How to choose the suitable trunking retrofit module?

There are two different trunking retrofit module on the market, one is one-to-one uniquie trunking retrofits, one is Universal Clickfast trunking retrofits, now most customer do not know how to choose the suitbale one, below I will tell you the advantage and disadvantage of each one, you will choose it easily.

1) One-to-one Unique retrofits ,individual replacement

Reserve the original trunk and wiring layout, replace the old linear light fixture (T8/T5 fluorescent tube or LED module) with LED modules whose size and structure completely match the original trunk, and use the same connection terminal to get input electric power from the original trunk.

Advantage: Economical, strictly match with the original trunk and very fast installation;

Disadvantage: Not easy to make regular stock, because there are so many European brands of trunk and each brand has a different dimension and structure. It is quite necessary to research the most popular old linear trunking systems in the local market and make stock accordingly.

2) Universal Clickfast retrofits replacement

Only reserve the original trunk, remove all the wires, sockets and connectors and electricity is not supplied from the old trunk. The universal retrofit has main wires and connectors for connection.

Advantages: There is only one LED Linear module, easy to make regular stock, easy to connection, and less work for replacement;

Disadvantage: The cost of a single LED module is a bit higher; Universal retrofit led module is usually not the same length as the original linear light source, so the bland cover is necessary.

In general, If you have big projects and know the brands of original trunking system, Unique retrofits individual replacement is a better option.

If you are distribution and make regular stock, Clickfast retrofits universal replacement is better.

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