Which T8 fluorescent lamp shade is good?

Baiqianhui Lighting Factory, Guzhen, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, was established in 2009, is a professional manufacturer of LED/T8/T5 fluorescent lamps.

Foshan lighting classic is good, Foshan lighting classic series and Jingying series are as follows. According to the relevant information query, Jingying series lamps have the advantages of high power, high brightness, eye protection, good stability and high chromaticity, etc. Foshan lighting products are of good quality, but a series and a series of technical parameters are different.

T8LED fluorescent lamp is a kind of LED fluorescent lamp with a diameter of 5 inch and a diameter of about 16mm.

If you want to play this size of the cylinder for a long time, this is the first choice, such DIY light panel, red grass and green grass are suitable, but the early investment is relatively large, long-term play, is the most economical. I’m afraid LZ won’t play with this size halfway. This picture is obviously a lamp panel of clear water and wind. The advantages are economical and affordable, but the disadvantages are shallow.

If there is no problem with the fluorescent tube, you can cover the lampshade and continue to use it. What brand is better for fluorescent tubes Philips is a well-known electrical lighting brand from the Netherlands, with excellent product quality, committed to providing people with meaningful products and bringing people quality life experience.

Represents the diameter of the lamp, and the value after T indicates the perimeter of the lamp. For example, the model T5 fluorescent tube has a perimeter of 8cm T8 fluorescent tube and a perimeter of 8cm. At present, the specifications and models of LED fluorescent tubes include: TTTTT10 and so on.

What does “three defenses” mean?

1. “three defenses” represents multiple meanings, including education, electrical appliances, transportation, mineral resources and so on. The “three defenses” in this entry refer to the prevention of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

2. Fire prevention refers to civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense. The so-called civil air defense means to guard against fire in personnel.

3. COVID-19 ‘s three defenses refer to civil air defense, technical defense and weapon defense. Prevention and control strategy (1) Internal and external co-defense.

What are the three prevention facilities required by the catering industry?

The “three prevention” facilities in the canteen include fly prevention, dustproof and rodent prevention. Kitchen hygiene is the first rule to be followed in kitchen production, to ensure that food is in a safe state in the whole process of selection, production and sale. The kitchen should have measures to eliminate flies, rats, cockroaches and other harmful insects and their breeding conditions.

The three prevention facilities of food hygiene refer to fly-proof, dust-proof and rat-proof. The three prevention facilities are effective vector biological control measures, which are of great significance for ensuring food safety and preventing the occurrence of foodborne infectious diseases.

Generally refers to fire prevention, anti-virus, anti-theft. On the issue of modern canteens and restaurants, IC cards are used to sell meals in canteens, with advanced vending machines and consumer machines. In terms of sanitary treatment, what should be done? Only to ensure that there is a good dining environment, tableware set of disinfection procedures, diners will rest assured to eat.

Three prevention facilities refer to fire prevention, disaster prevention and accident prevention. Fire prevention: when the climate is dry in summer, the hidden danger of fire increases immediately, and once it occurs, it spreads quickly. Recently, in the inspection of the hidden dangers of enterprises, special attention has been paid to the inspection of fire prevention systems, fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and the safety of the use of electricity.

Anti-mouse-anti-rat board, sticky mouse board and other related facilities, dustproof-dust cover and other related facilities, anti-insect-screen door screen window, fly (mosquito) lamp and other related facilities. All measures strictly prohibit the use of drugs and other toxic and harmful substances to kill rats and insects.

“three defenses” refers to protection against rats, flies and dust. I have only heard of wearing hats and masks.

Which lamp is the best for lighting in feed factory

1. According to the traditional view, the power consumption of metal halide lamps is only for quartz metal halide lamps. But for the future king of commercial lighting-ceramic metal halide lamp, it not only has low electricity, but also has good color rendering and light efficiency. It can be said that it is the best and most stable light source among all the light sources at present.

2, the higher part of the workshop can use LED spotlight, LED industrial and mining lamp, lower place can use LED three anti-lamp (waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosive), need explosion-proof condition to use LED explosion-proof lamp.

3. The type of lamp should be determined according to the ceiling height of the factory. For those with a ceiling below 4m, it is recommended to install LED flat panel lights or LED grille lights, and for those with no ceiling, it is recommended to install suspended LED lamps with supports; for those with a height above 4m, it is recommended to install LED industrial and mining lamps or factory lights with a larger luminous angle.

4. The factory workshop is best illuminated by low-frequency induction lamps. Lamp: lighting articles, generally referring to utensils that can be illuminated. In ancient times, man was illuminated by torches, followed by candles and oil lamps.

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