Installation mode of lighting lamps and lanterns in I-steel workshop!

Suspended installation. In the lighting of steel structure factory building, the lamps with different light sources and power have different installation methods. In the lighting of steel structure factory building, the most commonly used installation mode is suspended installation.

If the preliminary design is not taken into account, this has to be designed according to the required brightness combined with the window of the factory building and the roof lighting belt. (usually) the factory building with a height of 9 meters is usually enough with a 200W chandelier of 50 square meters. This is the easiest way to install and look at the picture.

The installation height of the lamp should be greater than 5 meters, the wire should be connected with the lamp through the terminal post, and should not be near the surface of the lamp. The lamp must be used with the trigger and the current limiter. Protective measures shall be taken for reflective lighting lanterns installed on the ground.

How to install lamps and lanterns in concrete double T-slab roofing factory building

Install in the board seam, pre-bury the wood brick in the board seam, and fix the lamp on the wood brick.

Before determining the location to install the lamps and lanterns, determine the specific location of the lamps and lanterns and use pencils to mark them. It is convenient to punch and fix when installing lamps and lanterns. Prepare tools, equipment, expansion screws and electric hammers used to install lamps and lanterns. Prepare in advance to facilitate the installation of lamps and lanterns.

(1) installation of the combined ceiling lamp: according to the position of the embedded bolt and the lamp holder box, the installation hole and outlet hole are opened with an electric drill on the bracket of the lamp, and the support plate is lifted during installation, and the power cord is connected with the wire thrown out of the lamp and tightly wrapped.

Before the crystal lamp is installed, it is necessary to check whether the parts of the lamps and lanterns are complete. The lamps and lanterns accessories generally include: a: ceiling plates: round, semicircle and square metal plates in direct contact with the walls, which are the bridges connecting the walls and the main body of the lamps and lanterns.

First put the chassis on the roof, draw the location of the hole according to the fixed position, and use the impact drill to punch the hole where you want to install it. Fill the hole with a hammer, such as an expansion screw, it is important to note that the bearing capacity of the fixture should match the weight of the ceiling lamp to ensure that the ceiling lamp is firmly fixed.

How to install lamps in a 24-meter-high factory building

I have also done such factory lighting installation, at that time I dealt with it like this, fixed with 25m2 steel strands at both ends with flower basket screws, calculated the height first according to the provisions of the drawings, the line was laid through pvc pipes, and the lamps were disposed of. I don’t know if your owners agree or not, this is more time-saving and labor-saving.

Restart performance: consider lamps and lanterns that can be restarted instantly to avoid excessive delay.

The installation essentials of lamps and lanterns are as follows: (1) when wall lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, mirror front lights and other lamps are installed indoors, if the height is less than 4m and below, the metal shell of the lamps and lanterns should be grounded reliably to ensure safe use (a grounding wire should be added to the lamp box when wiring).

When the design is not required, the installation height of the lamp is not less than the following values (except when the voltage is used): 1) outdoor: 5m (installation on the outdoor wall); 2) factory building: 5m / 3) indoor: 2m / 4) the lamps and lanterns with hoist are 0.8m after the cable is unfolded.

Selection of lamps and lanterns for general industrial buildings (1) Open lamps are generally used in normal ambient temperatures (heating or non-heating places). (2) generally choose Sichuan dustproof lamps and lanterns for places that contain a lot of dust but have no danger of explosion and fire.

Find the position of the screw hole of the lamp holder box, drill the hole with an electric drill on the bottom plate of the light box, screw it firmly with the machine screw, and fix it with an expanded pipe bolt at the other end of the light box. If the fluorescent lamp is installed on the ceiling, the light box should be fixed to the keel with self-tapping screws.

How can a 10-meter-high warehouse install lights without a lift?

1, according to the warehouse lighting requirements for design, according to the height of the warehouse, choose industrial and mining lamps or high-power light bulbs and so on. Because this kind of power is large, it is required to dissipate heat well.

2. Restart performance: consider lamps and lanterns that can be restarted instantly to avoid excessive delay time.

3. The main switch uses a three-phase air switch, and the socket uses a leakage switch, with an average of one leakage for every six sockets. The lamp switch uses an air switch. If it is an ordinary fluorescent lamp, use two 16A empty switches. The switch size of the leakage switch is calculated according to the electricity consumption, that is, according to the electrical equipment.

4. Yes, but it is best to install explosion-proof lights and wires to protect them from causing fire. At the same time, the packing material warehouse to do a good job of fire fighting work, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, conditional sprinkler system can be installed.

5, workshop warehouse industrial and mining lamp maintenance, how to solve the problem of high-altitude lighting maintenance, a new generation of remote control LED industrial and mining lamp lift, solve high-altitude lighting installation and maintenance problems, can support within 20 meters of lifting, small portable lamp lift, infrared remote control lift, industrial and mining lamp lifting device, hundreds of yuan to solve the high-altitude lighting maintenance problem.

6. If there is an “x” symbol after the explosion-proof certificate number, indicating that the lamp has a specific applicable place, you should consult the product instructions and nameplates to clarify the applicable site requirements. Although incandescent lamp is still widely used, it is gradually replaced by other light sources because of its low luminous efficiency and short life.

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