Who is better to buy LED lights?

1. Philips Lighting, founded in 1891, is one of the top ten brands of lighting lamps and lanterns. China’s well-known trademark is one of the most valuable brands in the world and a leading manufacturer in the field of global lighting. Philips provides advanced energy-efficient lighting solutions for all fields and has made a great contribution to the global lighting industry.

2. Leishi Lighting is the product of National Leishi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., mainly in the living room, office, commercial, household LED lighting products, excellent product quality, loved by everyone. TCL Lighting TCLLighting is a lighting brand of TCL Group. It has two series of traditional lighting and LED lighting.

3. Opu Lighting is one of the main products of Zhongshan Opu Lighting Co., Ltd., which has become a recognized well-known brand. The company was established in August 1996, is an innovative and rapid development company. Yiguan attaches importance to scientific research, technology development and personnel training.

4. If you want to understand, please come and have a look with us.

5. Then what brand of led bulb is good? Here are some brands to recommend: Philips, Dutch brand, international brand, founded in 1891, world-famous, is the world’s 100 most valuable brands, its products are really good.

Led floodlight 240w manufacturer

Next, the editor will introduce some manufacturers that produce led floodlights 240w.

The price of the led floodlight bulb produced by the factory is 0.8 yuan per unit, the price source network, for reference only.

The following editor will introduce to you what led spotlight manufacturers have.

Floodlight manufacturer Shenzhen Tianyouzhiguang Industrial Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting production and sales, which integrates R & D, production and sales.

Changzhou Fuyun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Changzhou Yashi Lamps Factory, located in Changzhou, a water village in the south of the Yangtze River, is a manufacturer of induction lamps and their special lamps and lanterns integrating research, development, production and sales. The company has advanced induction lamp lighting appliances, induction lamp special lamps and electrostatic spraying, lamps and lanterns installation assembly line.

What is craft lighting?

What is the craft wall lamp? Craft wall lamp is interior decoration lamps and lanterns, generally equipped with milky glass lampshade. The power of the light bulb is about 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can decorate the environment elegantly and richly, especially for the newlywed bedroom.

The price of a crystal ball like a crystal ball is 108 and 220 crystal balls are a different world! Therefore, when buying a light bulb, you should understand the nature of the light bulb and do not see more business proposals.

LED industrial and mining lamp is also called LED high shed lamp. Industrial and mining lamp is an important part of urban industrial lighting. The traditional industrial and mining lamp station lamp often uses 250W, 400W metal halide lamp. Metal halide lamp emits light at 360 degrees. The disadvantage of large light loss has caused a huge waste of energy.

Specifications and characteristics of led bulb lamp

1, led bulb lamp product features convenient interface with energy-saving lamps and ordinary bulbs can almost be replaced directly, do not need to replace and change, as long as carefully read the instructions, you can easily achieve installation.

2, LED bulb performance characteristics: more energy-saving: the energy consumption of LED lamp is 4 times that of energy-saving lamp, and the life of incandescent lamp is 10%. The life of LED lamp is up to 50, 000 hours, which is 3-5 times that of energy-saving lamp. Healthier: uniform light guide, no strobe, no dazzling, no ultraviolet and infrared.

3. Power: the general power of LED bulb lamp is less than 12W. The power of common LED bulb lamp is divided into 3w, 4w, 5w, 6w, 7w, 8w, 9w, 10w. Voltage and current: voltage and current are also very important basic parameters of LED bulb lamp.

4. Led high-power bulb lamp has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. In the case of the same light, the ordinary incandescent lamp consumes about 1 kilowatt-hour in 17 hours; the ordinary energy-saving lamp consumes 1 kilowatt-hour in 1000 hours; and the high-power bulb lamp consumes only 1 kilowatt-hour in 1000 hours. Very long life span.

5. At present, led bulbs with the brightness of 40W or 60 ordinary bulbs retail for $20 and $40.

6, no strobe, excellent environmental performance led bulb lamp will not appear strobe, high luminous purity, soft light, will not appear glare, at the same time led bulb lamp does not contain any mercury, lead and other substances, can be recycled, excellent environmental performance.

The latest ranking of the top ten brands of LED lamps and lanterns (with LED lamps and lanterns selection skills)

1. Led Lamp Brand list Philips Lighting Philips Lighting is the lighting brand of Philips of the Netherlands, and is one of the famous trademarks in China. Philips is the world’s leading lighting brand for efficient and energy-saving lighting. Because this brand has set an example for the world energy-saving business, it has promoted the development of energy-saving lighting.

2. Philips PHILIPS, as a leading brand in the global lighting field, Philips is a world-famous lighting brand, committed to promoting the transformation of social lighting equipment to efficient and energy-saving. The lighting brand of bullet Bullet is not well known in China, but it sells well in overseas markets and the repair rate is extremely low.

3. Opu Lighting Co., Ltd.: Opu Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, started with the production of tricolor energy-saving lamps, set LED and traditional light sources, lamps, electrical appliances and other research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Osram Lighting Osram is one of the two leading manufacturers of lighting lamps in the world. They supply products to nearly 150 countries around the world, both in terms of brand and product quality.

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