LED batten light have appeared in the past few years with the development of LED technology. Now there are many different options for LED batten light, not every LED batten light is a 2 x 36 fluorescent battens.

LED batten light now are more streamlined, slim and simple in appearance, but still emit the same brightness, which is great because the 4-foot fluorescent slats are real eyes, but now with the LED batten light, they can manipulate accessories to provide cleaner The effect and less commercial appearance.

LED batten light

The best thing about LED batten light is that they are very practical, with real bright light and wide beam angles.

There are some factors to consider when buying LED batten light, so in this blog, I will introduce the questions to ask before buying and our favorite and best-selling LED batten light.

IP rating

IP rating refers to the light suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

If your application is outdoors, use IP65, which is a high level, waterproof and dustproof.

If you buy for indoor use, you can still use IP65 because it can still prevent dust and physical influences, otherwise IP20 is also possible, and most slats are still sealed.


There are still a large number of fluorescent batten and tubes. People are still replacing tubes and ballasts. This is a bad idea because you can now buy T8 LED direct replacement tubes.

Compared with fluorescent tubes, LED tubes can save 50% power and have 5 times longer service life. Now LED tubes have better brightness, imitating fluorescent tubes, unknowingly.

Therefore, for all these reasons, always use LEDs.

The use of mercury-containing fluorescent tubes for LED tubes is also safer and more environmentally friendly.

Integrated LED or LED tube

Most of the LED batten light sold today are integrated, which means that once the strip is used up, you basically throw it away, which is not ideal because you need to replace it and get the electrician back to replace it , This may require around $200 and call charges.

When manufacturers make integrated products, they can use radiators to make them better and improve performance because there are only so many technologies that can fit into the tube.

Therefore, if you buy LED integrated batten light, please only buy high-quality brands. These brands include Trend Lighting, Domus Lighting, Atom Lighting, Sunny Lighting or CLA Lighting. Buying these brands means that you are buying from a manufacturer with strict quality control.

Avoid using cheap brands because you will only have a headache and they may not even comply.

When buying anything, I think it’s practical to buy a batten with LED T8 tubes, which means you can replace the tubes yourself at any time, so literally you can’t go wrong, but with T8 battens, they look more bulky and commercial, With LED integrated battens are more practical and slender.


There are many sizes of batten light, such as 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet. Always try to use 4 feet because this is the most common batten, so it is easier and cheaper to replace.

Because they are mass-produced.

If you need smaller batten, look for 2 feet.

Pins 1, 3, and 5 may be difficult to find and replace.

Color Temperature

If you install LED batten light in work environments such as garages, parking lots, warehouses, workshops, kitchens, etc., this is essential for proper installation. You should always use a temperature of at least 5000k, because this color spectrum and the brain are the most alert And active.

If your application needs to be suitable for traditional or traditional settings, then you can consider using 3000k or 4000k each, which will soften the light to create more atmosphere and warmth.

Okay, now that you have all the information you can use, you can buy the next LED batten light online today. Now I will introduce my best-selling slat production line.

LED Batten Light

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