Manufacturer’s Price recommendation of High Power led Point Light Source

The unit price of the company’s high-power led lamp beads is 50 yuan / piece, supporting the wholesale and retail of products, and the wholesale price is more favorable.

The price of high-power led lighting produced by the factory is 15 yuan each, and the price comes from the network, for reference only. Jiangxi Pailide Lighting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional lighting lamps and aluminum alloy flashlights integrating scientific research, production and sales.

Reference price: 48 yuan / only is the reference price of LED high-power spotlights that Xiaobian wants to provide to you, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendation, friends in need can compare the quality and price of these manufacturers’ products, and then choose and buy.

Outdoor engineering lighting manufacturer

Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is a relatively large led lighting manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta, this factory is more comprehensive, mainly engaged in lighting equipment research and development and manufacturing, lighting engineering design and construction, R & D sales and service integration manufacturers.

Shenzhen Lantern Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer profile: Shenzhen Lantern Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a company specializing in the production of LED lighting products, its products are not only a variety of styles, and the quality and performance are very good, its products are widely used in municipal lighting.

Led Outdoor Lighting Factory is a professional company specializing in urban night scene lighting project, outdoor floodlighting of buildings, road lighting, parks, squares, bridges, various art landscape lighting, large-scale festival lighting production, commercial space lighting and so on.

Led Outdoor Lighting Brand ranking and manufacturer recommendation

1. The top 10 brands of led lamps are: frequently KINGSUN, Snow Wright CNLIGHT, Longsheng Lighting LS, Midea Lighting, Huayi Lighting, TCL Lighting, Foshan Lighting, FSL Philips Lighting, Rex NVC, Opp Lighting OPPLE.

2. Led lamp brand ranks among the top 10 Opal Lighting. Opal Lighting began in 1996. After 20 years of development, Opp successfully landed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 19th, 2016 and officially listed. Main lighting, lamps and lanterns, product design is not outstanding, but good quality workmanship, moderate price, so it is welcomed by consumers.

3. Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., founded in Germany in 1906, global automotive lamps and vehicles LED lighting operators, lighting management systems and lighting solution suppliers, committed to intelligent lighting related product research and development, design, production and sales of integrated multinational enterprises.

4. The top ten brands of led lamps are as follows: Philips Lighting, Philips Lighting Division has a deep insight into people’s demand for public environment and private space. Committed to the launch of innovative, end-user-oriented, energy-efficient lighting solutions and applications.

5. The top ten brands of domestic led lights are: Opal Lighting OPPLE, Rex NVC, Longsheng Lighting LS, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Panasonic, Foshan Lighting FSL, TCL Lighting, Midea Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Audo AOZZO.

6. In addition, there are many led lamp manufacturers in various parts of our country, which can be purchased according to their own actual needs. Led lamp brand list introduction in order to give you a better reference, the editor now summarizes the led lamp brand list as follows: Philips.

Recommended by Weifang lighting manufacturer

1. Weifang Xincheng Lighting Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) registered in 2003-07-05 in Weifang City, Shandong Province. The registered address is located to the east of Weijiu Road, Qianlu Village, Shuangyang Street, Weifang Economic Development Zone.

2. Color optoelectronic lighting store. Weifang was known as Weizhou and Weixian, also known as Iris, prefecture-level cities in Shandong Province, and the regional central city of Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration approved by the State Council; located in the west of Shandong Peninsula, connected with Qingdao and Yantai in the east, and Zibo and Dongying in the west. Linyi, Rizhao and other places in the south.

3, today Xiaobian example of lighting manufacturers brand recommendation can be helpful to this. Lighting brand example lighting one of the top ten brands: Huayi Lighting well-known lighting brand Huayi Lighting was founded in 1986, it was founded in the ancient town of Zhongshan City, “Lighting Capital of China”.

4. Sanjing Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., located in Weifang, the beautiful kite capital of the world, its employees require college degree or above, more than 2 years of project management experience, construction and brightening work experience. Good adaptability and business handling ability and strong communication skills, strong organization can enter the company office.

5. Wanghui Lighting Accessories Factory is a famous manufacturer at home and abroad, occupying a leading position in the increasingly competitive Chinese lighting accessories industry market. It is also a manufacturer with the most complete variety of lighting accessories.

6. So fastidious is favored by consumers. The brand of sunlight lighting lamps is one of the main manufacturers of energy-saving lamps in China. The brand was founded in 1957, which promotes the development of China’s lighting industry and is a key large enterprise in China, which is enough to prove its strength.

Brand recommendation of Lighting Company

What are the lighting brands: Opal Lighting Opp Lighting, established in 1996, is a brand of Zhongshan Opu Lighting Co., Ltd., mainly in the production of energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, LED lighting and other products, has a high reputation in China, currently has 31 branches in the world, the products are exported to many countries and regions in the world.

The top ten lighting brands are as follows: 0 Op / OPPLE;0 Philips / Philips;0Panasonic/ Panasonic; 0 Rex / NVC;0 Foshan Lighting / FSL;0 three male auroras; 0 Osram / Osram;0 Green Energy / LUNO; Xiaduo.

Huayi Lighting is a brand of Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd., founded in 1986, the company is located in the ancient town of Zhongshan City, the lighting capital of China, and has established a good reputation in the lighting industry with high quality brand, excellent service and moderate price. it ranks first among the top ten brands of home decoration lamps and lanterns.

Osram OSRAM OSRAM brand was founded in Germany in 1906. It is a brand of China Osram Lighting Co., Ltd. It is currently one of the most innovative lighting companies in the world and one of the two largest light source manufacturers in the world.

Therefore, the next editor introduces the top ten brands of 2015 lighting lamps and lanterns.

Recommended by lighting energy-saving transformation manufacturers

Shanghai Qiyu Lighting and Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Shanghai Qiyu Lighting and Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is an honest enterprise, which has been committed to the production of household lamps and industrial lamps for many years. Our factory conforms to the social development and market demand, turning the production center from incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps and LED lamps.

Shenzhen Houston Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Houston Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production of LED fluorescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps, LED downlights, LED outdoor lighting lamps. Founded in 2011, the company is composed of a number of professional LED engineering and marketing planners.

Zhongshan Jiates Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Jiatsi Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional energy-saving lighting company in Fujian Zhongyi Group, which is located in Dengdu Ancient Town. Production and sales as one of the professional energy-saving lamp lighting enterprises.

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