How much does it take to invest in a Chinese woodworking lamp processing factory?

1. The old Chinese woodworking lamp processing plant needs an investment of about 2 million.

2. Small wood processing plants need an investment of about 30-400000 yuan, and the equipment needed are mainly: equipment and tools commonly used in rough wood processing plants: equipment including band saws, circular saws, trimming saws, sports cars, cranes, etc. Tools include rulers, steel tape measures, steel rulers, steel angle rulers, hand saws and so on.

30,000 or so. Do not calculate the liquidity, do not calculate the plant land investment, 2 million is almost, other according to your actual situation to calculate, of course, if you buy second-hand equipment price will be much less.

4. This project can be made into a product of the industry leader. Introduce a novel object, the most powerful multi-functional walking stick in history. It will be as popular in the world as Zhuge Kongming stool and become a mainstream fashion item.

5. Wood cutting and drying can be handed over to the wood processing plant oem, and you only need to invest in the second half. Furniture processing is mainly planing machine, circular saw, sanding machine, splicing machine, tenoning machine (punching machine, end milling), etc., paint needs air compressor, spray gun, water curtain, dust-free room and so on.

How much investment does it take to open a LED lighting factory

1. In fact, opening a factory won’t cost you much money. I think 300000 is enough. In fact, this thing is to buy accessories and assemble it, which is equivalent to the led display screen, so you’d better find two good technicians to ensure product quality and grasp the purchase channels.

2. See what the scale is. It costs two or three hundred thousand to set up a small factory, and now there are many led lamps and lanterns. If the brand profit is high, but it is not easy.

3, the complete set of equipment is more than 100,000 yuan, but it is small-scale, the operation cost is relatively high, and the large-scale equipment is several million yuan or more. Secondly, there is a need for factories, which are generally rented from one year, and the prices vary from place to place. Then there is the market investment, advertising, sales industry needs a lot of investment, 50, 000 is the least.

4. Hello! LED lamp assembly plant is divided into three according to scale; family workshop: equipment investment of about 10,000 yuan, need immersion welding machine, lamp holder riveting machine, assembly station and multimeter, constant temperature welding station, hot air gun, temperature measuring gun and other common electronic tools.

How much does it take to open a lamp store?

Ten thousand. According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, as of April 8, 2023, opening a lighting store in Shilihe in Beijing requires at least 30, 000 yuan in rent, 50, 000 yuan in wholesale consumables, 200000 yuan in product purchase, and 20, 000 yuan in publicity costs for 300000 yuan. Shilihe Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing, is located in the southwest of Chaoyang District.

2. The joining fee for lamps and lanterns is about 120000. ① first-tier cities: the expected total investment cost is 130000 yuan, including 50, 000 yuan for franchise fee, 10, 000 yuan for brand use fee, 100, 000 yuan for deposit, 80, 000 yuan for equipment fee, 20, 000 yuan for the first batch of raw materials, 80, 000 yuan for decoration and 5000 yuan for marketing

3. Ten thousand yuan In fact, there is not much difference between investing in a lamp store and selling clothes. Some invest hundreds of yuan in land stalls, while others invest millions in the city center. So Donglai Lighting suggests you. First of all, locate the type of products you want to operate, whether it is medium-and high-grade or medium-and low-grade.

4. The investment of the lighting store is relatively small, and the general town can start with a fund of 50,000 yuan. The premise is that you know how to install, you have to take some electrical work, or work closely with decoration and electrical equipment manufacturers. Unless the location of the store is very good, it is not possible to rely on individual customers to sell some lamps, light bulbs and accessories.

5. The capital is about 8-100000, and the purchase is mostly in the ancient town of Zhongshan. There are all manufacturers, there are more than 5,000 manufacturers, is the lamp capital of China. The lamps and lanterns commonly used in the family room can be divided into the following types according to function and layout: chandelier: there are multiple chandeliers and single-head chandeliers, the former for the living room and the latter for the bedroom or dining room.

Production cost of LED Luminaire

1. Cost = material cost + labor cost + profit. The material cost should be obtained from the engineering department to the lamp BOM table; the labor cost should be calculated according to the actual staff situation.The profit is 20% and 30%. The use of lighting materials varies from company to company. The quickest way is to revise the engineering department’s BOM list, because the main one is on the BOM list.

2, how much is the production cost of LED lamps and lanterns in a broad sense, first of all, it is necessary to make clear the positioning of your LED products, high-end or low-end this definition is no standard to find.

3. There is little difference in price. Manufacturing processThe manufacturing process of LED lamp is more complex than that of incandescent lamp, which requires more equipment and materials, so the production cost is relatively high. Material cost: the core component of LED lamp is LED chip, its price is relatively high, while the core component of incandescent lamp is filament, its price is relatively low.

4. LED lamp components: high brightness white light emitting diode; 220V AC to low voltage DC circuit (there are various ways); lampshade, lamp holder, power switch (seeWhat do you want to do); the composition of the power cord.

How much does it cost to install lamps and lanterns, and the economy that should be considered when choosing installation services?

1. The third is to charge according to the complexity of the installation fee, exceptInstalled lights, including bright wire, dark wire, cable TV set-top box, socket switch 3 room 500 yuan. According to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is higher. In addition to the main lamp, the charge standard for the installation of lamps in the three rooms is about 200 to 500 yuan.

2. The ordinary demolition fee is 20 yuan (excluding complex cases). Of course, if it is a simple chandelier, you can dismantle it yourself.The demolition fee. And now the price of installation lamps and lanterns is about 150 yuan, labor costs are different in different regions, the specific price shall prevail in practice.

3, the installation of ceiling lights is generally about 200, but also according to the local consumption situation.

4. generally speaking, the installation price of lamps and lanterns is not very expensive, and the installation cost of crystal chandeliers is about 100 yuan.His ceiling lights are compared, about 10 yuan each. However, if you generally buy in a larger shopping mall, you will also provide free door-to-door lamps and lanterns installation service if it is better after sale.

5. The ordinary demolition fee is 20 yuan (excluding complex situations). Of course, if it is a simple chandelier, you can dismantle it yourself, which eliminates the demolition fee. And now the price of installation lamps and lanterns is about 150 yuan, labor costs are different in different regions, the specific price shall prevail in practice.

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