Factory building lamps and lanterns installation, factory building is steel structure, beam is broken light steel, lighting supervision requires harmless installation.

1. The qualification needed for the room lamp of the repair factory: it depends on the scale and technical requirements of the workshop. The construction scope of all levels of qualification is as follows: it can undertake the production and installation of all kinds of steel structure projects (including grid, light steel structure engineering).

2. (1) when installing the steel structure at negative temperature, attention should be paid to the deviation of the shape and size of the steel structure caused by the change of temperature. If the steel structure is built at room temperature and installed at negative temperature, measures should be taken to adjust the deviation.

3. Steel structure installation procedure: steel column installation → inter-column support installation → steel crane beam temporary location → roof beam roof support → steel crane beam correction fixed → maintenance structure installation.

4. Foundation handover-steel column installation (including braces and ties for stability)-crane beam installation-roof beam or truss installation-support tie bar installation-purlin installation-maintenance structure installation.

5. Construction layout → foundation concrete pre-embedded bolt → (steel structure processing) portal frame hoisting → crane beam installation → steel beam installation → roof truss, roof panel and roof panel installation → wall panel installation → steel structure coating. Building permit. It includes construction permit and employment qualification. (1) Construction permit.

What kind of project are you generally looking for for the installation of factory lights?

1. Looking for mechanical and electrical engineering. Now the industrial factory building lighting installation requirements must be explosion-proof; flame retardant; equipped with emergency power lighting (no outside 220v), energy-saving and environment-friendly lamps and lanterns, etc., according to the use and installation of different locations, the requirements are also relatively different.

2. It belongs to municipal engineering. All kinds of lighting, lighting, equipment and so on to provide residents with paid or free public goods and services based on government responsibilities and obligations. Street lighting project generally belongs to the national infrastructure, which refers to all kinds of public facilities in urban construction. Lighting infrastructure construction is an indispensable material basis for urban survival and development.

3. Lighting system: including lighting facilities inside and outside the plant, such as lamps and lanterns, control system, etc. Survey and design: through the investigation of the site, determine the location of power equipment and the layout of power lines, and design the power system. Grounding system: including main grounding grid, protective grounding grid and so on.

How much does it cost to install lamps and lanterns, and the economy that should be considered when choosing installation services?

1, from the installation master to see the professional lighting installation company master: generally charge at least 80 yuan-100 yuan /; personal contract lighting installation master: generally charge at least 60 yuan-80 yuan /; part-time lighting installation contractor: the charge is generally 40 yuan-50 yuan /.

2. The third is to charge according to the complexity of the installation fee. In addition to installing lights, it also includes bright lines, dark lines, cable TV set-top boxes, etc., and the socket switch is more than 500 yuan in room 3. According to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is higher. In addition to the main lamp, the charge standard for the installation of lamps in the three rooms is about 200 to 500 yuan.

3. The ordinary demolition fee is 20 yuan (excluding complex situations). Of course, if it is a simple chandelier, you can dismantle it yourself, which eliminates the demolition fee. And now the price of installation lamps and lanterns is about 150 yuan, labor costs are different in different regions, the specific price shall prevail in practice.

4, the installation of ceiling lamp is generally about 200, but also according to the local consumption situation.

How should the lamps and lanterns for factory decoration be customized?

1. The selection of lamps and lanterns in general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal ambient temperature (heating or non-heating places). (2) generally choose Sichuan dustproof lamps and lanterns for places that contain a lot of dust but have no danger of explosion and fire.

2. Lighting customization requires full communication between consumers and designers, and be sure to inform designers of their interests and overall decoration style. in this way, the designer can work out a reasonable lighting customization plan according to the actual situation of the room.

3. The concrete conception of lighting. Lighting customization should take into account the change of space and way, which makes the design of interior space have greater changes, and even create a brand-new interior space.

4. Matters needing attention in the selection of decoration lamps and lanterns: attention should be paid to flexibility when purchasing lamps and lanterns, for example, lighting fixtures should be consistent with the relative height of the room, and it is not suitable to use wall lamps with long screws and crystal chandeliers with large sag, otherwise it will hinder safety.

What are the requirements for the installation height of general lighting in the factory building

In the substation, lamps and lanterns should not be installed directly above the high-voltage and low-voltage distribution equipment and bus. The height of the lamps and lanterns installed outdoors should not be less than 3 meters from the ground; when installed on the wall, the height from the ground should not be less than 5 meters.

General open lamps and lanterns, the distance from the lamp holder to the ground is not less than the following values (except when using voltage): (1) outdoor: 5m (installed on the outdoor wall); (2) factory building: 5m / 3) indoor: 2m / 4) soft cable with elevator lamps and lanterns after the cable is unfolded: 0.m.

According to the “Urban Road Lighting Design Standard (CJJ45-2015)”, the relationship between the light distribution type, layout and installation height and spacing of lamps and lanterns in Table 3 is as follows: Weff refers to the effective width of the road surface; the distance between S lamp poles; H refers to the installation height.

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