What are the pictures and prices of lamps and lanterns?

Opp Lighting Picture and Price list: Opp Lighting LED ceiling Lighting SLND204 White suggested Price: 2486 yuan. Opal lighting NDL3125P white with energy-saving lamps recommended price: 26 yuan.

The price of ordinary downlight is generally less than dozens of yuan, while the price of a good brand will be slightly more expensive, dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

Corridor lamps and lanterns full price Huaqiang, led wall lamp reference quotation: 195 yuan or so the surface of the use of waterproof paint technology manufacturing, so that the paint is more solid. Antique glass lampshade, better light transmission, and soft and comfortable lighting. General-purpose ceramic lamp holder, safe insulation, no deformation, strong resistance to high temperature.

Size: 115*75*8cm space: 30-40m _ market reference price: about 900yuan living room top light picture and price blooming flowers this living room top lamp uses PMMA high light transmission lampshade, acrylic material, has a good light transmittance, good light refraction, in line with the light refraction angle rules, light transmission is more uniform.

The effect of lighting decoration is fashionable and the ceiling light is shining and lovable.

Lighting decoration effect picture 1 in this room, the owner chose the white cultural stone as the background after the TV, which can not only make the room appear more artistic, but also broaden the vision of the room. The winding black lines on the ceiling make the room more layered, while the chandelier on the dining table is quite industrial.

The simple Chinese ceiling lamp of Jiugong pattern is a necessary lighting for every Chinese style home. In this set of small duplex effect pictures, from sofas to lamps and lanterns, and then to the overall tone, people feel so simple and fashionable.

Gejiangbao lighting has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and high grade. Shiyuan Crystal Lamp conscientiously integrates life and art. WOW crystal lamps are all simple, fashionable, green and healthy.

Different areas of home lighting with doorway porch we all know, porch, is a door to change shoes place, seemingly inconspicuous, but in fact every family real “facade”, the layout here for the whole home to bring people’s “preconceived” impression can be said to play an extremely important role.

Living room lighting decoration effect figure 1 this living room lighting decoration is unique, with three white oval shapes hanging under the slender wire, which looks delicate and beautiful. The shape of the dining chair in the living room is also unique, and some green plants are placed on the bar to make the air of the whole living room fresh and natural.

The lighting effect picture appreciates the perfect integration of this lighting and the overall decoration style of the living room, decorating a charming living room atmosphere.

Which lamp has the best effect in the energy-saving transformation of factory workshop lighting?

This depends on the ceiling height of the factory to determine the type of lamp. For those with a ceiling below 4m, it is recommended to install LED flat panel lights or LED grille lights, and for those with no ceiling, it is recommended to install suspended LED lamps with supports; for those with a height above 4m, it is recommended to install LED industrial and mining lamps or factory lights with a larger luminous angle.

The factory workshop is best illuminated by low-frequency induction lamps. Lamp: lighting articles, generally referring to utensils that can be illuminated. In ancient times, man was illuminated by torches, followed by candles and oil lamps.

Specifically to consider the size of the space, workshop height, the need for illuminance and other issues, recommend high-pressure xenon lamp, high energy saving rate, high effective light efficiency, light pollution, especially color performance above 90ra, very suitable for those fine processing workshops, many university laboratories and operating rooms use this kind of light source.

At present, new office buildings, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories are gradually using LED lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights, etc., the proportion has increased, looking forward to LED panel lights into the field of popular lighting.

On the whole, the performance of LED lamp is better than that of energy-saving lamp. Energy-saving lamps: (1) mercury pollution in the production process and after discarded use; (2) because it is glass products, it is easy to break, difficult to transport, and difficult to install; (3) its power consumption is large; (4) it is easy to damage and the life is short. The sentence of saving energy without saving money is the best portrayal of it.

The color rendering index RA can save energy by 702 LED industrial and mining lamps, and 100W LED industrial and mining lamps can replace the traditional 250W industrial and mining lamps.

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