1. Q: What sets Recolux Lighting apart as a supplier for LED lighting fixtures?

A: Are you in need of a short-term product seller or a long-term supplier partner? At Recolux Lighting, we believe that reliable business partners are crucial for every successful business, including customers, suppliers, and employees.

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and prioritize their needs and concerns. We are committed to delivering high-quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent services. In return, we aim to establish long-term and trustworthy partnerships.

Recolux Lighting business philosophy

Recolux Lighting has proven itself as a competent and reliable supplier partner through the following aspects:

Recolux Lighting Vision: We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Recolux Lighting Value: Our company is 100% customer-oriented, allowing us to be flexible in meeting various customer requirements.

High Quality: We refuse to produce inferior products because we understand that replacements can be costly and troublesome. Our focus is on being cautious from the beginning rather than apologizing later. Remember, paying for cheap often means paying twice.

Competitive Cost: If our customers cannot offer competitive prices, they will struggle to win more business. As their supplier, our success also depends on them winning more business. To ensure competitive costs, Recolux Lighting excels in supply chain management, lean manufacturing practices, optimized product design, high production yield, and maintaining a reasonable margin level.

FQQS (Fast Quotation Quick Sample): With our FQQS ability, we can provide a quote for your specific product within 24 hours and deliver a prototype sample within 7 days. While your competitors are still calculating costs, you can already have a comprehensive quotation and a high-quality sample from Recolux Lighting to impress your customers.

Excellent R&D: Our R&D director has been a part of the lighting industry since 2014 and has worked with top lighting manufacturers. He has designed luminaires and projects for premium EU brands. Leading an exceptional R&D team at Recolux Lighting, our director leverages strong supply chain connections and extensive professional knowledge.

Outstanding ETO and Customization Capability: One of our strengths lies in engineering-to-order (ETO) projects and customization. We have extensive experience in developing new products for customers, and our excellent project management capability ensures smooth implementation.

Fast Delivery: For standard products, we can deliver samples within 1-2 weeks depending on stock availability. For container orders, the lead time is typically 4-5 weeks. If you require urgent delivery, we can accommodate orders within 2-3 weeks.

Easy Installation: Our product design philosophy revolves around easy installation. We understand that installation costs can be significant, so we aim to provide luminaires that can be installed quickly and perfectly. This not only saves installers money but also benefits end customers.

Efficient Communication: Our salespeople act as the bridge between customers and engineers. All of our account managers at Recolux Lighting have at least five years of experience in the LED lighting industry. They possess a solid technical background and are fluent in spoken English.

After-Sales Services: At Recolux Lighting, we believe that a long-term partnership involves more than just buying and selling products. Before each shipment, we provide a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) report to our customers. After product installation, we are available to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, we offer after-sales services for at least 5 years, even for obsolete product models by reserving spare parts.

2. Q: Where can I find the datasheet and IES files for Recolux Lighting products?

A: You can easily access all the technical data for Recolux Lighting products on their official website recolux-lighting.com. Simply use the search function located at the top of the website and enter relevant keywords or part numbers.

Recolux Lighting product search
Alternatively, you can browse through the different product categories to find what you need.

Recolux Lighting product category

Once you click on a specific product, you will be directed to its details page where you can download the corresponding datasheet and IES files.

Recolux Lighting datasheet and IES files

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can also reach out to a Recolux Lighting sales account manager who will assist you in obtaining all the necessary information. For new customers, please send an email to gordon@recolux.com and we will assign an account manager to assist you.

3. Q: What is Recolux Lighting’s Sample Policy?

A: At Recolux Lighting, we offer complimentary samples to our existing customers. However, for new customers who may have a high demand for free samples that we cannot accommodate, there will be a nominal charge for samples. Rest assured that this fee will be refunded in full once an official order is placed. It is worth noting that most customers proceed with placing an official order after evaluating the quality of our samples.

If you are facing difficulties in paying for a sample or require assistance, please reach out to our management team by emailing gordon@recolux.com to request a free sample.

4. Q: What sets Recolux Lighting apart from other manufacturers?

A: Recolux Lighting distinguishes itself from numerous luminaire manufacturers due to its exceptional strengths and the benefits it brings to customers.

Firstly, our team possesses extensive expertise and knowledge in LED lighting, accumulated over 10 years of experience. We specialize in areas such as metal ceiling lighting, architectural lighting, and specialty lighting.

Secondly, we excel in providing Engineer-to-Order (ETO) solutions. Our outstanding capabilities enable us to create bespoke and customized lighting solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer’s project.

Lastly, our wide and diverse supply chain management ensures that we can fulfill various customer requirements with efficiency and reliability.

These strengths make Recolux Lighting a trusted and reliable choice for all your lighting needs.


  • Pro. Know-how
  • ETO Ability
  • Supply Chain Mgmt.
  • Quality Control
  • Lean Mfg.
  • Key Process Control

5. Q: Does Recolux Lighting offer warranty for their products?

A: Yes, Recolux Lighting provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty for all of our products. . During the warranty period, if any defects or malfunctions occur due to manufacturing issues, Recolux Lighting will repair or replace the product free of charge. Customers can contact their sales account manager or reach out to gordon@recolux.com for more information regarding the warranty terms and conditions.

6. Q: How does Recolux Lighting ensure product quality and compliance?

A: At Recolux Lighting, product quality and compliance are of utmost importance. To ensure high-quality standards, we follow strict quality control procedures throughout the entire production process. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced testing equipment and our experienced quality control team conducts thorough inspections at each stage of production.

Additionally, we comply with international standards and regulations such as CE, RoHS, and ETL certification. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet these standards and ensure they are safe and reliable for use in various applications.

If you have specific requirements or need further details about our quality control measures and certifications, please contact us atgordon@recolux.com.