Five things to Know About LED Tri-Proof Lights

In today’s increasingly eco-conscious world, LED lights have become the premier choice for illuminating living spaces. Thanks to their better energy efficiency and easy-to-use nature, LED lights are increasingly displacing more traditional forms of lighting.

Another factor that has boosted the popularity of LED lights is their versatility. LED lights can be built to serve multiple applications while retaining their trademark energy efficiency.

One of these specially built variants is the LED Tri-Proof light.

The LED Tri-Proof light combines the energy efficiency of LED lights with a rugged all-weather exterior, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions.

LED tri-proof light ip65 e-open

In this article, I will take you through five things you should know about LED tri-proof lights. I’ll cover everything from what they are, to selecting the perfect one and finally to where to get high-quality LED Tri-Proof Lights.

So, let’s start by properly defining LED tri-proof lights:

What are Tri-proof Led Lights?

LED Tri-Proof Lights are LED lights with three or more “proofing” or protective properties built-in. These proofing properties are usually: waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof.

These proofing properties allow the lights to last longer and function well when placed in harsh environments. You can use them in areas where the LED lights will experience adverse conditions like dust, high humidity, etc.

LED Tri-Proof lights work by sealing all the electronics in a protective housing to protect them from damage. The housing uses a high-grade silicone ring seal to ensure no dust, moisture, chemicals, etc., enters to interfere with the LED light’s operation.

Furthermore, to boost their durability, LED Tri-Proof lights also employ unique materials in their construction. These materials have properties like anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation to further protect the LED against external elements.

LED Tri-Proofing lights can have more proofing properties than the three mentioned above. They are also Tri-proof LED lights that can resist external factors like temperature, high pressure, etc.

What are the advantages of LED Tri-Proof Lights?

LED Tri-Proof lights have superior construction and other features that set them apart from regular LED lights. So, how do these features play out in the real world? Are they worth the extra cost?

What advantages will these lights give you, the consumer, when you buy them?

Let’s take a look at some of them:

The LED Tri-Proof lights have excellent structure and other functions, which distinguish it from ordinary LED lights. So, how do these functions work in the real world? Are they worth the extra price?

When you buy these lights, what advantages will these lights bring to you?

Let’s take a look at some of these advantages:

Durability and Long Service Life

LED Tri-Proof lights are built to last. From their housing to their electronics, everything about them is designed to make them last as long as possible (as much as 50,000 hours!).

Thus, you know when you get a Tri-Proof LED light, you are making a long-term investment that will pay off handsomely.

Low Maintenance Costs

Thanks to their sealed nature, LED Tri-Proof lights require little to no maintenance throughout their entire service lives. This dramatically decreases the light’s operating cost.

You can see this in well-built LED Tri-proof lights like the Recolux E-open. The seals prevent any foreign matter from infiltrating the lamp and causing faults that can interfere with its operation.

Easy Mounting and Installation

Compared to other traditional light fixtures, LED Tri-Proof Lights are straightforward to install. In addition, these lights do not need extensive wiring and support.

Once you have the proper mounting and trunking accessories, installing or replacing LED Tri-Proof lights becomes a breeze.

Energy Efficiency

Switching to LED Tri-Proof lights helps reduce the power bill by a lot. To put this in perspective, consumers have reported energy cost savings of more than 50% after they switched to LED Tri-Proof Lights.

Furthermore, Tri-Proof Lights, like the E-Open, come with energy-saving control technology built into them. With these, you can save energy by dimming and switching the lights off automatically, depending on the ambient conditions.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

LED Tri-Proof lights are a safe and eco-friendly option for any workspace. For one, they do not produce any harmful gases like mercury or UV rays. Furthermore, most LEDs on the market are made with shatterproof glass for safety purposes.

Also, they are recyclable and have a long lifespan. So, you can be sure that the lights will not be ending up in landfills anytime soon.

Where can you use Tri-Proof LED lights?

LED Tri-Proof lights have a vast range of applications. When paired with the proper mounting or trunking accessories, these lights can be very versatile.

