What if the ceiling lamp of the living room led light turns off?

1. First check whether the power driver is normal, disconnect the LED lamp from the power adapter, and check whether the power adapter of the LED lamp has DC voltage output. If the tricolor light is not lit due to the failure of the power drive and section switch, the power supply and section switch can be replaced.

2. The LED light is not lit. It may be that the light or the driver is broken. The LED lamp consists of a driver and a lamp. If the light is off, the driver may be broken, or the lamp may be broken. Just check these two parts.

3. Check the circuit. If the tricolor light is on, but there is no response, the circuit should be checked first. First check whether the input and output of the switching power supply is connected correctly, and then measure each voltage with a multimeter to see if there is anything abnormal.

4. caused by damage to components such as capacitors or transistors. If you are unable to repair tricolor LED lights by yourself, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel or manufacturers for maintenance. In addition, if your tricolor LED lamp is dimmable, make sure you are using the correct resistance or capacitance value to ensure that the brightness and color of the lamp are correct.

5, the general LED ceiling lanterns are the use of external power supply method, then directly buy a power replacement on it, some LED lamp manufacturers use the power supply is not good, the power supply is a component prone to problems.

6, repair, you can first open the lampshade, and then use the visual method to take a look, generally burnt LED lamp beads above there will be a small black spot, because the ceiling lamp LED lamp beads for multiple series, damage one, may make the whole string of lamp beads not bright.

What is the reason why the variable ceiling lamp does not change the light?

If the light remains unchanged, the rectifier may be broken, contact the store for replacement.

Can be lit without changing color, indicating that there is something wrong with the discoloration control circuit, and the discoloration control driver should be replaced.

Hello, I’m glad to answer your question. The biggest possibility in this case is that the dimmer switch is broken. If your switch is bought by the decorator, just ask them to replace it. If you bought it yourself, get the store to test the replacement. I hope my answer can help you. Please accept it if you are satisfied. Thank you.

There are only two reasons why the LED tricolor light is not lit. One is that the current is not sent to the lamp, which refers to the switch and the circuit. Check the switches and lines. The second is the dividing switch on the lamp to be damaged. Just change it.

Hello, there may be a high-power appliance connected to the wire that connects the switch, which lowers the voltage. You can measure it with a multimeter.

Led color change lamp does not change color, how to achieve color change function?

1. Generally speaking, there are three different color chips of red, green and blue, and the light of different colors can be matched through the ic control system.

2. You should first make sure that your LED light can change color. In general, LED lights are monochromatic, discoloration is just to control the light switch of different colors.

3. Color: the color can be changed by changing the current, and the LED can easily adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material by chemical modification to realize the polychromatic luminescence of red, yellow, green, blue and orange.

4. There are two basic circuits commonly used in discoloration LED lamp belt: one is to use discoloration LED. Second, the LED lamp belt composed of red, blue and green is used, and the LED of the three colors is lit randomly through the control circuit. So discoloration LED lamp belt is in the assembly when there are basic conditions.

5, led tricolor light does not change how to do tricolor light there is only one color bright, it is recommended to change the segment controller, first of all, we must know that the color of the tricolor lamp mainly depends on this segment controller. This controller is actually a backup switch.

6. The optical principle of led discoloration lamp is composed of red (R), green (G) and blue (B) LED. It is generally composed of red light LED and green light LED. It can emit red or green light alone. If the red light and green light are bright at the same time, the red and green light will be mixed into orange and yellow.

Which LED has a good sunshade?

Led fluorescent lamp which manufacturers are better overall, Jiangsu Yuexin Lighting and Shenzhen Darong Optoelectronics these two companies will be better. The former is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and engineering services of led packaging and lighting.

Sunshine Lighting (China well-known trademark, China famous brand, top ten brands of energy-saving lamps, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd.) Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, formerly known as Shangyu Light bulb Factory, changed into a joint stock company in 1996.

Edeland led lamp belt quality is good, the brand led fluorescent lamp with high quality, durability, energy saving as the main characteristics, the projection angle adjustment range is large, 15W brightness is equivalent to the ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, at the same time, it has the advantages of anti-high temperature, moistureproof and waterproof, anti-leakage, and soft lighting, it is worth choosing.

Shenzhen Langte Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, invested 50 million yuan, national high-tech enterprises, professional LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers. Guangdong top 100 led lamp manufacturers, known as “excellent LED fluorescent lamp supplier”. Led by Shenzhen electronic experts, has a domestic LED lighting research and development team.

LED fluorescent lamps are made of light-emitting semiconductors, and the heat dissipation is also good. So how much do we know about the manufacturers that produce these LED fluorescent lamps? Then let the editor introduce you.

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