What is the difference between commercial electricity and civil electricity?

The price of civilian water is about 5 yuan per cubic meter, commercial water is 5 yuan per cubic meter, the price of civil electricity is about 0.58 yuan, and the price of commercial electricity is about 0.98-2 yuan. The apartment is generally commercial water and electricity, and the residence is civil water and electricity.

At one point, the difference in the use of electricity was about 60 cents, and that of water was about 4 yuan per cubic meter. Commercial electricity generally refers to relatively large electricity consumption or shops, factories and other business points of electricity, residential electricity is very simple is the electricity of ordinary households in residential buildings.

The difference between commercial electricity and civilian electricity is about 60 cents, and the difference between commercial water and domestic water is about 1.40 cents. Based on the calculation of a family of three, it is about 20 yuan more in a month.

Commercial electricity is about twice as expensive as residential electricity. Commercial housing property rights for 50 years, the cost is relatively high, commercial electricity is mainly used for operation, electricity charges will naturally be relatively high; while commercial housing property rights for 70 years, and residential electricity is used for household lighting, electricity charges are much lower than commercial electricity.

Commercial electricity is mainly for profit, and the charge is higher than residential electricity. According to the current relevant laws and regulations, the cost is about 2 yuan per kilowatt-hour. Fees are different in different regions, which need to be adjusted to a small extent within a reasonable range according to the actual situation of the local area.

Normally, the electricity consumption of each household (3 people) is about 300 kilowatt-hours a month, the amount of electricity spent by civil electricity is about 300,0.6224,1872 yuan a month, and that of commercial electricity is about 300,000,450 yuan a month.

National industrial electricity charge standard

The third file: monthly electricity consumption of more than 400kWh, cumulative electricity of more than 4800, an increase of 0.30 yuan per kilowatt-hour on the basis of the current electricity price. Legal objectivity: article 41 of the Electric Power Law, the State applies classified electricity prices and time-of-use electricity prices. Classification criteria and time-sharing methods.

The national charging standard for industrial electricity is slightly different in different periods: peak electricity consumption: 0.25 yuan per kilowatt-hour; peacetime electricity consumption: 0.725 yuan per kilowatt-hour; trough electricity consumption: 0.425 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

Legal subjectivity: in the formal power transmission line, industrial power consumption, what is copied is the peak, flat, valley three periods of electricity consumption, in different stages of electricity tariff standards are different. Peak time: 0.25 yuan per degree; flat time: 0.725 yuan per degree; valley time: 0.425 yuan per degree.

How much is the new electricity price?

The electricity price in various parts of the country is not uniform. The general price of electricity for Chinese urban residents is 0.52-0.62 yuan per kilowatt-hour, while industrial electricity is more expensive, and the price is 0.86-80 yuan per kilowatt-hour. In addition, there is another kind of electricity price for renting a house. Many migrant workers rent a house for electricity of 00 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

The new annual electricity tariff standard will vary according to the situation and type of electricity consumption. in general, the charging standard of active power tariff is based on the actual electricity consumption and is charged according to the monthly electricity consumption, that is, the more the monthly electricity quantity, the more the amount of electricity charge, on the contrary, the less the monthly electricity consumption, the less the amount of electricity charge.

The first price is not adjusted, the time-sharing price is 0.617 yuan per kilowatt-hour, the peak-valley time-sharing price is 0.617 yuan per kilowatt-hour during the peak period (6 a.m. to 22:00) and 0.307 yuan per kilowatt-hour during the low period (22:00 to 6 a.m. the next day).

How much more expensive is industrial electricity than household electricity?

The price of industrial electricity is much higher than that of residential electricity. Because residential electricity is subsidized by the government, it is said that the electricity price is lower than the cost price, while industrial electricity does not have such a subsidy, so it reflects an actual cost. Therefore, the price of industrial electricity is higher than that of residential electricity.

Generally speaking, the expensive one is the peak, the national average is about 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour, followed by the flat value, which is about 7 yuan per kilowatt-hour, with a discount of about 30%; the valley value, of course, is about 0.4 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

Hello, I’m glad to explain that industrial electricity is more expensive than residential electricity. Industrial electricity consumption: mainly engaged in large-scale production, processing industry enterprises use electricity. Residential (resident) electricity: refers to the electricity used in daily household life in residential buildings.

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