List of top ten brands of lighting lamps and lanterns

1. Philips PHILIPS list of Top Ten Brands of Lighting Lighting Philips Lamps Brand founded in 1894 has a long history. It has become one of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. although it was founded in the Netherlands, it also occupies an important position in the Chinese lamp market after years of efforts. China’s well-known trademark, world-famous brand.

2. The Top Ten Lighting Brand Leishi Lighting was founded in 1999. The brand is very famous in the lighting industry. It is recognized by the owners for its outstanding product quality and excellent after-sales service. At present, it has become one of the top ten brands of home decoration lighting.

3. The top ten lighting brands are as follows: 0 Op / OPPLE;0 Philips / Philips;0Panasonic/ Panasonic; 0 Rex / NVC;0 Foshan Lighting / FSL;0 three male auroras; 0 Osram / Osram;0 Green Energy / LUNO; Xiaduo.

4. China’s well-known trademark, world-famous brand. China’s top ten lamps and lanterns brand ranking 2: Opu Lighting OPPLE was founded in 1996, committed to providing consumers with differentiated overall lighting solutions, set R & D / production / sales / service in one of the integrated lighting enterprises.

5. Therefore, the editor will introduce the top ten brands of 2015 lighting lamps to you.

6. Philips Lighting, the top ten brands of lighting in China and the top 500 enterprises in the world, founded mainly to produce carbon filament bulbs. The development of new lighting technology provides a driving force for Philips’ steady expansion. Always committed to providing consumers with “easy experience, innovative and advanced” products and solutions.

Lighting brands rank among the top ten

1. The top ten lighting brands are Opp, Rex, Foshan, TCL, Huayi, Sanxiong Aurora, Meizhi Optoelectronics, Sunshine, Mulinsen and Napu.

2, lamps and lanterns lighting brand ranking top 10: Opp, Rex Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Darius Lighting, Foshan Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Sunshine Lighting, TCL Lighting, Nipu Lighting, Saido Lighting. No. 1: Opp, founded in Guangdong, is a well-known lamp brand with high advertising and brand promotion value.

3. The top 10 brands of Chinese lamps and lanterns are OPPLE Opp Lighting, Rex Lighting NVC, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Panasonic Lighting, FSL Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora Pak, Mini Intelligent Lighting and Midea Lighting.

4. the top ten brands of lamps and lanterns are as follows: Opu Lighting is a global lighting enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, established in August 1996, headquartered in Shanghai, has won the most valuable brand in China, China’s well-known trademark and other honors.

5. Sanxiong Aurora brand is a lighting brand of Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is one of the most competitive industry brands in China. National well-known trademark, famous trademark in Guangdong Province.

6. The top ten brand lamps and lanterns are Oprah Lighting, Rex Lighting, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Lighting, Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Huayi Lighting, Beautiful Home Lighting, Sunshine Lighting.

What is the price of campus lights?

Online Price: 500 supermarket Price: 500 Philips Xinghe Table Lamp (40W) desk lamp specially designed for middle school students: lively and lovely shape, easy to adjust; lamp body sprayed by polymer matte; colorful, bright jump. Specification: there are four colors: pink purple, pink blue, rice white and pink.

Different lamps and lanterns due to different designs and materials, there will be different prices, the general market price has 200 to 300 fluctuations, if you want to know more, you can log on to the Rilong website to consult experts.

Since you want to buy high-power led lights, you need to have a certain understanding of its price and brand knowledge. The following editor introduces the relevant knowledge for you.

Like an ordinary led bulb, the price is between 5-20 yuan; the price of LED lamps with small decoration is more expensive, perhaps between 50-500 yuan; if the decoration is very beautiful, can shine a variety of different lights, the price will be relatively high, more than 500 yuan, thousands of yuan is possible.

On Mall, the price of this ceiling lamp + remote control is 898 yuan (the price comes from the Internet, for reference only).

The price of ordinary downlight is generally less than dozens of yuan, while the price of a good brand will be slightly more expensive, dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

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