Luminance standard of park lighting

Ultra-precision operation, design, drawing, precision inspection lighting brightness standard 3000-1500. Design room, analysis, assembly line, painting lighting brightness standard 1500-750. Packaging, metering, surface treatment, warehouse lighting brightness standard 750-300. The brightness standard of dyeing, casting and electric room lighting is 300-150.

Avoid the direct light, can take a way of secondary lighting, through refraction to achieve lighting will be better; so the brightness of kindergarten lights should generally reach 600 to 750LX.

The illuminance standard values of industrial enterprise lighting should be classified according to the following series: 0.130, 50, 7100, 150,200,300,500,750,1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000Lx. 2. The standard value of lighting design should be the average illuminance value on the working surface of the production site.

-750. The lighting of 12-meter factory building is suitable for 1500-750lumen, and the lighting brightness standard for ultra-precision operation, design, drawing and precision inspection is 3000-1500. The luminance standard of design room, analysis, assembly line and painting lighting is 1500-750.

What is the illuminance in the warehouse?

1. The standard values of illuminance should be classified according to 0.130, 50, 7100, 150,200,300,500,750,1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 50001x.

2. According to the fire requirements for the warehouse: the incandescent lamp should not exceed 60W and the LED energy-saving lamp should not exceed 300W, and the floor illuminance of the warehouse should at least reach 50lux.

3, Lux or Lx). Used to indicate the intensity of light and the amount to which the surface area of an object is illuminated. In photometry, “luminosity” is the density of luminous intensity in a specified direction, but it is often misunderstood as illuminance. The international unit of luminosity is the candlelight accepted per square meter (Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao are called Kendra).

4. Hello, you can consider Shenzhen Zhongguang LED linear lamps, seamless splicing, high light efficiency 130lm/W or 160lm/W. Also with dimming sensing emergency these functions.

5, how much illuminance is suitable 2 the illuminance requirement of office lamp is how many illuminance requirement of office lamp: according to the national standard “Building Lighting Design Standard” GB 50034, 2004, ordinary office, illumination 300 lx, high-grade office, illumination 500 lx.

Standard value of light intensity

1. The light intensity standard of appearance inspection is 130,50,150,200,300,500,750,1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000lx. Lx is the unit of illuminance.

2. Generally at 0.5-5000lx, measured by illuminance meter. To maintain the average illuminance on the work surface or reference plane, it is stipulated that the average illuminance on the surface shall not be lower than this value. It is the average illuminance on the specified surface when the lighting must be maintained, which is needed to ensure visual safety and visual efficiency at work.

3. The standard of street lamp illuminance is 89lux. the average illuminance calculation formula of street lamp is: average illuminance = F.U.K.N/S.W, (U is utilization coefficient, k is maintenance coefficient, S is street lamp installation distance, W is road width, N is street lamp arrangement).

4. The incandescent lamp can emit about 156 Lux of light per watt, that is, if the commonly used incandescent lamp is 100W, the light intensity is 1256 Lux, and the luminous efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is 3 to 4 times that of the incandescent lamp. The installation height of the light bulb and the presence or absence of the lampshade have a great influence on the light intensity.

5. It can be reduced by one level according to the standard value of the degree. When working for a short period of time; when the accuracy or speed of the operation does not matter; when the building grade and functional requirements are low. In general, compared with the standard value of illuminance, the design illuminance value can have a deviation of-10%.

6. Illuminance E is the luminous flux per second, E = φ / s. The standard value of ordinary residential illuminance is generally about 150LX. The standard value of illuminance in ordinary schools and offices is generally about 300LX. 500LX should be used in art room, teacher blackboard, design room and senior office. Indoor lighting can be designed according to the following ideas: Emin=Eav/Z.

How many lumens are suitable for 12-meter factory building lighting?

Plant lighting brightness standards are as follows: ultra-precision operation, design, drawing, precision inspection lighting brightness standard 3000-1500. Design room, analysis, assembly line, painting lighting brightness standard 1500-750. Packaging, metering, surface treatment, warehouse lighting brightness standard 750-300.

Large factories and workshops can use 400W metal halide lamps or 400W LED of the same brightness.

Car workers’ workshop. How many lumens does lighting need to hit? A 20-watt lamp will suffice. The lights are very bright. Civil servants can work.

LED lighting for square meters requires about 15W: first of all, LED lighting lamps and lanterns, in the same lighting environment, in order to achieve the same lighting effect as fluorescent lamps, usually only half the power of fluorescent lamps. Which means saving half the money.

General lighting is 3 to 5 watts per square meter. The W LED lamp is equivalent to about 5W incandescent lamp, which is similar to the energy-saving lamp. What we are talking about here is to refer to the Development trend of Lighting Light Source in the August issue of Architectural Electrical.

Special lamps and lanterns set up in large places such as warehouses, supermarkets, gymnasiums, etc. Height 12 meters wide 21 meters long 84 meters with 200W LED industrial and mining lamps 18-20 can be. One lamp can illuminate an area of about 100 square meters, then the factory area described by the landlord; 20 200W industrial and mining lamps are sufficient.

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