Production process and matters needing attention of led Bubble

1. It is the process of welding and assembly.LED ball bubble is needed.Welcome to Taobao Yiguang night lighting professional LED high-power lighting production.

2. The packaging of Lamp-LED is in the form of filling. The process of filling and sealing is to inject liquid epoxy into the LED mold cavity, then insert the pressure-welded LED bracket, put it into the oven for epoxy curing, and remove the LED from the mold cavity to form.

3. Matters needing attention in the manufacture of LED bulb lamp: 220V input hot wire zero wire welding should be very careful, the wire head must be short after welding, and carefully checked to make sure that the solder joint is not loose, no solder slag, no short circuit! If there is a short circuit, it will cause the circuit to explode.

4. Clean the aluminum tube: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol, stick double-sided glue to dry the alcohol. After the homework is finished, gently push the homework to the next station. 2 paste double-sided glue: 1 check whether the aluminum tube is strained, wipe the aluminum tube with alcohol and dry the alcohol.

What is the process of producing headlights?

1. The first stage is the market research stage. This is a crucial step, because it can easily cost hundreds of millions of yuan to build a car.If you don’t do market research, the cars you make will not be popular in the market. The second stage is conceptual design.

2. The equipment and process raw materials needed for LED production. Wafers (depending on the luminous color, the unit price is also different, generally a few cents, high brightness is a little more expensive), gold thread (pure gold, only a few grams in a roll), glue (for packaging), bracket (divided into 20 conjoined, 30 conjoined, 40 conjoined and SMD series) crystal fixing machine.

3. The process work of automobile manufacturing industry mainly includes stamping process, welding process, painting process and final assembly process, which is commonly known as the “four major processes” of automobile.

4. Answer The requirements of solvent resistance of automobile lamp process mainly include the following aspects: the material selection of plastic parts: in the process of making automobile lamp, the commonly used materials are plastic materials such as polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).

5. The main raw material for the production of LED lights: the LED light guide plate, which refracts the side LED light through the dot so that the light is uniformly derived from the front. The light guide plate is the key point of the quality control of LED panel lights.

Production process of energy-saving lamps

1. The fabrication process of LED includes upstream single wafer substrate fabrication, epitaxial wafer growth, mid-stream chip and electrode fabrication, cutting and test sorting, and downstream product packaging. The production of high-brightness LED chips has always been the goal of all countries in the world to devote themselves to research and development, and it is also the direction of LED.

2. The whole process can follow the steps shown in the figure, but we should pay attention to the two more important steps: the solid crystal and the welding wire stage. After the lamp beads are finished, there is no difficulty in the assembly of lamps and lanterns, and the assembly methods of different manufacturers are also different. The lamp source materials and assembly methods used directly affect the quality of lamps and lanterns.

3. The production process of energy-saving lamps is shown in the figure. The capillary process is part of it. The detailed operation method of each station can not be explained clearly here.

4. Reference: energy-saving lamp capillary forming process: the straight glass tube is heated in the heater (electric heating is widely used at present, the temperature is about 1000 degrees Celsius), and after the glass tube is softened, it is taken out and put into the groove of the molding mold. when the mold rotates, the glass tube is wound into a double helix.

5. The filament of the electric bulb is made of tungsten metal. After electrification, the filament is hot, and the temperature is as high as 2500 ℃. When tungsten is sublimated at high temperature, some of the particles of tungsten run out from the surface of the filament and precipitate on the inner wall of the bulb. Over time, the bulb darkens, reducing the brightness and affecting the lighting.

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