How to repair the lamp when it is broken?

1. Check whether the power supply is normal, and you can use a multimeter or voltmeter to measure whether the output voltage of the power supply meets the requirements. Check whether the lamp strip is loose or damaged, and if so, try to re-fix or replace the lamp strip. Check if the lamp strip connection is loose or damaged, and if so, you can reconnect or replace the connector.

2. If the lamp strip is broken, you can cut off the unlit ones or buy new ones. If the whole light bar is not lit, it is likely to be caused by a power outage caused by the loss of the plug or the damage to the connector socket. Solution: first check whether the plug is firmly plugged in and whether the light is on after re-plugging. If not, the connector socket needs to be replaced.

3. How to repair when the lamp strip is broken? first of all, let’s check to see where the damage has occurred. If it is an internal problem, we can take out the chip inside and replace it. In addition, a hot air gun can be used to heat the chip, which can speed up its repair speed.

4. First confirm the reason why the light is not lit, and then deal with it according to the actual situation. There are usually two reasons why the led lamp strip is not bright, one is that the power supply is broken or the lamp wiring is bad, you can re-connect to the power supply, and the other is that the led lamp strip itself is malfunctioning and needs to replace the led lamp or its accessories.

How to change the strip of ceiling lamp

1. The way to change the lamp strip is as follows: remove the ceiling lamp cover, usually a plastic cover, if it is a rotating lampshade, you can rotate it clockwise, if it is a long strip shaped lampshade, you can find the switch on one side and press the switch to open the lampshade. If there is no cover, just proceed to the next step.

2, how to change the ceiling lamp belt need to first cut off the power supply, and then remove the LED lamp shade, you can see that there is a lamp belt, basically fixed with screws, there may be two or three.

3. If you want to replace the lamp belt of the ceiling lamp, you first need to disconnect the total power supply of the lamp belt, which can ensure that there is no current in the wire during the replacement and avoid the hidden danger of live work. Then unscrew the screws around the lampshade, remove the lampshade, and then take down the broken ceiling lamp.

4. Hello: ①, if you open the inner light bar and see that each lamp bead is that kind of plastic LED lamp bead, you can only change the whole lamp bar.

5. The ceiling lamp is generally made of a lampshade and a bottom bracket. after the ceiling lamp is removed, according to the different model, the ceiling lamp can be removed by rotation, pressing, etc., and the lamp tube can be removed to check whether there are other faults. After troubleshooting, replace the new light bulb. Then install the ceiling lamp according to the disassembly method.

6. The replacement mode of ceiling lamp: disconnect the power supply first. Remove the lampshade, the shell is fastened by a snap spring, you need to find the staggered angle of the snap spring, you can remove the lampshade, and some directly turn the lampshade about 20 degrees counterclockwise. Then open the buckle that locks the lamp tube, replace the bad lamp tube with the new tube, and then reset the lampshade.

How to remove and replace the led light strip

The method to replace the LED lamp strip is as follows: first, the power is cut off to prevent electric shock. Then remove the frame of the LED lamp strip, finally, put on the new lamp strip, and install the frame and connect the wire in the reverse operation.

To change the led light strip, you first need to turn off the power switch, which is very important and can not be operated with electricity, which is prone to the danger of electric shock. Then remove the led lamp shade, you can see that the original led lamp belt is generally fixed on the lamp base with three screws, you can remove all three screws.

①, if you open and look at the inner light bar, each lamp bead is that kind of plastic LED lamp bead, then you can only change the whole lamp bar.

The LED strip in the living room needs to be replaced in four steps. The first step must be to ensure your own safety, so turn off the power switch in the living room, and then take off the lampshade of the LED lamp. We can see that the lamp belt has three screws fixed on the base of the lamp, and there is a power buckle connected to a special plug.

The method of changing the led lamp strip in the living room is as follows: tools / raw materials: LED lamp strip, various terminals, screwdriver. Method / step: first close the main gate and ensure that the power is off. To remove the lamp holder and ballast in the original lamp, the light splitter can be retained.

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