Factory lighting wiring, how to distribute how many wires, what color to pick up

1. If the switch is a general switch, there is no need for the control line, put the switch on the fire line. The switch to lighting is, of course, two lines. There are two lines from the lighting fixture to the distributor. Some circuit diagrams can not mark 3 lines, that is because the switch position is different, the fire line of the switch has to pass through the lighting apparatus, so it becomes 3 lines.

2, according to your 10 lighting distribution circuits, according to the actual layout, as far as possible to evenly distribute to 3 fire lines. It seems that there is no need to color according to what 1 # 3 # 5; just according to the color of the line of fire. It would be nice to make a wire number for the wire according to the drawing, which is convenient for line checking.

3. The general socket uses three wires, namely, hot wire (red), zero wire (blue), and ground wire (yellow and green). The lighting line is usually two fire lines (red), zero (blue), and the control line (that is, the fire line through the switch to the lamp) can be yellow, green or red.

Lighting bus?

1. Lighting bus slot is a kind of multi-functional small bus that can be powered, illuminated and hung. There are multiple conductors in the slot, the bottom is for three-phase power, and the top is for lighting or single-phase power, with three-phase sockets, single-phase sockets, three-phase single-phase combined sockets and other parts.

2. IP68 is the highest level of protection, in which 6 means to completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects and dust, and 8 means that the appliance sinks indefinitely under the specified water pressure to ensure that it will not be damaged by flooding. According to the insulation mode, bus slot can be divided into three types: air plug bus slot, dense insulation plug bus slot and high strength plug bus slot.

3. In electricity, WL represents a small bus bar for lighting. In addition, WC represents the control small bus, and WS represents the signal small bus.

4. This is Schneider’s product model, just ask a Schneider sample or supplier.

Is there a more reliable high-voltage enclosed bus slot company to recommend?

Enclosed bus slot manufacturers include Baoliwei Electric, Henan New _ Electric Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanbaosheng Electric Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Jinzhan Electric Co., Ltd., etc., closed bus slot is referred to as bus slot, closed bus slot and bus slot refer to the same thing.

In addition, we have to choose a reliable brand, after all, there are more and more product brands, if you really want to buy an excellent product, then you can learn about Marlborough Electric.

Jiangsu Basway Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of the latest generation of bus slot-the fourth generation bus slot, energy-saving volcanic rock inorganic mineral fully insulated pouring bus slot, the only domestic manufacturer, there are a number of national experimental certificates, patent certification, and more than 40 years of non-maintenance, zero-fault operation performance.

Enclosed bus slot manufacturers: Zhenjiang Jinzhan Electric Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Jente Electric Co., Ltd. Busbar slot is a closed metal device composed of copper and aluminum busbar columns, which is used to distribute large power to each component of the decentralized system.

How to connect ammeter, knife, fuse, detonator, switch and lamp socket in lighting circuit

1. Household alternating current is two lines, one hot line and one zero line. The electric meter junction box has the connection sign or the connection diagram, look at the picture connection. The socket must have two terminals, marked with N (or left zero and right fire). Switches, safety, etc., should be strung in the circuit, pay attention to disconnect the hot wire connection.

2. First distinguish between the zero line and the hot line. Hot wire with red cable, zero wire with blue, ground wire with green, so it is not easy to be confused, at a glance. The fire line must go through the switch.

3. In general, there must be three wires to be safe, namely, hot wire, zero wire and ground wire. The grounding wire usually uses yellow and green two-color wire; you can use a test pen to find out the hot wire and remember the color of the hot wire, it is best to mark it; the rest is usually zero, remember the color of the zero line.

4, E line). The home circuit is generally composed of two household wires (also called power cord), watt-hour meter, knife switch (now generally air switch) leakage protector, safety equipment (air switch and other types of fuses in line with the standard), electrical appliances, sockets, wires, switches, etc. (mostly in parallel, a few cases in series).

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