Led flat lights keep flashing. What’s going on?

LED flat panel lamp flicker generally has the following possibilities: the chip of the power supply is overheated (may not dissipate heat well), the chip has the highest temperature, beyond this will enter the protected state, at this time there will be flashing lights.

It may be a continuous flash caused by a mismatch between the led bead and the led driver power supply. It could be that the drive power supply is broken. It may also be that the material heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns can not meet the requirements. Maybe the lamp is in the water.

The reason why the led light keeps flashing: the LED lamp bead does not match the LED driver power supply.

It may be that the drive power supply is broken, as long as it is replaced with another good drive power supply, it will not flash.

The power transformer is not good, the parameters do not match, and the windings are not enough or more, resulting in magnetic saturation or insufficient inductance. There is something wrong with the feedback circuit. The load current is too large or the load voltage is too small, which is lower than the lowest output voltage of the power supply, resulting in automatic protection.

Most of the LED lights flicker because a lamp bead is on the verge of damage, because the LED lamp is mostly in series structure, the damage of one lamp bead will affect the whole lamp. Of course, there will be a similar situation when the drive power (electronic ballast) is damaged. It is extremely rare that the switch contact is poor.

How to choose led flat panel lamp

1, look at the “lamp heat dissipation conditions-material, structure” LED lamps and lanterns heat dissipation is also very important, the same power factor lamps and lanterns of the same quality, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, lamp beads work at high temperature, light decay will be very large, lamp life will be reduced.

2. Look at the power factor of the overall lighting. The low power factor indicates that the use of driving power supply and poor circuit design will greatly reduce the service life of lighting. The power factor is low, no matter how good the lamp beads are, the lighting life will not grow. The high or low power factor can be detected by the “power factor meter”.

3. Observe the light effect of the bulb: the power of the bulb is the same, the more the lighting effect is, the greater the brightness is, the more the lighting brightness is, the less the power consumption is, the more energy is saved. Take a look at the appearance of the LED panel lights, the overall surface and details of the work to see if it is precise enough.

4, the selection and purchase method of led ceiling flat lamp how to look at the power factor of the overall lighting: the power factor is low, indicating that the use of the drive power supply, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of lighting! The power factor is low, no matter how good the lamp beads are, the lighting life will not grow.

Advantages of led flat Lamp led Lamp holder

LED flat lamp adopts liquid crystal backlight technology and high efficiency LED chip. Its unique heat dissipation design ensures high efficiency, low light decay and long life of LED. The surface is smooth, bright and uniform, soft and not dazzling. 100~240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. The start-up time is short and does not flash. The lamp is light in weight and easy to install.

The second advantage of led lamp is that the energy consumption is very low. The working voltage of LED is only 2 ~ 6V and the working current is only 0.02 ~ 0.03A. In other words, it consumes no more than 0.1W of electricity, and consumes more than 90% less electricity than incandescent lamps with the same light effect and more than 70% less than energy-saving lamps.

The advantages of led lamp are: energy saving; longevity; environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances; impact resistance; working at low thermal voltage, safe and reliable; reducing line loss, no pollution to the power grid; multi-transformation; high and new technology. LED lamp is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip.

Another outstanding feature of LED lamp is that the reaction speed is relatively fast. As soon as the power is turned on, the LED light will come on immediately.

The biggest advantage of energy-saving LED is energy saving. The power of ordinary light bulbs varies from 20W-100W, while the power of energy-saving lamps varies from 5W-65W. The bulb uses LED as the light source, and the power only needs 0.8W-12W to replace the ordinary bulb of 15W-100W and the energy-saving lamp of 5W-50W.

How is the living room LED panel light buzzing when it is powered on?

1. Drive problems, which are usually caused by improper assembly or poor quality of LED power supply system. The LED street lamp that makes this sound uses a switching power supply. There is a high frequency oscillating transformer in the switching power supply, which works with the power switch tube. If the magnetic core of the high-frequency transformer is loose or improperly assembled, and the oscillation frequency is offset, a buzzing sound will occur.

2. The led lamp is always buzzing when it is installed. It may not be the problem of the line, because the power consumption of the LED lamp is very small, and the influence of the line can be ignored.

3, it may be the problem of the lamp’s power supply circuit, this kind of lamp generally uses the switching power supply to supply power for the LED, if the shock transformer in the power supply is not working properly, it will make a sound, you can try to change a power supply.

4. There may be something wrong with the ballast, its chip has become loose, and the sound made when it is working will tighten the ballast, and it is time to replace a ballast. Poor contact may be the sound of poor line contact, focus on checking the connector.

5, the possible reasons are: first, the transformer or inductor above the LED driver resonates, which will produce a buzzing sound. Second, the power of the power line driver does not match the power of the LED light source. Third, caused by the failure of the LED drive itself.

6. The current sound is normal, and the buzzing current sound is emitted by the ballast inside the lamp.

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