Five important steps in the whole process of lighting customization

1. In the design of customized lamps and lanterns, the structure and shape are related to each other, so it is difficult to strictly separate the two tasks. After determining the structure of a lamp, it is difficult to strictly separate the two tasks. After determining the structure of a lamp, the shape of the lamp has been limited to a certain range.

2, chandelier: when installing the chandelier, you need embedded parts, and then tighten the chandelier by expanding pipe bolts to strengthen its firm strength. We can specify the size of the chandelier according to the theme of the furniture and walls, and then use the same specification of bolts. It is best not to be lower than M6. At least two bolts should be used.

customized lamps

3. The concrete conception of lighting. Lighting customization should take into account the change of space and way, which makes the design of interior space have greater changes, and even create a brand-new interior space.

4. The price of lamps and lanterns the price of customized lamps and lanterns directly determines the grade of hotel lighting, and the prices of lamps of the same grade are basically the same. There may be small deviations due to differences in the production process of the manufacturer. But if the price difference is too wide, there may be a problem with this luminaire.

5, home decoration customization matters needing attention-materials: first of all, look at the material he uses, the whole wood home decoration is made of all-natural raw wood, such as density board and particleboard, a lot of glue is added in the processing process, the content of formaldehyde is much higher than that of pure log materials, and pure logs should be the most environmentally friendly materials.

6, ceiling installation: the ceiling should be placed very carefully, otherwise it will affect the entire home decoration effect, in addition, we should also pay attention to the installation of lighting and exhaust fans to prevent later changes. The installation of lamps and lanterns: when you purchase lamps and lanterns, you should buy them all. Downlights and wall lamps should be taken into account according to the indoor design to prevent forgetting.

The price of modern simple style lamps and lanterns in the market.

1. The price of energy-saving lamps is cheaper, and the market price is between 10 yuan and 30 or 40 yuan. Modeling a variety of bedroom lamps modern simple style lamps and lanterns although the shape of the lamp is relatively simple, but there are many styles, the selection of materials and the complexity of workmanship will affect the pricing of lamps and lanterns.

2. There is no doubt that the decoration style of modern simple style caters to the love of young people. Busy life in the city has already bothered us. We prefer a quiet, peaceful, spacious and comfortable home to eliminate the tiredness of work and forget the noise of the city.

The reference price is generally around 800 yuan. Nordic modern simple style living room chandelier three rooms two bedrooms dining room set whole house lighting package, the reference price is generally about 690 yuan. Nordic modern simple style living room magic bean chandelier three rooms two bedrooms dining room lighting package combination, the reference price is generally about 1400 yuan.

4, how much is the price of children’s bedroom lamps and lanterns? Opp lighting LED bedroom children’s room dining room ceiling lamps modern simple round balcony lighting WS, the reference price is generally about 680yuan. Children’s room lamp ceiling lamp cartoon children’s bedroom lamp boys and girls warm romantic simple modern room lamps and lanterns, the reference price is generally about 70 yuan.

How to do well the detailed quotation list form of decoration

Before determining the decoration company, you can probably make a decoration budget table and make a preset bottom line in your heart. The steps of making the budget table can be divided into the following three steps: first, make the project list of building materials, and then inquire about the price (can be searched on the Internet or provided by some decoration companies), and the corresponding adjustments can be made after obtaining the form.

According to the decoration order to do the budget according to the decoration order is suitable for owners with decoration experience, only experienced decoration can deeply understand what the decoration sequence is, of course, for novice owners, it takes more time to figure out the decoration sequence, and be careful not to omit the steps.

What does the decoration quotation list include? Serial number / project name: you can see how many projects in the home need to be constructed, and combined with the drawings, you can see where there are missing items and missing items. Unit: you can know how the decoration company calculates the price. With this project, you can know whether there is something wrong with the decoration company when doing the budget.

How to quote for the installation of Master Wan’s lamps and lanterns?

Wan Shifu website looks for customer service quotation to see what lamps you install. In general, the price quoted by Wan Shifu customer service MM is still very favorable. Brand lamps and lanterns are equipped with professional installers and do not charge any fee.

Generally speaking, the installation price of lamps and lanterns is not very expensive, the installation cost of general crystal chandelier is about 100 yuan, and compared with other ceiling lights, it is about 10 yuan each. However, if you generally buy in a larger shopping mall, you will also provide free door-to-door lamps and lanterns installation service if it is better after sale.

If you want to receive the order more easily on the Wanshi platform, then you must not be too high when quoting, and you should quote a moderate price according to your own conditions. The general door-to-door installation cost is 150yuan, and you can accept the order for 75 yuan. That is, in line with the business philosophy of small profits and quick turnover.

There is no charge by size. Roughly divided into several categories: hole lamp spotlight: 5-20 yuan /. Crystal lamp: 50-150, depending on the size and style of the lamp.

Generally speaking, the seller does not install the package. If you can install small lights, you can install them yourself. However, if it is relatively large, we can only hire a plumber. The price ranges from a few dozen yuan to about a hundred yuan. But if you find it troublesome, you can go to Yi Lantern to have a look. There seems to be a package installed there.

Can Zhongshan Huaguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. do non-standard lighting customization?

1. Courtyard street lamp manufacturers look for moldboard lighting, national 1000 + project lighting project case, courtyard street lamp manufacturers have successfully completed the design, configuration and production of engineering lamps for many projects in China.

2. Zhongshan Juhui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.: Zhongshan Juhui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting manufacturer integrating independent design, research and development, production and sales.

3. Mini Intelligent Lighting Mini Intelligent Lighting, system Lighting solution provider, Mini Intelligent Home Group subordinate enterprises, mainly engaged in LED home / commercial / office / building non-standard lighting customization and other fields, set research and development, production and sales in one of the integrated lighting enterprises.

4. At present, the company can also customize led floor tile lamps according to the needs of customers. Zhongshan Fengrong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Fengrong Lighting is a professional lighting research and development company, the address of the company is: Kanglong third Road, Xinmao Industrial Zone, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City.

5. Zhongshan Pineng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Pineng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in producing LED lighting products. After years of development and multi-faceted cooperation, the company is developing more novel and practical products, and its products are recognized by the majority of customers.

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