LED tri-proof light is a kind of lighting equipment with waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof functions. It is usually used for lighting needs in harsh environments. These luminaires are often durable, efficient and safe, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Application areas:

  • Industrial places: LED tri-proof lights can provide reliable lighting in harsh environments such as factories, mines, chemical plants, etc. to help workers perform safe operations.
  • Ports and ships: LED tri-proof lights are suitable for ports, docks and ships. They can resist seawater erosion and wind and waves, ensuring good lighting effects.
  • Roads and tunnels: LED tri-proof lights can be used for outdoor road lighting and tunnel lighting, with durability and stability, and can adapt to various harsh weather conditions.
  • Oil and gas industry: In oil drilling platforms, refineries and natural gas facilities, LED tri-proof lights can ensure lighting effects and reduce fire risks.
  • Medical facilities: In hospital operating rooms, laboratories and medical facilities, LED tri-proof lights can provide a clear and safe lighting environment.

In general, LED tri-proof lights are widely used in various harsh environments that require durable, efficient and safe lighting solutions. These fixtures not only provide high-quality lighting but also help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

How to guarantee the IP65 rate of LED tri-proof lights ?

The IP65 rating is a standard used to define the degree of protection provided by an enclosure against the intrusion of solid objects, dust and water. Here are the details of the IP65 rating:

“IP” stands for “Ingress Protection” followed by two digits.

The first number (6 in this case) indicates the degree of protection against solid objects and dust. For IP65, 6 means the enclosure is completely protected from dust and other solid particles.

The second number (5 in this case) indicates the level of water resistance. For IP65, 5 means the enclosure is resistant to low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Overall, the IP65-rated housing is dust-proof and resistant to low-pressure water jets, making it suitable for use in outdoor or industrial environments where exposure to dust and water is a concern

Therefore, the importance of IP65 to LED tri-proof lights is to ensure their reliability and durability in harsh environments, so that they can work stably and reliably while extending their service life.

More about IP65 rate.

So, how to do ?

For most manufacturers, they only randomly check and do water spray test. Difficult to confirm LED tri-proof light 100% reach IP65. But for us, Recolux lighting, we have upgraded our testing methods to ensure 100%.

Recolux is a professional lighting manufacturer in Shenzhen, established in 2014, now with 200 workers and 10,000 square meters of production area. All products have obtained CE, ROHS, ENEC, CB certificates. It is because we focus on product quality, development, after-sales service and very competitive prices that we have grown from a company of a few people to the current 200 people.


First, we will do water spray test and constant temperature and humidity test random by ourselves.

Rain spray test chamber CONTROLLER
Rain spray test chamber
Constant temperature and humidity box
Constant temperature and humidity box

Second, we add a 100% air pressure test in production. This test can guarantee our LED tri-proof light 100% reach IP65 or higher.

100% air pressure test





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