How to switch LED state with one click of the switch

1. LED lamp RGB, you can switch the LED status and color by clicking the control panel.

2, the first is the wiring, this wiring is the output sensor is the input, so it is necessary to connect the digital terminal (this takes into account a good judgment method, the analog pin is the input device-for example: sound sensor, display screen, flame sensor; digital pin is the output device-for example: LED lamp, ultrasonic wave, fan module.

Hello, the above procedures can meet your requirements, press the key to press and lift the operation can trigger a reading of the status of GPIO Pin_1, your program is actually to reverse the status of this mouth.

The difference between a seamless switch and a video processor. LED big screen, what other equipment besides these?

The main function of the switch is to switch functions, which may be less in video processing, but some basic functions should be available. Video processor is used to deal with video input, generally there will be a little delay or black screen when switching, the effect is certainly not as good as the switch.

The power supply generally uses switching power supply, 220V input and 5V DC output. It should be pointed out that because the LED electronic display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, it is necessary to use switching power supply, not transformer. The control card can save information without power loss, and it can display the information stored in it without connecting to the PC.

The TV card is installed on the computer to receive TV signals and play TV to the big screen. The video processor solves the problems of video signal switching, combination and size ratio of multiple signal sources on the large screen, so that the playback style is more and the effect is better. Generally used in live broadcast, KTV live, party scene and so on.

How to achieve seamless switching among the four routers under the switch?

1. The method of seamless switching: the optical cat sets the route pattern. 4 routers are set to conflict-free LAN IP (easy to manage). Turn off the DHCP function of each of the four routers. The switch is connected to one of the four routers through a LAN port, and it is done.

2. AC (Wireless Controller) AP must be used in order to realize automatic seamless handoff in wireless network. (wireless transmitter here refers to FIT mode). Your wireless router must be in FAT mode and cannot be switched to fit unless you brush it, but it’s not worth the risk.

3. Wireless routing is connected to the computer. The user name and password are generally marked on the router. Enter the user name and password to enter the routing settings page, select dynamic ip [dhcp] setting to turn on the wireless, and set the wireless password.

4. Enter the gateway address in the address bar as (19161) if it is incorrect, you can check the gateway IP on the computer and enter the router settings. The initial account password is basically admin. Enter the wireless settings. Change the SSID number to the same account as another router.

5. Connect two wireless routers under one switch: set up level 2 routing. The connection methods of the two routers are modem: cat (modem)-router 1wan port; router 1lan port-router 2wan port; router 2lan port-computer.

6, with the mouse click on the lower right corner of the network icon, pop-up connection wireless interface, found that the search is the WiFi. Find the name of your router, the name is the default when the router leaves the factory, your router is not set up, no password, the signal is the strongest, you can connect to it.

If multiple computers are connected to one monitor, how to switch seamlessly?

Power on the second host and make sure it is working properly. Power on the monitor and make sure it is working properly. Connect the second host to the monitor and make sure it is working properly. Run a command line tool, such as nvidia-display-manager, and configure the monitor to use a second host.

Manual switching: manual switching, that is, panel control, switches the signal through the buttons on the device. Automatic switching: automatic switching needs to enter the equipment menu to set, can set channel, time and so on. At the same time, the switch can also be controlled by remote control and control software.

When you need to switch operations, click on the hotkey set and select it according to the computer’s IP address and other features.

The first step is to find such a Jack on your laptop, as shown in the following figure, and then proceed to the next step. Second, after completing the above steps, plug into the monitor (there is no need to control the screw buttons on both sides), as shown in the following figure, and then proceed to the next step.

-methods: by switching the video card signals of two hosts and enabling one display to be switched to the graphics card signal device of two hosts respectively, it can be realized that ‘two computers share a monitor’ to a certain treasure search ‘two computers can use one monitor with one button switch’.

Who knows how to use LED video processor?

Connection of LED video processor: input signal: main channel: 2-way CVBS,1 road, VGA,1 road, DVI,1 road YPbPr (optional support HDMI,SDI,HDSDI); sub-channel: each sub-channel can support 1-way CVBS,1 road VGA.

Resolution specification conversion: generally speaking, image signal sources (such as Blu-ray DVD, computers, HD playboxes, etc.) provide signal resolution with fixed specifications (refer to VESA, ITU, SMPTE, etc.), while the modular splicing display of the LED display screen makes the resolution can be almost any value.

The signal source device is connected with the input of the LED video processor, the output of the LED video processor is connected with the input of the sending card, and the transmitting card is connected with the receiving card. Through the operation on the LED video processor to change and optimize the display content and effect on the LED large screen.

First of all, plug in the total power plug of the full-color led video processor, turn on the UPS stabilized power supply, turn on the display and host power supply, input the password, and start. Secondly, the data cable is used to connect with the audio amplifier. Finally, it can be used after the connection is successful.

PC, DVD, Camera and other devices are connected to the input of the LED video processor, and the DVI output of the processor is connected to the sending card, which can usually be built into the video processor, and the processor is usually a standard 1U~4U chassis, which can be directly on the cabinet.

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