The circuit diagram of LED energy-saving lamp can be connected to 220V directly.

1. LED should be supplied by constant current, otherwise it is easy to be aged and damaged. LM317 can be used, the principle is that the starting voltage of 317 is constant, and then excluding the resistance, it is the constant current value. The circuit is shown in the following picture. How many lights can be connected according to the demand. Change R1 to change the current, current = 25/R1. If you need more, please call me.

2. The wiring is shown in the figure: the primary filter circuit of the power supply is composed of CR varistor and LR2 on the way, which can filter out the input high voltage at the moment, CR2 constitutes a step-down circuit, and CCL2 and varistor constitute a rectified filter circuit. Due to the use of double filtering, LED can be effectively protected from high voltage breakdown.

3. The LED lamp can not be directly inserted into 220V voltage. If the LED lamp has a current-stabilized electronic board, it can be connected to the 220V voltage, and if it is only the wick, it needs to be equipped with a step-down current stabilizer to connect the 220V voltage, and the 220V voltage can not be inserted directly.

4. To drive the led lamp, you first need to use a 10-watt power transformer to reduce the 220V AC to 340V, and then pass through the bridge rectifier filter to supply the power. This becomes direct current, using direct current, the led light has no sense of flicker. The circuit diagram is as follows: the D1~D4 in the figure is a rectifier diode.

To make LED lamp circuit diagram in detail, 50 bulbs in series, each bulb voltage 3.0 V current 18 Ma.

Grouping (string): according to the maximum number of light-emitting diodes of no more than various colors in the schedule, for example, each string of red LED should not be more than 120.

Each group should string a current-limiting or divider resistor with a resistance value of 150 ohms. The increase of voltage depends on whether the quantity is high or not; if the increment is high, it is necessary to stabilize the voltage.

The answer is: because the working voltage of LED is 5V and the supply voltage of the power supply is 5V, the resistance value of the partial voltage resistance is calculated according to the following formula: r = (5-5) / 10cm I is the working current of a single LED, in mA, the calculated resistance value R is K ohm, power 0.5W.

Led flat panel lamp bar wiring principle picture?

1. First install the current-limiting resistor on the negative pole of the power cord. Then separate the positive and negative lines of the LED lamp strip. Use a stripper to remove the positive wire of the LED lamp belt. Stripped positive line of LED lamp. Connect the negative wire of the power supply with the positive wire of the LED lamp strip.

2. First, install the current limiting resistor to the negative pole of the power cord. Then separate the positive and negative lines of the LED lamp strip. Use a peeler to remove the positive line of the LED lamp strip. The positive wire of LED lamp strip after peeling. Be careful not to remove too much skin. Then connect the negative wire of the power supply to the positive wire of the LED lamp strip.

3. The circuit diagram of LED lamp strip usually consists of LED lamp beads, resistors, capacitors and power supplies. Among them, the LED lamp bead is the core component of the LED lamp strip, which is responsible for luminous. Resistors and capacitors are used to stabilize the current and filter voltage. The power supply is the energy source of the LED lamp strip, usually using DC power supply.

4, first cut off the power, according to the AC voltage, prepare the plug wire connection, there are two LED lights, directly peel off the protective layer to connect, there is no need to divide the positive and negative poles, connect the wire, then wrap it with insulating tape, and then insert it into the socket.

5. When wiring, the positive pole needs to be connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole of the power supply.

Circuit schematic diagram of LED lamp

The simplest LED lamp circuit diagram is composed of LED lamp beads, current limiting resistors, and wires and batteries in series. The resistance value of the current limiting resistance is determined by the working current of the LED and the voltage of the power supply.

The change of seven colors is realized by red, green and blue tricolor mixing. The pulse width modulation of the output waveform is adopted, that is, the duty cycle of LED lights is adjusted. In the case of fast scanning speed, the visual inertia of the human eye is used to achieve a gradual change.

The energy-saving lamp mainly heats the lamp filament through a ballast. When the temperature is about 1160K, the filament begins to emit electrons (because some electron powder is coated on the filament), and the electrons collide with argon atoms to produce inelastic collision. after the argon atom collides, the energy is obtained and the mercury atom is ionized after absorbing energy.

Detailed explanation of led flashlight circuit this circuit can be divided into three parts: the rectifier step-down part is composed of ACACRCD1-DR and AC indicator. 220V AC power supply connected to ACAC2. The AC voltage of about 6V is obtained after the RC1 partial voltage.

What is the circuit diagram of this simple led lamp? Are several light-emitting diodes directly connected in parallel?

LED, whose basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. It is placed on a shelf with leads and then sealed around with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire, so the seismic performance of LED is good.

Led lamp luminous principle: LED inside the PN junction, driven by voltage, the internal electrons and holes will be recombined, the composite process energy will be released in the form of luminous, this is the working principle of LED lamp.

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light.

When powered on, C1 is slowly charged through the RP, when the B pole of the VT1 is at a low level and the VT1 is off. The VT2 base is at a high level, VT2 is on, and LED is luminous. When C1 is fully charged, the VT1 base voltage increases, the VT1 turns on, and the VT2 base is at a low level; VT2 is off and LED is off.

The circuit diagram is about like this, the current-limiting resistance is about dozens of ohms to hundreds of ohms, whether the battery voltage is normal or not, the led will not be completely destroyed at one time without the failure of the charging circuit. As long as the forward voltage of about 2 volts at both ends of the led is measured, the led is broken.

What is the circuit diagram of LED drive power supply?

1. The LED drive power supply is a power converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED luminous. Usually, the input of the LED drive power supply includes high voltage power frequency AC (municipal electricity), low voltage DC, high voltage DC, low voltage and high frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformer) and so on.

2. The inductor is regarded as an open circuit at the moment of electrification, so the capacitance plays the role of energy storage when the T1 potential is lower than e 2, and the superposition of the voltage and the self-inductive potential of the inductor after charging achieves the purpose of boosting the voltage. 3self-excited concussion.

3. Non-isolated constant current power supply: non-isolation means that there is a direct connection between the load and the input, so there is a risk of electric shock when touching the load. At present, the most commonly used non-isolated direct step-down power supply. That is, the alternating current is rectified to get DC high voltage, and then the step-down (Buck) circuit is directly used for step-down and constant current control.

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