Find the door to install the crystal lamp where to find the workers

1. There are lamps and lanterns market in many places in Jinan, and there are installers on the market. I also bought the lamp from the Internet, which is much cheaper, and it is also very suitable to find a master. Last time, Master Chen, who installed lights in my house, called 15066678720.

2. Because some people have been engaged in the decoration industry and are familiar with decoration, they do not need to find a decoration company to help decorate, they can just find some workers to form a decoration team. If you want to find a more common way to find workers, is through the introduction of friends around, contact some reliable workers to help you decorate the house.

3. Download Big Fish Decoration on Mobile phone. It can be installed in the mobile phone’s own software store, or in Baidu mobile assistant, YingYongBao and other third-party software markets. 2. Make an appointment with a nearby decorator.

4. Where can the interior decoration workers find the construction site of the residential area? if you buy a commercial house, then we do not have to worry about decoration before decoration, we can first go to the house of the neighbor or the building next door to see the decoration construction of others. You can learn from the neighbors about the professionalism of their decoration workers, whether they are reliable and so on.

5. Easy recruitment: a mobile phone software that helps you find workers, teachers and workers near the same city. If you want to find workers, the mobile phone can easily publish the employment needs of workers, and workers will apply for jobs, take orders and find jobs with one click. It is convenient and fast, saving a lot of intermediate links, making it more concise to find people and find jobs.

6. I will show you the introduction below. Water and electricity installation workers where to find the community site is a simple and direct way is to go to the community decoration site to have a look. When the owners of the community begin to complete the decoration, they can find out where other people’s water and electricity masters are hired and observe the construction technology of the water and electricity masters.

How much is the installation of ceiling lights? a labor fee.

It is almost enough to find a professional around 50. There are special installers in the electrical and furniture stores on the street. If you install it yourself, you need tools such as impact drills, but if you don’t have it at home, you are advised to find a professional master to install it.

General ceiling lamp installation cost is 100 yuan, ceiling lamp body installed directly on the roof, suitable for overall lighting, usually used in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. It doesn’t hinder the sight of everyone on the table.

Our price here is 50 yuan for ordinary small ceiling lamps, electricians charge for installation according to the size of lamps and lanterns, downlights are the cheapest, 5-10 yuan each, excluding punching, the most expensive crystal lamps, installation costs thousands of.

How much is the labor cost of installing lamps and lanterns: the installation cost of household lamps is determined by the cost of demolishing the old and the simple difficulty of lamps and lanterns. If the installation process of a lamp is complex, the natural installation cost is also relatively high.

Nowadays, people call lighting lamps and lanterns. From the title, people can see that lamps and lanterns are not only used for lighting, but also can be used to decorate rooms. The labor cost varies from region to region, and the specific price is based on the actual situation.

How much is the installation fee for lamps and lanterns?

1. Another way is to charge money according to the type of lamp. The general fee for the installation of crystal chandelier is about 100 yuan, while that for other LED lights is about 10 yuan.

2, socket switch 3 room 500 yuan, according to the difficulty of the living room lamp, the assembly cost is better, excluding the main light, the installation charge in the room is about 200-500 yuan. Fourth: according to the type of lamps and lanterns, such as the installation of crystal chandelier installation fee standard, generally 100 yuan, other LED lights charge about 10 yuan.

3, the installation price list of lamps and lanterns the installation price of lamps and lanterns or electricians to install small lights such as spotlights, downlights, wall lights, simple ceiling lights are 10 yuan, a little bigger like a grid lamp is 20 yuan, and complex lighting costs more than 30 yuan. A small electrician who does decoration is calculated to be on duty, which is 75 yuan, and one attendance is at least 40 yuan for half a day.

4. Our price here is 50 yuan for ordinary small ceiling lamps and lanterns. Electricians charge according to the size of lamps and lanterns. Downlights are the cheapest, 5-10 yuan each, excluding punching, the most expensive crystal lamps, and installation fees are thousands of.

5. The ordinary demolition fee is 20 yuan (excluding complex situations). Of course, if it is a simple chandelier, you can dismantle it yourself, which eliminates the demolition fee. And now the price of installation lamps and lanterns is about 150 yuan, labor costs are different in different regions, the specific price shall prevail in practice.

6, the following can be used as a reference: diameter = 50cm ceiling lamp installation price is 35-45 yuan; 51cm diameter = 60cm ceiling lamp installation price is 45-55 yuan; 61cm diameter = 80cm ceiling lamp installation price is 55-65 yuan; 81cm diameter = 120cm ceiling lamp installation price is 65-85 yuan, in addition, the demolition cost is 30 yuan.

How to calculate the lamp installed in the 14-meter factory building? how much is it?

A forklift and a tray two people working eight hours a day can probably install 50 lamps and cloth wiring grooves. According to the data, the labor cost of installing a lamp in a 15-meter-high factory building is about 200 yuan.

Generally speaking, the installation price of lamps and lanterns is not very expensive, the installation cost of general crystal chandelier is about 100 yuan, and compared with other ceiling lights, it is about 10 yuan each. However, if you generally buy in a larger shopping mall, you will also provide free door-to-door lamps and lanterns installation service if it is better after sale.

Generally speaking, the installation cost of household lamps and lanterns is composed of demolition fees and specific product installation fees, that is to say, this cost is determined by the shape and installation complexity of your home lamps. A lamp that is expensive and particularly complex to install naturally requires high installation costs.

There is no charge by size. Roughly divided into several categories: hole lamp spotlight: 5-20 yuan /. Crystal lamp: 50-150, depending on the size and style of the lamp.

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