Let’s look at some areas where you can use LED Tri-Proof lights:

Parking Lots

Everyone knows how annoying and dangerous dark parking spaces can be, especially in parking areas. Installing a LED Tri-Proof lights helps illuminate the area and eliminate any dangers or hazards lurking in the darkness.

Bus and Train Stations, Airports

You will need proper and efficient lighting when running a 24-hr. essential services like a bus or a train station. Using a Tri-Proof LED light, you can make sure all the terminal areas are well lit at all times.

You can even buy Tri-Proof LED lights that can serve as a lighting backup in case of emergencies.

Factories and Warehouses

Safety in warehouses and factories depends a lot on the lighting situation. Proper lighting with a Tri-proof LED helps ensure that all equipment and workers are visible at all times to reduce accidents.

Also, the bright illumination from LED Tri-Proof lights does a lot in helping spotlight the product on the warehouse floor. It gives customers a clearer view of the product and displays them in a very flattering light.

Other areas where you can use LED Tri-proof lights include:

  • Car washes
  • Supermarkets
  • Barns, poultries, etc.

How to Select the Perfect LED Tri-Proof Lights?

Selecting the right Tri-Proof LED light is essential to getting the best possible lighting for your space. There are a lot of choices and factors to consider when choosing a LED tri-proof light.

LED tri-proof light

Let’s help you through the process by spotlighting these factors:

Wattage and Lumen

The bulb’s wattage determines how much power the LED consumes, while its Lumen measures how bright it is. LED bulbs are energy-efficient, requiring less wattage than other bulbs to produce more Lumens (a 30watt LED has about 4800 Lumen).

For large spaces like warehouses, you have to go with more watts and more Lumen for better illumination. While smaller installations, it’s bests to go with smaller watts to save on the power bill.

Size and shape of the Lights

After choosing the wattage, you also have to determine the size and shape of the LED. Again, the reason for this is primarily because of space and aesthetics.

The size of the lights determines how much space you’ll need to mount or install them. It also affects how the light will look when after it is put up in the room.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

CCT is a property of LED lights that determines the tone or “temperature” of the light. Therefore, the Tri-Proof light’s CCT decides how warm or cool the lighting in the space will be.

CCT is measure in Kelvin, and it is between the range of 2000 to 7000. Therefore, for warmer light tones, you should select a Tri-Proof LED light with a CCT between 2000 – 4000K.

CCT ratings of 4000K and above will get you a Tri-Proof LED with a crisp, clear light tone.

CCT above 5000K, most use for office and commercial lighting.


Finally, to make your choice, you also have to consider the issue of control. Control involves how the user will be able to carry out tasks such as switching the LED on and off, dimming the LED, changing the color, etc.

Depending on your budget, there are many types of controls for Tri-Proof LED Lights. These controls can range from a simple wall switch to a handheld remote. You can also connect the LED lights to a smart home network in some advanced models and control it through your favorite app.

All these forms of control are made possible by the LED’s controller. So, before buying, do your research and makes you get an LED that’s compatible with your preferred control method.

Where can I get high-quality Tri-Proof LED lights?

Shopping for Tri-Proof LED lights can be a bit daunting. There are several vendors out there either offering overpriced lights or hawking inferior products at a discount.

At Recolux, we recognize this, and we are poised to break this trend by offering high-quality LED lights at customer-friendly prices. In addition, we maintain an extensive catalog of LED Tri-Proof lights with features such as:

  • Adjustable Correlated Color Temperature
  • PIR sensors for motion detection
  • Power switchable lights for emergencies
  • Dali dimmers for smooth, total lighting controls
  • Zigbee controllers for interfacing with smart home systems

So, as you can see, no matter what your lighting needs are, Recolux has the product you need. Check out our extensive catalog today and select the right lights you need.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for, or do you need help making a purchase decision? Then, contact us today on our hotlines and get support from our dedicated experts. We promise to do our best to help you in finding a cost-effective lighting solution.

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