The installation cost of lamps depends on the type of lamps and lanterns

Generally speaking, the installation cost of household lamps and lanterns consists of demolition costs and specific product installation fees, that is to say, this cost is determined by the size and installation complexity of your home lamps. An expensive, particularly complex lamp naturally requires high installation costs, which is common sense.

The third is to charge according to the complexity of the installation fee, in addition to installing lights, but also includes bright lines, dark lines, cable TV set-top boxes, etc., socket switch 3 room more than 500 yuan. According to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is higher. In addition to the main lamp, the charge standard for the installation of lamps in the three rooms is about 200 to 500 yuan.

According to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is higher, in addition to the main lamp, the installation cost of lamps and lanterns in three rooms is about 200-500 yuan. The other is to charge according to the type of lamp. The cost of installing crystal chandelier is about 150 yuan, while that of other LED lights is about 30 yuan.

Let’s have a look together! How much is the labor cost of installing lamps and lanterns: the installation cost of household lamps is determined by the cost of demolishing the old and the simple difficulty of lamps and lanterns. If the installation process of a lamp is complex, the natural installation cost is also relatively high.

Fourth: according to the type of lamps and lanterns, such as the installation of crystal chandelier installation fee standard, generally 100 yuan, other LED lights charge about 10 yuan. a. The market price of waterproof and dustproof ceiling lamp is 500 yuan. The installation cost is about 100 yuan.

Types of outdoor lighting fixtures

1. What are the street lamps for outdoor lighting: the road is the artery of the city. The main lighting is the street lamp, which is set up on the road to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help to improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety.

2. Below, the editor will introduce in detail the various types and specifications of outdoor lighting, which is convenient for you to choose the appropriate outdoor lighting. What are the types of LED street lamps for traffic lighting at night? Solar street lamp sunlight as energy, battery energy storage, LED lamp as the light source, charging during the day and night.

3. Therefore, almost all large area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as spotlights. The beam angle of the projector is wide and narrow, ranging from 0 °to 180 °, in which the particularly narrow beam is called searchlight.

4. Types of outdoor lamps and lanterns Lawn lamps are not only lighting facilities around the lawn, but also important landscape facilities.

What are the types of lamps and lanterns?

1. According to different functions, lamps and lanterns can be divided into two types: architectural lamps and lanterns and decorative lamps.

2, lamps and lanterns are necessary lighting supplies for every household, lamps and lanterns according to the structure, light source, shape can be divided into many kinds, and then refined. According to the structural characteristics, ① is divided into chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, downlight, spotlight, bath lamp (Yuba) and so on. ② according to the light source is divided into incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp and so on.

3, family room commonly used lamps and lanterns, according to the function and layout can be divided into the following types: chandelier: there are multi-head chandelier and single-head chandelier, the former for the living room, the latter for the bedroom or dining room. Some install the light bulb in the milky white lampshade to soften the light scattering, while others face down, and the light shines directly into the room, which appears to be bright.

4. The eye protection lamp changes the electric frequency on the basis of the basic lighting, so that the eyes can not feel the strobe, so that the light becomes soft and the vision fatigue is reduced. Fan lamp fan lamp, also known as luxury decorative ceiling fan, the fan and lamps are combined into one, mainly used as an auxiliary electrical appliance of air conditioning, in order to improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

5. Lighting lamp classification: chandelier features: chandelier has the most patterns, commonly used are European candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchment chandelier, fashion chandelier, conical cover lantern, pointed flat cover lantern, waist cover lantern, pentagonal ball chandelier, magnolia cover lantern, olive chandelier and so on.

6. Chandelier. Chandelier is the most common installation method of lamps and lanterns, and it is also the most widely used one. It mainly uses suspender, chain, pipe, chandelier line to hoist lamps and lanterns, in order to achieve different effects.

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