from focusing to scattering, from red, green, blue, yellow and white to color, all kinds of color temperature. Even if it is high brightness, the price is cheap. Advice, don’t buy defective products. Some can be used at that time, but it is easy to go out– bad.

Patch LED light beads are generally purchased in the electronic market. For example, there are many shops of LED lamp beads in the electronic market like Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen. There are all kinds of LED lamp beads, and there are also types that want to be tailor-made and customized.

The key to the price lies in the lamp beads and the internal power supply; the cheap lamp beads have a short life and a severe light decay. The internal driver is not a constant current source and is prone to strobe when the voltage fluctuates. Ten yuan is not a good one.

An 8w, Philips 26, Taobao 6, open to see the driver, Philips even use the patch, or dazzling, half a year later, Taobao bought that is not bright. Although only one or two lamp beads are broken, it is actually the poor quality and design of the driver, and the quality of the lamp beads is uneven.

Which brand is good for industrial and mining lamps?

Let’s put it this wa The industrial and mining lamp products supplied by Xinlei Zhengda Technology Co., Ltd. are good. I am an expert in practical application in this field. Have super quality control and installation practice ability.

2. LED industrial and mining lamps are good. Philips Hey, Prius. , Amin, Panasonic, Rex, Opp.

3. Shanrui Optoelectronics, Shanrui Optoelectronics, this is a collection of R & D, manufacturing and sales as a professional lighting brand. Since Shanrui started selling in China, it has been deeply trusted and liked by consumers by making use of unique design, advanced technology, reliable quality and high-quality service.

What are the top ten brands of modern lighting

Fersen Lighting is famous in Zhongshan. Lighting furniture brand of Now the products have been exported to more than a dozen countries overseas Now there are more than a dozen stores offline across the country, and it is now the top three lighting brand on Taobao. Huasen Lighting is a very good domestic lighting brand.

Opp lighting , which began in 1996, is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. Reishi lighting Leishi Lighting is a brand, research and development, design, production, marketing, service in one of the whole industry chain lighting brand enterprises, adhere to independent innovation, lead the development of the industry.

The top ten lighting brands are as follows: 0 Op / OPPLE;0 Philips / Philips;0Panasonic/ Panasonic; 0 Rex / NVC;0 Foshan Lighting / FSL;0 three male auroras; 0 Osram / Osram;0 Green Energy / LUNO; Xiaduo.

Are there any good brands of industrial and mining lamps for energy saving?

1. LED industrial and mining lamps are good. , Philips , Prius, Amin, Panasonic, Rex, Opp.

2, pathfinder, pathfinder this is through independent posture property rights brand building and promotion, pathfinder in product research and development and production design, sales network optimization, supply and management integration, to provide consumers with a safe and comfortable brand. The pathfinder developed rapidly and got Laid the foundation for the health and sustainability of listed companies.

3. To put it this way, the industrial and mining lamp products supplied by Xinlei Zhengda Technology Co., Ltd are good. I am an expert in practical application in this field. Have super quality control and installation practice ability.

4. Snow Wright, up to 180W, the inventor of high-power energy-saving lamp technology in the world. Philips, the maximum power of 85W, not Philips technology can not achieve, but high-power energy-saving lamps do not have a real national standard, foreigners are more disciplined. Honeywell, up to 180W, but the price is extremely expensive.

5. I believe that many people in charge of factory lighting transformation will have such doubts. The brand of factory lighting is very important, the brand is greater than the quality but can not replace the quality to measure, and what is important is the follow-up after-sales service and control of lighting enterprises.

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