For areas that require uniform, spot-free illumination, the newest generation of LED batten lights provides a superb replacement for outdated T8 fluorescent lights. These adjustable lights basically pay for themselves through impressive energy savings. The benefits go beyond savings. Superior illumination is possible with the best luminaires engineered to evenly distribute light across broad spaces.

What is a batten light?

Battens are the most popular design for illuminating large facilities, public areas or any other large spaces. In recent years, LED batten lights have replaced traditional fluorescent tube lights in industrial and general commercial use. They look better, save energy costs and offer more flexibility. With regards to their physical appearance, they are long, narrow and usually tube-shaped fixtures. They can be surface mounted or suspended to fit any needs. Batten lights are the preferred choice for sending light across large spaces, and LED luminaires make it a win-win choice for most design needs.

What are the benefits of LED batten lights?

Previous batten light models are full of downfalls. Fluorescent light models are not as reliable as the latest LED lights to enter the market. They were prone to bothersome flickering, delayed start, and limited light color options, among other problems. As fluorescent tubes near the end of their life, the amount of light they emit decreases significantly. Eventually, they start to flicker. In comparison, LED batten lights do not flicker or decrease the amount of light emitted. The lumens emitted remain constant for years until the light expires, so the light level will always remain the same. When an LED light reaches the end of its life, it simply stops working! In industrial and commercial situations, it could become dangerous or costly if mistakes are made due to dim lights in the work area.

A fluorescent light lasts about 20,000 hours, which used to be a phenomenal duration. Now, LED batten lights regularly last beyond 50,000 hours of use. Fluorescent bulbs require frequent monitoring as the bulbs reach the end of their life quickly. With LED batten lights, it is safe to assume that the bulbs will last for years. 50,000 hours of use equals almost six years of constant use, an impressive improvement over the status quo.

Save money by cutting your illumination energy usage

LED batten lights use less than half of the energy consumption of a T8 fluorescent tube light. In industrial and commercial settings, this adds up to tremendous savings that noticeably impact your bottom line. With operation 24 hours each day and seven days per week, just one LED batten light can save over 150 kWh of electricity over the course of one year. For just one light fixture, that would save somewhere between $25 to $50 USD, depending on electricity rates per kWh. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of LED batten lights replacing fluorescent bulbs, and the savings are huge.

The benefits of LED technologies replacing previous models go far beyond savings on the energy bill. The characteristics of the light-emitting diode allow for greater flexibility for light distribution. This makes it quite easy to illuminate large spaces with comparatively little effort. With an illumination of up to 140 lumens per watt and built-in wattage adjustment capability, anything is possible.

LED batten lights simply look better. The small size of LED luminaires fit within a wide range of fixture designs.

Fluorescent lights cause eye strain

Productivity can be hampered by uncomfortable work environments. No one wants light-induced headaches, but long exposure to fluorescent light causes just that. In fact, research suggests that long-term exposure to fluorescent lights increases incidences of eye disease by 12%. Specifically, there are two characteristics of fluorescent lights that are bothersome. Even when working properly, they still flicker, albeit at a very fast rate. Also, there is a lot of blue light emitted from fluorescent bulbs. Research continues to indicate that prolonged exposure to high intensity blue light can cause permanent eye strain, in addition to sleep disruptions. With LED batten light replacements, many of these health worries are eliminated for good.

Wattage adjustments with LED batten lights

LED batten lights can be easily adjusted by both wattage and correlated color temperature (CCT). This means that the brightness can be adjusted with ease and color characteristics can be quickly adjusted using a dip switch. For example, if you’d like to reduce the amount of eye-irritating blue light emitted, a warmer CCT can be selected in the 3000K range. For bluer light, the 5000K CCT range is available also.

Examples of great installations

LED batten lights are uniquely versatile in application and customizability. If you are still making your decision as to whether they are the right product for your needs, consider these examples of using LED batten lights to provide reliable illumination.

  • Industrial space – A manufacturing warehouse wanted to find a long-term solution to the problems that came with unreliable fluorescent tube lights. After considering all options, management decided to replace all T8 fluorescent bulbs. The company replaced outdated lights with customizable, energy efficient and long lasting LED batten lights. Quickly, the benefits became clear. In the large industrial space, 400 LED batten lights were needed. Over the first year after installation, a total of $14,000 was saved in energy costs ($35 per fixture), quickly recuperating the cost of the upgrade.
  • Commercial space – A local storefront is looking for a better solution to illuminate the sales floor. Their needs are improved customization of the light quality and brightness, less energy usage and reduced maintenance. After replacing their fluorescent T8 bulbs with LED batten lights, the sales floor is perfectly illuminated with warmer, more inviting light than what they had before. Even employees notice less eye strain and a more pleasant work environment. Product displays are illuminated better than ever before due to the far-reaching broad illumination possible with wattage-adjustable LEDs.
  • School facilities – The maintenance costs of constantly having to replace T8 fluorescent bulbs was a constant burden for the maintenance department and the school. Bulbs would flicker at the worst times, causing a distraction for students and reduced illumination in learning areas. After carefully considering the cost-benefit analysis of making the switch to LED batten lights, the numbers were clear. Replacing the 250 T8 bulbs with LED batten lights would be a cost effective, durable lighting solution. Over the expected 50,000 hour lifespan of the LED lights, it was estimated that the school will save roughly $90,000 in energy costs. That pays for the renovation many times over. On top of that, with usage for only 12 hours each day at the school, the LEDs should last almost 12 years before expiring!

LED batten lights are a cost-effective, efficient replacement for outdated fluorescent tube lights. If you are considering making a modern renovation to your industrial, commercial or professional workspace, please contact us for more information and an estimate of how much you can save. We’d love to work with you.

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