How much is Lead’s LED light per meter?

Chau Ming and Liad are both brands of LED lamps and lanterns, and their prices vary from product to product. If it is the same product, the price will vary according to the sales platform, region, activity and other factors. Therefore, there is no simple answer to which brand is more expensive.

Small spacing P2 full-color LED display 29999, the product configuration is different, the price difference is big.

Word of mouth is good, Liad small spacing LED products obvious performance advantages, seamless, lightweight, wide color gamut, good consistency, is a high-quality substitute for LCD and DLP display products.

Led display price: 1800 yuan per square meter. Receiving card: 600 yuan each. Receiving card: 80 yuan each, one square meter p3 display screen with two receiving cards, calculated according to the screen area. Control computer: both desktop computer and notebook computer are fine. the price of desktop computer is about 2000 yuan and that of notebook is about 3500 yuan.

For reference only: LED display outdoor P10 full-color 2600 yuan / square LED display outdoor P8 full-color 2900 yuan / square LED display indoor P4 full-color 3000 yuan / square note: remind you that the price of LED display screen can not blindly require cheap, quality is critical, otherwise the loss outweighs the gain, please find regular manufacturers to cooperate.

What is the price of school led lights?

The led bulb with a general price of about 100 yuan can be used for about 100000 hours, and the light emitted is very soft, which is the representative of the environmental protection lamp. Led bulbs can also support the conversion of different colors, can achieve a better dazzling effect is very good for creating an atmosphere, power-saving effect can also be more satisfactory.

Teaching led display screen is generally the nearest viewing distance of 2-4 meters, according to the nearest viewing distance can be recommended indoor p2-p5-p3-p4. The smaller the model, the clearer it is up close, and the more expensive it is.

If there is a sufficient budget, P1-P2 is recommended, at this time the most suitable viewing distance is 3 to 6 meters. Of course, the actual situation should also ask the LED display manufacturer Shijue Guangxu.

How much is the cost of led outdoor waterproof line lamp per meter

Well-known manufacturers of led light belt, then 11-16 between one meter, there are 20-30 yuan per meter.

Very mature products, almost the same, the quality is very good, mainly depends on the power supply, LED light belt price specific depends on the number of LED lights per meter, the number of wattage and brightness, the price varies from 18 to 60 yuan, generally used lamp piece is 3528 and 5050, and waterproof and non-waterproof price difference of about 3 yuan.

The price varies with different styles. White light and green light are about 18 yuan more expensive per meter, color, red and blue are cheaper than 8 RMB15 per meter, and round ones are cheaper. Also use a LED lamp strip, the light source is SMD3528 per 5050 lamp beads, more expensive 20mur30 per meter.

So, what’s the price of the line lamp? What are the price manufacturers of line lights? Tuba rabbit decoration network editor below for everyone to introduce the relevant information in detail. The price of line lamp: 48 yuan, 50 yuan, 28 yuan, 26 yuan, 25 yuan, 38 yuan, 35 yuan, 110 yuan, 88 yuan, 80 yuan and so on.

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