How much is a led working light?

At present, the company produces LED work lamps, which are generally rectangular and round in shape, with a power of between 18 and 45 watts, and the price is about 78 to 113 yuan (the price comes from the network, for reference only).

Replace at least 5000 assemblies. If you change a light bulb, the price of a light bulb is between 500 and 1500. Led lights also have to see if they are imported. For example, the cheapest price of Osram is 900, while the price of domestic GSLED is around 600. The luminous efficiency of LED lamp is relatively high, which is more than twice that of fluorescent lamp.

Generally 3-7 watts of bright led lamps and lanterns are priced between 25-30 yuan; dimmable high-power led lamps are generally between 50-80 yuan; the new generation of 10-watt LED energy-saving lamps, high-PF high-efficiency 10W bulbs are generally about 100 yuan.

How much is the led rechargeable bright working headlamp 3we268

1. The working current is 0.02-0.03A. That is to say, the electric energy does not exceed 0.1W. Such products, green, efficient and energy-saving, LED is made of non-toxic materials, we should understand that unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause pollution, while LED can also be recycled. No ultraviolet rays, no infrared rays.

2. I don’t know about this brand. You can take a look at the Jagger LED headlights for more than ten yuan each. Taobao Quanzhou Eleven lights are decorated with.

3. LED strong light flashlight high brightness hand-held searchlight manufacturer: Shenzhen Baoan District Fuyongzhao Kyushu Lighting Factory Price: 100.00 yuan per piece (the price comes from the network, only for reference. (the price comes from the Internet and is for reference only.

4, the use of high-efficiency LED light source, low energy consumption, the average service life can reach 100000 hours. High reserve rechargeable battery A 18650 high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be charged on demand, with a charge and discharge life of up to 1000 cycles. Long-term use can effectively save user costs and have a high performance-to-price ratio.

The price of this led headlamp is about 100RMB. The third editor recommends to you the led headlamp products produced by the new Laiyuan company. The Karen of this product can be adjusted freely, and a humanized design function is adopted, and the lamp holder can rotate freely.

What are the advantages of the rechargeable lamp? how much is the price of the rechargeable lamp?

1. What are the advantages of the charging table lamp? in terms of advantages, the light source has good directionality and lighting on demand, which is better as an emergency table lamp. It is important to understand that LED is basically a very small wafer encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small and very light. Sufficient illuminance to meet your general lighting needs.

2, how much is the price of rechargeable table lamp rechargeable led small desk desk college students dormitory reading bedroom bedhead clip type, reference price 500yuan Kubi charging remote control LED desk lamp eye protection college students’ dormitory desk bedside dormitory work USB cabinet lamp, reference price 600yuan.

3. Beautiful led rechargeable desk lamp Eye Protection dormitory College students fold small typhoon children to learn to protect eyesight, the reference price is 89 yuan (the price comes from the Internet, for reference only). Led rechargeable desk lamp dormitory desk college students learn small solar energy bedroom bedside foldable eye protection lamp reference price 49 yuan (the price comes from the network, only for reference).

4, what are the advantages of intelligent desk lamp? in terms of desk lamp, the biggest advantage of intelligent desk lamp is that it can be dimmed! To ensure that we can use the lamp, one of the many basic capabilities is that the user does not need to install the brightness adjustment switch, but also can realize the brightness adjustment of the lamp.

5. So the strength of Shenzhen Jianzhijia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is quite strong. How much is the price of the student table lamp generally? Op induction cool kill lamp college dormitory artifact lamp led table lamp eye protection study dormitory USB charging, the reference price is generally about 10 yuan.

How much is a portable bad309e for explosion-proof work lights?

The market price is about 900 yuan, and the ex-factory price is about 400 yuan. Is a portable strong light explosion-proof work lamp, with hand-held, platform placement, magnetic and other working methods. Explosion-proof work lamp flameproof type of the highest grade, can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive places to work safely.

The charging hole of DCB-E portable explosion-proof lamp is at the tail of the lamp. Insert the plug of the charger into the charging hole at the tail of the headlamp to charge. The charger indicator light is red when charging and turns green when fully charged.

Speed 1-33MHz.ARM946E-S and ARM7TDMI are both produced by 0.18um process and share a 32KByte (16Kbyte x2) off-chip dedicated memory.

There is something wrong with your Haier water heater. It is said that it is not clear. Call customer service.

How much is the installation of led industrial and mining lamp, and the height of the workshop floor is 7 meters?

Common indoor lighting such as LED bulb lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight can be bought for a few yuan, LED fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED kitchen lamp is a little expensive, about 18 yuan-30 yuan. Among the LED landscape lamps and lanterns, the LED lamp strip is the cheapest, 26 yuan per meter.

The installation cost of the middle pole lamp includes the steps of foundation excavation, foundation cage prefabrication, concrete pouring, wiring, and hoisting pole lamp. If the material cost is not included, the installation cost is about 500 yuan.

The price varies with different power and style, and there are too many styles on the market at present.

In addition, the installation also requires labor costs. So, how much is a led ceiling lamp? The editor is also unable to give a fixed value, specifically based on the actual purchase price.

If the floor height is 6 meters, it is more appropriate to choose LED industrial and mining lamps with a luminous angle of more than 90 degrees, preferably with 120 degrees. The specific interval of one meter is directly related to the luminance requirements of the lighting place and the light efficiency of the lamp and the power of the lamp.

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