How to design the lighting drawing according to the factory building structure drawing?

The main contents are as follows: 1. First, delete the other elements on the building drawing except for the main wall lines, door and window openings and main equipment layout drawings, and on this basis, draw electrical lighting drawings, weak electric plane drawings, kinetic diagrams and electrical system drawings.

2. According to one lamp, the lighting range is about 65 square meters, and 110 sets of lights are required. About 11KW, calculation current 55A, total empty turn on 60A, below is divided into 4 loops, each circuit hangs 28 sets of lights, divides into empty turns on 20A.

3. The load is calculated according to the number of lamps and electrical equipment such as inserts you choose in the plan, and is multiplied by the demand coefficient of different loads. There is not much power in the phase belt, the electricity is also distributed by itself, and the difference between the maximum phase current and the minimum phase current is no more than 30% ok. But the current per phase is not higher than 16A.

4. (1) Indoor lighting: interior lighting of factory building and office and other ancillary rooms. (2) Outdoor installation lighting: lighting for various outdoor installations.

5. The arrangement of lamps and lanterns should be carried out according to the conditions such as the furnishings of furniture and beds in the room, the distribution of production equipment in the workshop, the form of building structure and the characteristics of visual work. The way of lamp layout is to require the illuminance distribution of the whole working face to be uniform, the lamp spacing and row spacing to be uniform, and the second is to selectively distribute lights with sufficient local brightness.

6. It is not suitable for underground buildings, underground mines, windowless factory buildings, etc. Article 0.3 in addition to abiding by this standard, the lighting design of industrial enterprises shall also comply with the requirements of the relevant national standards and norms. Chapter II Lighting methods and Lighting types Article 0.1 Lighting methods can be divided into general lighting, zonal general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.

What software should be used to make lighting effect pictures?

AUTOCAD is a construction drawing, you have to use AUTOCAD to draw the size of the stage, and then use 3DSMAX to model and render lights, materials, etc., and finally give the deficiency and later to PHOTOSHOP, this thing is very difficult to learn if you want to watch a video, but also depends on your personal understanding of the color of the light.

Lighting effects can be designed using Cool Home Music. What are the lighting methods of residential space? Basic lighting: illuminates the whole space, the light is evenly distributed and soft. Such as skylight, chandelier, ceiling lamp, etc. Hybrid lighting: a type of lighting used in a combination of global and local lighting. It is also a common way of lighting in space.

Ds MaxAutodesk’s 3D animation production and rendering software is powerful, intelligent, and has a smooth multi-application workflow. As long as designers have clear ideas, they can get started quickly. In the production of effect drawings, it is mainly used in modeling, rendering, animation and other work.

What is the led brightening effect made of?

If you want to do static effects, you usually use photoshop, such as the effect of spotlight and wall washing lamp.

The brightening effect picture is mainly made by using three sets of software: Photoshop, Flash and Neon. Photoshop, which is commonly known as PS, generally uses this software to do plane processing of effect drawings; if you want to do pipelining or animation effects, you should first use PS to deal with plane effects, and then use Flash to make animation effects.

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How does ps do Lighting Design effect drawing

Open PS, create a new document, set the size as needed, and set the background color to “white”. Double-click the background layer, convert it to “layer 0”, then double-click the layer to add a “layer style” to it, as shown in the figure: then import a projector picture and place it in the appropriate location on the stage.

Take a daytime photo to copy a layer, set it invisible (for backup) to darken the background layer to the effect that there is no light at night to build the empty layer, the path ticks out the range of light, and uses a gradient to simulate the intensity of the light change. then change the layer mode to the real effect; repeat step 4 to finish all the lights.

Load the original image to adjust the color and intensity of the light in the lighting effect of the “rendering” filter, the color handled by the filter is often too pure, so it must be adjusted by CTRL U. after adjustment, the atmosphere of the picture should be almost done. Select the window, the trick of day-night scene conversion is the reverse processing of doors and windows.

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