What should be paid attention to in the selection and purchase of industrial lighting lamps and lanterns

Pay attention to anti-shock protection, lamps and lanterns cause electric shock, generally caused by the use of non-compliant lampholders or live parts of lamps and lanterns without a cover and other anti-shock protection measures.

The main points of selection and purchase are in the field of industrial lighting, the requirements for the life of lamps and lanterns are also very high, we should give priority to the lamps and lanterns with small light decay and long life. At the same time, the life of lamps and lanterns is also related to the light source, power supply, radiator and other components, so we have to choose good parts.

Industrial factory building to buy LED industrial and mining lamp need to pay attention to: plant height, lumen, color temperature requirements, if the work area must see the color, then the color temperature can not be too low, because the color temperature is too low yellow light, some things can not see the color clearly. Determine the height of the plant in order to know how many watts of industrial and mining lamps to use.

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal environments (heating or non-heating places). (2) where there is a large amount of dust, but there is no danger of explosion and fire, choose lamps and lanterns suitable for the value of dust.

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal ambient temperatures (heating or non-heating places). (2) generally choose Sichuan dustproof lamps and lanterns for places that contain a lot of dust but have no danger of explosion and fire.

What is the general wattage of fluorescent lamps used in industrial workshops?

We have two kinds of energy-saving lamps, one is the strip energy-saving lamp that replaces the T8 fluorescent lamp, which is only 18w, which saves 10w more than the other T528w energy-saving lamps on the market, and the quality is guaranteed for 3 years / 10000 hours. This is used for close-up lighting.

There are many kinds of wattage of fluorescent lamps, such as 18W, 20W, 30W, 36W, 40W, 58W and so on. Which wattage fluorescent lamp should be used should be chosen according to the usage scene and demand.

Length is 600mm, diameter is 26mm. In general, LED fluorescent tubes are more acceptable to people because of the softer light they emit.

What kinds of industrial led lamps are there?

1. Wide illumination type lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns that make the pool distributed in a relatively large solid angle. Intermediate lamp: a lamp that distributes light in a medium three-dimensional angle. Deep illumination lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns that distribute light in a small solid angle. Ordinary lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns without special requirements such as dustproof or moistureproof.

2. At present, there are mainly the following types of LED lamps and lanterns in the market: LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED candle lights, LED star lights, LED induction lights, low-power LED lights, high-power LED lights, and so on. In order to extend the service life of LED lights, we need to pay attention to daily maintenance when using LED lights.

3. LED lamp can be divided into red, orange, green (yellow-green, standard green and pure green) and blue light according to the luminous color of light-emitting tube. In addition, some light-emitting diodes contain chips of two or three colors.

4. How many kinds of led lights are there? According to the structure classification of light emitting diodes, it can be divided into full epoxy encapsulation, glass packaging, ceramic base epoxy packaging and so on. According to the luminous color of the light-emitting tube, it can be roughly divided into red light, blue light, white light and so on.

5. Led industrial and mining lamps can be divided into two types according to their functions: general lighting and local lighting.

What are the types of industrial lamps and lanterns

Suspended lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns suspended from the ceiling or wall bracket with ropes, chains, pipes, etc. Lifting suspension lamps and lanterns: suspension lamps and lanterns that can be adjusted by pulleys and balancing hammers. Embedded lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns that are safely or partially embedded in the mounting surface. Ceiling lamps: lamps and lanterns installed directly on the surface of the ceiling.

Commonly used are double-head magnolia wall lamp, double-head olive wall lamp, double-head drum wall lamp, double-head lace cup wall lamp, jade column wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The installation height of the wall lamp, its bulb should be not less than 8 meters from the ground. Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, aisle, balcony lighting.

Guangzhao type of lamps and lanterns, generally its shell is the use of frosted reflector, helmet-shaped lampshade, the surface after electrostatic spray treatment, more durable and strong, but also very strong.

There are many kinds of industrial lighting, it is best to choose according to the specific conditions of the plant, general classification: floodlight, induction lamp, spotlight, metal halide lamp, LED lamp, explosion-proof lamp and so on. There are also occasions where mobile lighting fixtures are used. Large factory buildings had better choose professional industrial lighting.

Lighting lamp classification: chandelier characteristics: chandelier has the most patterns, commonly used are European candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchment chandelier, fashion chandelier, conical cover lantern, pointed flat cover lantern, waist cover lantern, pentagonal ball chandelier, magnolia cover lantern, olive chandelier and so on.

Which is the best ultraviolet lamp for industrial use

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp recommends you to buy LUV-16 from Luyang, USA. This ultraviolet disinfection lamp has fine workmanship, aluminum alloy shell, Philips ultraviolet germicidal lamp, directional irradiation and UV protective glasses. Our unit laboratory equipped with several LUV-16 ultraviolet disinfection lights feel good.

There are not many manufacturers of UV lamps in China, most of them are small brands, while Foshan Junrui is a good manufacturer of UV lamps in China, while Philips is better abroad.

Ningbo Youwei Optoelectronics, the best manufacturer of ultraviolet lamp in China.

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