Installation and maintenance of lighting circuit

Elimination methods, line maintenance, follow the vine, line joints, switches, sockets, terminal crimping of lamps and lanterns, find the break point by knocking, remove the virtual continuous fire oxide layer, re-connect, multi-layer insulation tape treatment, normal use.

In short, the corresponding measures should be made according to the specific reasons, including replacing new wires or equipment, ensuring that the installation form and technology meet the relevant construction standards, and ensuring the suitable working environment of the line, such as no moisture and hot air, etc.

The installation and maintenance of lighting lines are generally divided into internal electricians and external electricians. Internal electricians are generally responsible for the installation and maintenance of lighting circuits within the enterprise. Most of the external electricians belong to the employees of the electrical department, who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of roads and public lighting lines.

There are generally three kinds of faults of lighting circuit: overload, short circuit and open circuit. Overload fault: found that the light is red, check that the power supply voltage is normal, indicating that the line has been overloaded. If the lights are not on, check that the fuse is fused in the middle or end, and there are remnants of the fuse, indicating that the line is seriously overloaded.

Which price is reasonable for the energy-saving control module of high-quality lighting?

The landlord can consider the 100% light-controlled cat intelligent switch of Tiantuo Brand, which is a touch screen system with wireless operation, which can pass through floors and walls, and you can choose different lighting effects in each area to show the fashion trend. Constantly and intermittently supply you with random ideas, which is convenient and fast, and the cost is quite reasonable.

Panasonic energy-saving lighting tube, produced in Japan, belongs to the world’s top 500. it is a comprehensive energy-saving lamp brand, providing high-quality LED energy-saving lamp tubes, health and environmental protection. Sanxiong auroral energy-saving lamp is a LED energy-saving lamp brand that can deal with some emergencies and is loved by the general public.

It can also greatly save electricity, and the power saving rate of the intelligent lighting control system can reach 20%, 40%. The intelligent lighting control system can be used in lighting and hybrid circuits with strong adaptability and can work continuously and stably in a variety of harsh power grid environments and complex load conditions. at the same time, it will effectively prolong the life of lamps and lanterns and reduce maintenance costs.

What does a complete set of street lighting engineering materials include?

1. Application for inspection of street lamp materials, including street lamp qualification certificate, inspection report, quantity list, technical parameters, etc. The inspection approval of street lamp installation shall be applied for inspection. Electrical conduit laying, inspection batch and concealment of electric wire piercing. Line resistance test record.

2. Photocopy of legal person ID card, original and photocopy of ID card of authorized representative. (if the legal person is directly involved, only the original ID card and photocopy of the legal person are needed.) the power of attorney for the use of supporting products shall be affixed with the official seal of the authorized unit. A copy of the qualification certificate of level 3 or above for professional contracting of urban and road lighting engineering shall be affixed with the official seal.

3. Construction plan the main engineering quantity of the lighting project in this section is shown in the table below. Lighting project arranges a comprehensive construction team to be responsible for the construction of the lighting project. The trenches are excavated manually, the cable pipes are laid (including protective pipes), and the cable pipes are laid smoothly. The bottom of the trough is compacted with electric rammer and layered backfill.

4. Arrangement of management personnel, machinery, labor force and construction period. Construction technical data: drawings will be reviewed jointly. Design changes, engineering visas, etc.

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