Outdoor led screen

The LED screen is bright enough: needless to say indoors, it is bright enough for people to see billboards outside, and it is currently the only large display terminal that can be used outdoors 24 / 7.

The selection of LED display screen should be combined with its own needs, site restrictions, investment and many other factors. [welcome to click for more information] in general, if the image requires high and close visual distance, choose a dual primary color or full-color display with high point density. If there is a large amount of text playing, choose a specification with low point density.

LED big screen classification: indoor LED full-color large-screen indoor full-color LED display adopts indoor table sticking three and one technology with its following characteristics, is widely used in large-scale stadiums and gymnasiums, train waiting rooms, live TV programs, exhibition venues, large-scale art shows, concerts and so on.

How to install the flat lamp cover?

There are three installation methods of LED flat panel lamp: embedded, ceiling and hanging, so we must first determine what kind of installation method. Prepare sharp-nosed pliers, solder, AB glue, multimeter, etc.

Led flat panel lamp installation method 1 there are embedded LED flat panel lamp, ceiling type, hanging three installation methods, the first to determine which installation mode is. 2, prepare sharp nose pliers, welding, AB glue, multimeter, etc.

Embedded installation method: suitable for integrated ceiling installation, this installation method is often used in offices, stores, kitchen rooms and other occasions, but also the most common installation method, first remove a ceiling, put the driver of the LED panel lamp on the side of the ceiling, and then connect the power cord, and then put the board lights above, the installation method is relatively simple.

What is the structure of LED flat panel lamp?

1. LED flat lamp, including aluminum alloy shell (radiator and lamp slot), LED lamp strip, diffusion plate, light guide plate, reflector or reflective film and rear cover.

2, led panel lamp is composed of the following components: ① rear cover plate this rear cover plate is mainly used to seal the lamp body, for metal aluminum material, generally with 1060 aluminum, the overall texture is strong visually, because it is aluminum, it can also play the role of heat dissipation.

3. The design of LED panel lamp is unique. After passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, the light forms a uniform plane luminous effect, which has good illuminance uniformity, soft light, comfortable and bright, and can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lamp can also protect against radiation and will not stimulate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly and children.

4, Hello, led panel lamp has also become led panel lamp, led panel lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing, the light source is led, the whole lamp design is beautiful and simple, the atmosphere is luxurious, it not only has a good lighting led panel lighting effect, but also can bring people a sense of beauty.

5. The active layer is the luminous region, and electrons are injected into the PN junction by an external power source. under the action of positive bias, the electrons in the N region will spread to the positive direction and enter the active layer, and the holes in the P region will also spread to the negative direction and enter the active layer. When the electrons and the holes are recombined, spontaneous emission will be produced.

6. Refract the side LED light through the dot so that the light can be uniformly derived from the front. The light guide plate is the key point of LED panel lamp quality control.

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