What are the methods of surface treatment of lamps and lanterns

1. There is also a kind of treatment for street lamp poles. The main function of plastic spray treatment is to make outdoor lamp poles and monitoring poles look more beautiful and noble, with more than 200 colors to choose from. The plastic powder has the function of anti-ultraviolet, no pollution to the environment and no toxicity to the human body.

2. You can first use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust from the surface, and then pour some detergent or furniture onto the dishcloth and replace the position of the dishcloth while wiping. If the inside of the lampshade is made of paper, you should avoid using detergents directly to prevent damage.

3. The best way to clean lamps and lanterns is to use vinegar to pour the amount of edible vinegar about a beer bottle cap into half a basin of water, mix well, soak the rag in vinegar water, wring out the dishcloth can wipe the dust on the lamps. Because vinegar has the effect of cleaning and preventing static electricity, the lamps and lanterns wiped with vinegar are not only bright, but also not easy to touch dust.

The factory floor is 15 meters high, how to make the annual maintenance of lamps and lanterns safer and cheaper?

1. The traditional maintenance method is to use the lift to disassemble and replace the new lamp, but the rental of a high-altitude lift costs 9000 yuan a day. I believe any owner will be reluctant to give up when he sees such a high rental fee. So what Shenzhen Kaiming recommended today is a remote-controlled electric industrial and mining lamp elevator.

2, the space with relatively high floor height, if it is a family residence, I feel that it is not suitable to use high-power lamps and lanterns, and the lamps and lanterns should not be hung too high. I live in an old-fashioned residential house, or hang the lamps and lanterns in the middle and use floodlight shades, so that the illumination of the whole space is more uniform. Personal advice for reference.

3, the height of the floor is relatively high, it can be used as a double floor and add stairs. The staircase can choose streamlined staircase, the design of stair railing is arbitrary, or simple or artistic. If you are a music lover, you can also highlight your personal music on the stair railing and design the stair railing into a combination of staff and notes to show the artistic style.

How to solve the problem that the lighting in the middle of Yuba is broken?

1. How to replace the lighting in the middle of Yuba if it is broken? Because the installation height of the lamps and lanterns is still a little dangerous, at the same time, we must remember to cut off the power before changing the lights, and first cut off the power supply. All right, don’t act alone. There’s someone around. All right.

2. Wrap the light bulb in a cloth and twist it hard. If you can’t screw it, it may be that the lamp holder and the bulb rust together after Yuba has been used for a long time. In that case, the lamp holder can be fixed by hand or other means, and then add force, because some lamp holder is fixed on the plastic shelf, the part of the fixed lamp holder will be wrung off. When it still doesn’t work, break the light bulb glass.

3. Third, change the lighting lamp the second step: after the shell is removed, you can directly take the bad lighting in the middle. (you don’t have to take the whole Yuba off), and install the new lighting. You can put the Yuba shell back with a gap in the integration, and install the integration board, then OK. The change of Yuba lights has been completed.

4. Replace the Yuba lights, unscrew the Yuba bulbs and pull down the panel; the specific steps are as follows: unscrew the Yuba bulbs. Pull the panel down. Remove the lighting ring. Install a new lighting ring. Cover the panel. Install the Yuba light bulb.

5. The LED light inside Yuba is broken, just open the lampshade and change to a LED light.

What are the difficulties in the installation of lighting lamps during the construction of road and bridge brightening project?

White or light-colored marble can be illuminated by cold white light with higher color temperature (compound metal lamp), but it is also possible to use high-pressure sodium lamp. To calculate the required illuminance the illuminance required in the process of building lighting engineering mainly depends on the light and shade of the surrounding environment and the color of the building exterior wall materials.

For the construction of halogen tungsten lamp tube and other lighting projects, the wire must be made of glass silk asbestos and other heat-resistant insulation materials. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot directly select a flame-retardant wire. In this way, it is easy to destroy the insulation layer because of the high temperature of the lamp tube, which can lead to failure, short circuit and so on.

The installation height of lamps and lanterns must be the same in the same street (from the luminous center to the ground). Small bend lights 5-6 meters ordinary street long-arm lights and chandeliers 5-5 meters fast lane arc lights not less than 8 meters slow lane arc lights not less than 5 meters.

Urban lighting project in LED lighting installation precautions the first step: first install LED guardrail lights on the wall: punch holes in the wall, install expansion screws, and then install LED guardrail lights, lock with self-tapping screws; the distance between guardrail lights is determined according to customer requirements; generally between 1CM and 3CM.

Installation steps: (1): first install LED guardrail lights on the wall: punch holes in the wall, install expansion screws, and then install LED guardrail lights, and lock them with self-tapping screws; the distance between guardrail lights is determined according to customer requirements; usually between 1CM and 3CM.

After all the lamps and lanterns needed for the brightening project are entered one after another, the installers shall operate strictly according to the construction drawings, the engineering personnel shall supervise them at the site, and remind them to take protective measures. Safety helmets and seat belts must be worn when working at high altitude. Transformers and controllers should be waterproof.

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