Introduction to the installation method of lamps and lanterns for construction

Fix the reflector of the lamp on the light box, adjust the light box straight, and finally install the fluorescent lamp.

Lamp installation ordinary lamp holder installation: after leaving enough maintenance length, cut off the rest of the power cord and peel off the wire head, and install the lamp holder on the junction box with connecting screws.

The installation methods of lamps and lanterns are divided into ceiling type, chain type, pipe type, wall-mounted type, embedded type and so on. A wall lamp mounted on a wall. Attached to the wall installed on the wall, columns, mainly for local lighting, decorative lighting, not suitable for the installation of lamps and lanterns in the ceiling or places without a ceiling. Fixed to the surface of the ceiling (such as a ceiling lamp).

An excellent outdoor lighting landscape lighting project, how to do is the correct work flow?

Coordination of brightening project construction: do a good job of personnel coordination within the enterprise in the early stage of brightening project construction, carry out a detailed professional division of labor, the number of personnel, personnel technology, personnel management, multi-faceted and multi-angle to ensure the communication and coordination of personnel.

In the outdoor lighting engineering design, we should make full use of all kinds of lighting devices to show the light and shadow effect vividly, so as to enrich the content of the space. There are a variety of ways to deal with light and shadow, which can show both light and shadow, and can also show the combination of light and shadow.

According to the surrounding environment, determine the lighting brightness of the building at the beginning of the analysis of the surrounding environment, according to the brightness of the surrounding buildings, the preliminary brightness positioning of the designed buildings. Then make an orderly and quantitative arrangement for the brightness distribution of each part of the design building.

Starting from the whole and the part, the overall planning is one of the basic steps of brightening design. Before the design, carefully investigate and analyze the location of the land, whether the garden has a cultural background, clear primary and secondary, set off, have a sense of rhythm to create a brightening of the landscape, better reflect the local characteristics. Comprehensive consideration and landscape color coordination and unity.

In the whole process of landscape lighting design, designers should take into account the landscape lighting environment, the surrounding environment and geographical location, combined with the characteristics of their own city, highlight the structure of their own city, do not blindly imitate other cities.

Construction scheme of installation project

1. Construction plan of installation project the electrical installation of this project mainly includes three parts: electric lighting system, electric power and lightning protection grounding system.

2. Construction plan of comprehensive building equipment installation project 1 before construction preparation, construction drawings and technical documents of equipment must be available. When there are requirements of constant temperature, constant humidity, shockproof, dustproof or radiation protection in the installation process, the construction of the corresponding process can only be carried out after corresponding conditions or measures have been taken at the installation site.

3. System debugging is a comprehensive test after all the system has been installed and the pressure test and flushing are qualified. Before debugging the system, a detailed debugging plan must be worked out and the items must be carried out in parts and segments. Special care should be set up for the key parts.

4. the installation project includes electricity report and installation, internal line project, external project, power and lighting project, lightning protection and grounding project, etc.

5. The construction scheme of installing the guardrail: the foundation is poured on site, the foundation pit is excavated manually, the rock part that can not be excavated manually adopts air pick or air gun to drill shallow holes supplemented by weak blasting, the upper soil pit wall is excavated, and the lower rock pit wall is vertical. The slope of foundation pit excavation depends on the ground, and the size of foundation pit should meet the wheel corridor of foundation pit.

6. Construction plan for installation of ventilation system in belt corridor of product warehouse 1 Construction preparation 1 check civil works (1) installation of ventilation system shall be carried out after the completion of civil works. (2) whether the holes and embedded parts are reserved to meet the design requirements when checking civil construction. (3) check whether ducts and components can be installed at the predetermined elevation and position.

Construction Scheme of Crystal and LED Lighting Yaming Lighting

1. When you can’t avoid the line of sight As far as possible to make the lamps and lanterns destroy the overall effect of the building the advantage of floodlighting with LED light source uses led light source to focus on the outside of the building at night. Mainly for Highlight the characteristics and artistic effects of the objects being illuminated.

2. At present, the mainstream practice in the global LED industry is after packaging the LED wafer to form a light source or light source module. Light distribution is carried out when the lamp is made. At present, the most advanced scientific method is to distribute light on the chip package to remit the light from the chip at once to maintain the maximum light output, so that the light loss rate is only 5% and 10%.

3. Led lamp design this is a new led lamp of Rex Lighting, using Taiwan chip package, anti-aging 10, 000 hours, and the light source performance is stable, long life, normal use of more than 30, 000 hours. The back of the lamp is designed with a heat dissipation hole to make the lamp have a longer service life.

4, waterproof ability, for outdoor and indoor LED lamp requirements are not the same. LED luminous angle has a great influence on LED lamps and lanterns, and has great requirements for different lamps, such as LED fluorescent lamps. We recommend 140-170 degrees. We will not explain the rest in detail here.

Household led Lighting Top Ten Brands OPOPPLEOP Opp Lighting is a famous lighting brand in China, it was founded in 1996, the company will integrate R & D, products and integration, including lamps, LED optoelectronics and other fields.

Specification for steps for installation of chandeliers

1, installation steps to determine the location of the chandelier: determine the location of the chandelier on the ceiling, and then mark the central point of the chandelier on the ceiling with a pen. Install the chandelier base: fix the chandelier base on the ceiling, drill with an electric drill, and then fix the chandelier base on the ceiling with expansion screws.

2. The ③ suspender and the sling are connected with the transition connector. (2) installation precautions: the following three points should be paid attention to during installation and construction. When installing ①, if there are multiple chandeliers, you should pay attention to their position and the relationship between right and wrong, and you can install the chandelier while installing the ceiling, so that the position and height of the lamp can be adjusted according to the ceiling joist.

3. First of all, we should start drilling according to the distance on the western piece, the size of the drill bit should be appropriate, and the screws have a certain size. We must pay attention to these details. After the bald screw is screwed, the base can be connected to the suspender.

4. chandelier installation methods and steps: material preparation We should prepare the material before the chandelier installation, such as wood strips, plates, hardware accessories, screws, hammers and other tools are indispensable. only by preparing these tools can you work smoothly. In addition, we also need to measure the size of the chandelier and determine the specific installation location.

5. installation step material preparation prepare wood strips, plates, hardware accessories, screws, hammers and other tools in advance, measure the size of the chandelier and determine the specific installation location.

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