There is a led light bulb factory said that the processing fee of 3 yuan can be trusted.

If the price is too low, it will be used soon, and the quality of the LED guaranteed for 2 years is not very good. If it’s 3 yuan, let’s see if it’s a real sale price.

Generally speaking, if it is sent from a factory near your home, it is mostly reliable. Because, now the labor wage is about 3000 yuan, the factory is also responsible for workers’ food, housing, management, insurance and so on, sometimes restricted by the place of production, the cost is very high.

As the price and quality of LED lamps in the market are too chaotic, not only the quality gap is too big, the price gap is also outrageous, for example, 3WLED bulbs range from 15 yuan to 75 yuan.

Be careful, there are some such lists recently, all of which are deceiving people to buy accessories.

The price of the led floodlight bulb produced by the factory is 0.8 yuan per unit, the price source network, for reference only.

How much does it cost to open a crystal lighting factory in Zhongshan ancient town? What kind of equipment do you want to buy?

If you only do household work instead of large-scale projects, give me 300000 yuan. I can help you open the factory and ask for cash to produce lighting materials (also known as flat iron, square branch, etc.) can be paid monthly. Don’t register at first. Register after a month or so.

Fans plus spare materials liquidity, venues, start-up costs, etc., to open a small processing plant always requires 60,000 yuan of initial investment.

Compare the capital, the smallest company, equipment only electric iron, and a few employees on it, the investment is small but the flexibility is very poor, some are less than 100000 to open a factory; the last kind of company, a single LED chip packaging machine as high as hundreds of millions.

How much does it cost to open a small lamp pole processing plant?

1.%. Smart lamppost is also called multi-functional lamppost; smart lamppost is also called multi-functional lamppost. The total investment of the project is 780.58 million yuan, of which 538.42 million yuan is invested in fixed assets, and the construction cost accounts for 698% of the total investment.

2. The author makes statistics on the purchase prices of ten smart lamppost projects in 2019, among which the unit price of the smart lamppost in the construction of the wisdom park of the Private Science and Technology Park Management Committee of Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Phase I) is the highest, each set is 90,000 yuan.

3. Generally speaking, the amount used in rural areas is about 1800 yuan. Simply asking about the price of solar street lamps cannot solve practical problems.

4. Chengdu lamp pole manufacturer is better than Chengdu Century Tiansheng Metal products Co., Ltd.

What preparations should be made to open a lamp processing factory?

Fans plus spare materials liquidity, venues, start-up costs, etc., to open a small processing plant always requires 60,000 yuan of initial investment.

The most basic must be capital, facade, location, sales positioning, business brand, supply, product style, store staffing, and publicity. The second is that you do everything you want, or do not cooperate with others to start the factory.

Opening a small energy-saving lamp processing plant requires production license, quality inspection report, industrial and commercial business license, fire safety certification, tax registration certificate and so on.

Depending on what you need to open, just open a business license in a smaller processing plant, or black processing, the most important thing is that someone recognizes you.

Light intensity meter three-purpose electricity meter x3 power factor meter LCR digital bridge screen printing machine and other hand tools, winding machine tables and chairs, lighting, material boxes, shelves plus spare material liquidity, site, start-up costs, etc., it takes 60, 000 yuan to open a small processing plant

Basically, the simplest LED lamps and lanterns processing plant mainly needs to have good SMT or plug-in foundry, as well as good lamp shell suppliers, and the rest is to find some employees who assemble the lamps and lanterns on their own, of course, according to their own orders and the ability of the staff to do the outsourced part.

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