How to choose a lamp?

Different space to choose different functional lamps and lanterns kitchen bathroom general ceiling will be integrated in the ceiling, with this kind of lamps and lanterns to pay attention to some color temperature and brightness, not too dark, because some kitchen lighting is not good, so lamps and lanterns should choose brighter.

Room area and height: room area and height are also factors to be considered when choosing lamps and lanterns. Large area or high-rise space can choose larger size or chandelier to create the atmosphere. Style and color: lamps and lanterns are also a very important part of interior decoration, so we should consider the collocation with the overall style and color.

Ceiling lamp features: the lamps and lanterns completely affixed to the roof at the bottom of the installation are simple and generous, the light is uniform and soft, and it is relatively easy to clean, and the style is mainly full-board paving type, lateral glowing type, ring tube paving type, etc., which are suitable for many scenes. Kitchen, living room, bedroom are applicable.

What should be paid attention to when choosing lamps and lanterns? How to choose a lamp?

1. The shape of the spot spot, as the light projection plane of the spotlight, is the yardstick for judging the light quality of the lamps and lanterns. High-quality light spots can enhance the visual texture of the object to the greatest extent, the three-dimensional sense of the object is more prominent, and the epitaxial supplementary light is more natural.

2, toilet lamps and lanterns should choose good waterproof, pay attention to moistureproof, waterproof. The lighting effect should be relatively bright, and the lamp of the bathroom mirror should fully illuminate the face. you can choose the incandescent lamp that has a better lighting effect and saves electricity.

3. When choosing lamps, we should pay attention to the brand. There are many brands of lamps and lanterns in the market, such as Rex, Philips and so on. We have the ability to choose brand products as far as possible, and the quality and after-sale are more guaranteed. In addition, when selecting lamps and lanterns, the function should be selected according to the region.

4. What should you pay attention to when buying lamps and lanterns? the first thing to pay attention to is that before you buy lamps and lanterns, we should first understand that you want to buy lamps and lanterns and the corresponding room area to choose, because this area will directly affect the lighting degree of the whole space.

5. Matters needing attention in the selection of lamps and lanterns: including all kinds of lighting fixtures in the home, small table lamps, wall lamps and other lighting lamps no longer play the effect of illumination. in the case of installing lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to use different frequency to choose, for example, there is no need to choose track spotlights in the bedroom! The bathroom should choose damp-proof, fog-proof mirror lighting fixtures.

There is a knack for selecting lamps and lanterns.

The style of lamps and lanterns should be chosen according to their actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose the ceiling lamp or floor lamp with dark edges such as black and crimson, while if you pay attention to decoration and pursue modern style, you can choose lively lighting.

. look at the appearance. Now the family will generally pay great attention to the decorative role of lamps and lanterns, especially the lamps and lanterns in the living room, which can be appreciated by guests when they come in, and also give people the first impression of furniture. If the lamps and lanterns are generous and luxurious, they are also the representatives of status symbols.

How to choose and buy the living room of lamps and lanterns the living room is the facade of a home, and if the area of the living room is relatively large, you can choose the crystal chandelier of the atmosphere point, which can highlight the chandelier of the living room and make the whole space more gorgeous.

Selection and purchase skills of lamp ballast according to international standards, a lamp ballast that reaches 20% in 1 second and more than 80% brightness in 4 seconds is a good ballast, while the ballast that reaches 80% brightness in an instant or does not reach the standard brightness in 4 seconds is of poor quality. The old-fashioned wire-wound type, better quantity, just use a multimeter.

Selection skills of lamps and lanterns 1 there is no fixed choice for living room lamps and lanterns, which can be determined according to the overall style and space size.

How to choose a lamp? What should be paid attention to when choosing lamps and lanterns?

1, second, the choice of lamps and lanterns should also be combined with the overall decoration style of the house, so that the lighting and home environment decoration style should be coordinated. The arrangement of bedroom lighting must take into account the style of furniture in the room, the color of walls and the color of household appliances, which is also very important, because it directly determines the effect of decoration.

2. The size and style of lighting are very important. Buy lamps and lanterns to measure the size of the house to match, lamp installation location, living room, dining room, bedroom lamps and lanterns are different. Lamps and lanterns generally indicate how much square space they can apply. It should be selected according to the decoration style of the house.

3. When choosing and purchasing lamps and lanterns, we should pay attention to the following three main points: color temperature. Whether the home lighting wants a warm tone or a cold tone is determined by the color temperature. 3000K is yellow, 4000K is white, 5000K is white, 6000K white is blue.

4. in addition, we should also pay attention to style collocation. Although many red styles look good for a while, they inevitably get bored after watching them for a long time. Simple style lamps and lanterns are more bearable, and they can be in harmony with Nordic style or light extravagance, and can be placed at home. Interesting and stylish.

How to choose lamps and lanterns, which brand is good?

According to your favorite decoration style, recommend your choice according to European or Chinese style lamps, and then choose the right lamps from your budget. General lighting market: Philips, Simon, Opp, Panasonic, Lonon, Rex and other first-class brand lamps and lanterns and so on.

What brand of lamps and lanterns is of good quality-what brand of lamps and lanterns is of good quality to Philips Lighting, Top Ten Brand Lighting, the world leader in household lighting, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LED, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, and a global leader in health care, quality of life and lighting.

The third Huayi, founded in 1986, is located in the ancient town of Zhongshan City, “Lighting Capital of China”. Huayi Lighting has repeatedly won the bid for lighting projects of five-star hotels, high-end buildings and government office buildings at home and abroad. Its quality can stand up to consideration and is recognized as a well-known trademark in China. The brightness of Huayi lamp is higher, the shape is chic, and the price is on the high side.

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