What are the advantages of LED three-proof lights over traditional led lights?

1. The three-proof lamp is a kind of special lighting lamp made of special protective materials with the functions of dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof (anti-corrosion). This lamp must carry out dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof (anti-corrosion) treatment on the bulb and circuit. If the LED lamp is dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof (anti-corrosion), it can be used as a three-proof lamp.

2. Three-proof lamps and lanterns are generally used in heavy industry places. Compared with conventional lamps, three-proof lamps have the following advantages: corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, anti-watering, high temperature resistance, durability and so on. In addition, the three-proof lamps and lanterns have higher requirements for the quality of lamps and lanterns, and there are certain high requirements for accessories, light sources, electrical appliances and lamp assembly.

3. LED three-proof lamp is very energy-saving, it belongs to DC drive, the power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, LED three-proof lamp is at least 80% more energy-saving than the traditional light source. There are mainly three types of lamps and lanterns: T5, T8 and LED.

How much is the price of LED lamp?

It also has two light sources: positive white light and warm white light. Product price: 5W LED corn lamp, 50 yuan each; 10W LED corn lamp, 60 yuan each; 15W LED corn lamp, 30 yuan each; 20W LED corn lamp, 130yuan each.

The led bulb with a general price of about 100 yuan can be used for about 100000 hours, and the light emitted is very soft, which is the representative of the environmental protection lamp. Led bulbs can also support the conversion of different colors, can achieve a better dazzling effect is very good for creating an atmosphere, power-saving effect can also be more satisfactory.

Located in the ancient town of Zhongshan City, after more than 20 years of development, adhere to the “quality, professional” line, and become a well-known comprehensive lighting brand in the industry.

Introduction to the price of hot-selling explosion-proof lamps

1. Its market price is generally between 12 yuan and 135 yuan. The third section is Zhanya waterproof city moistureproof and explosion-proof lamps and lanterns: this explosion-proof lamps belong to Zhanya lighting brand, which uses spray painting and frosting technology, and the lamps themselves have a certain light source.

2. The price of explosion-proof lamp is about a few hundred yuan, and the more expensive one is thousands of yuan. Generally speaking, the price of explosion-proof lamp is related to its brand, model and manufacturer. In addition, the power of the explosion-proof lamp, the amount of purchase and so on can also have a certain impact on its price.

3. There are also many styles for this explosion-proof lamp, so the price of this explosion-proof lamp is between 25 and 135 yuan.

Introduction to the price and manufacturer of flameproof roadway lamp

Qualified MA flameproof DGS10 for coal mine L: ¥135 (price source network, for reference only) led roadway lamp manufacturer Yueqing Jingtuo explosion-proof Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is an industrial electrical appliances-led, set R & D, manufacturing, trade, service and other functions in one of the science and technology enterprises.

Zhejiang Weifeng explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. is located at the southern foot of Yandang Mountain, the national scenic spot, Liushi Town, the electrical capital of China, specializing in the production of explosion-proof electrical appliances, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof corrosion-proof appliances, explosion-proof mobile lighting, explosion-proof pipe fittings, explosion-proof fans, explosion-proof instrument manufacturing enterprises.

The market price of the company’s roadway lamp products is about 500 yuan. After the explanation of the editor above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the price of roadway lights and manufacturers.

Introduction to the specifications of several main three-proof lamps

Demand. Three-proof lamp types: anti-glare three-proof lamp, high-efficiency mirror three-proof lamp, three-proof fluorescent lamp. LED three-proof lamp is very energy-saving, it belongs to DC drive, the power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, LED three-proof lamp is at least 80% more energy-saving than the traditional light source.

Three defenses: waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive. The protection grade of the three-proof lamp is generally IP6. The three-proof lamp is mainly used in indoor and outdoor and wet places. For example, parking lots, warehousing, swimming pools, kitchens, food factories and tunnels, bridges, saunas and other occasions with special requirements for waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and so on.

It mainly includes mobile explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, flameproof lamps and lanterns. In general, explosion-proof lamps and lanterns are mainly used in flammable and explosive places.

Millimeters. Civil air defense light box wire model specification is 440mm, civil air defense AS light box, also known as civil air defense three anti-light, it is mainly used for engineering bunker internal air quality display and alarm, so that users can quickly and directly understand the air conditions inside the civil air defense project. To reflect the electronic signal of the alarm from the control cabinet.

It has waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and other three anti-functions. It is suitable for a variety of dangerous places, and the waterproof grade has reached IP65. Taiwan Mingwei Power supply provides a high-intensity guarantee for the power supply of this explosion-proof lamp. The rated power of this explosion-proof lamp is 40W and the life noodle is as high as 50000 hours.

The three-proof lamp is mainly used in highway tunnels, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and other humid environments, especially in dusty environments, which plays an important role in safe production.

Introduction of led tunnel lamp manufacturer and price

1. The price of flameproof roadway lights sold on the market is between 120 yuan and 400 yuan. Different types of roadway lamps have different levels of protection, and the lamp efficiency and luminous flux of different types are also different.

2. The price of the led floodlight bulb produced by the manufacturer is 0.8 yuan per unit, the price source network, for reference only.

3. Led floodlight manufacturers recommend Shenzhen Jie Neng Xingguang Technology Co., Ltd.

4. At present, the company’s leading products are: LED tunnel lights, LED spotlights, high pole lights series, spotlight series and other products.

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